How investing in a higher inflation environment and buying a car from the factory can actually save you money

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Kroger employees are surrounded by food at work – but many struggle to pay for food and rent, survey of 10,200 workers finds

Tim Massa, Kroger’s senior vice president and chief human resources officer, called the findings “misleading and false.” Read more

I am buying a house with my 74 year old mother, but the mortgage will be in my name. How to name the house?

“Once my mom’s house sells, she’ll give me some of the proceeds from her house – $100,000, so I can recast my mortgage and lower my monthly payments.” Read more

Weekend Reads: How to Invest in a Rising Inflation and Rising Interest Rate Environment

Also, great retirement spots for biking, retirement planning, and how to prepare for a career change. Read more

People of color have been less likely than their white counterparts to receive a COVID-19 vaccine – but that’s finally changing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports data on vaccination, but critics say there are still significant gaps. Read more

Florida lab owner staged $7 million Medicare fraud, pushing costly and unnecessary tests for patients who feared they had COVID-19

Christopher Licata has admitted to paying bribes to telemedicine companies that wrote expensive genetic tests to his lab. Read more

Feeling restless or need a change? Here are 7 perfect places for soul-searching

Maybe you need a new city to figure out your next chapter – a place with creativity, welcoming neighbors and opportunities for growth. Read more

Buying a car from the factory sounds expensive, but it can actually save you money. Here’s how.

You’ll wait a few weeks or even months, but you get exactly what you want, and in this current market, you’ll probably save some money too. Read more

‘We won’t defeat this pandemic until we stop the spread of the virus at work’: Unions react to Supreme Court blocking of Biden’s vaccine mandate

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler had strong words for the Supreme Court’s decision to suspend enforcement of OSHA’s vaccine mandate. Read more

“He’s a liar and a cheat”: My sick father has two housekeepers. How can I stop my greedy brother from taking $4,000 a month from him?

“I’m afraid of being cut, and I need guidance to move forward.” Read more

Scorched western states and New York hurricane: Earth experienced one of its hottest years on record in 2021

A series of reports from NOAA, NASA and others point to an upward trend in global average temperatures, including the hottest US summer since 1936. Read more

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