Here’s how to save money and the environment, together


As people around the world celebrate World Environment Day today (June 5), we need to reflect on our own individual contribution to mother nature. We might think that our individual efforts don’t count enough, but our small lifestyle changes can have a very positive impact on the environment. Many of these small changes will not only help us protect the environment, but also save us money.

Here, we take a look at the steps you can take to save the environment, while saving money:

Walk more

Avoid taking your cars or motorcycles a short distance and choose to walk instead. This will not only help reduce pollution, but also save you money on fuel. In addition, walking is a very good exercise.


Cars on the roads are a major contributor to air pollution. You can choose to carpool to the same destination with your friends and colleagues. This way you will save money on fuel and contribute much less to pollution.

Using electric cars

Whenever you are looking to buy your next car, try to go with EVs and other eco-friendly vehicles instead of the conventional options. With fuel prices rising, managing your gasoline or diesel cars can be a costly affair. On the flip side, an electric car might cost a little extra money up front, but can save you a lot of money on monthly commute expenses. The government also offers many incentives on electric cars.

Reduce water wastage

Close the taps properly when not in use. Using water wisely not only helps us save water for the next generation, it also lowers water bills.

Energy efficient lights

Replacing tube lights with energy efficient LEDs can save you a lot of money by reducing energy consumption.

Keep your refrigerator coils and AC vents clean

Do you clean the back / bottom of your refrigerator or air vents? All that extra dust can increase the load and end up using extra electricity.

Use reusable water bottles

Consuming bottled water not only loads the environment with plastic waste, it also affects your health by carrying toxins into your body. You can switch to using reusable metal bottles to carry your water and save the money you would otherwise spend on buying those packaged mineral water bottles.

Buy an electrical appliance rated 5 stars

Buying a 5 star rated electrical appliance not only saves energy but also lowers your monthly electric bills.

Turn off electrical appliances

Always remember to turn off and unplug electrical appliances when not in use.

Recycle electronic waste

The rapid increase in the use of electronic devices has created an electronic waste problem for the world. People often leave their old devices unattended and throw them away without realizing how harmful they could be to the environment. You can resell your old devices to a recycling company who will take care of their disposable material and in return you can earn extra money.

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