Governor Abbott calls out TikTok for allowing cartel to recruit teenagers

Abbott said San Antonio is seeing a rapid increase in cartels advertising on the social media platform to recruit teenagers to help smuggle people and drugs.

SAN ANTONIO — Texas Governor Greg Abbott called out social media platform TikTok on Thursday, accusing the social media platform of allowing the cartel to recruit teenagers to help with crimes.

Abbott said San Antonio is seeing a rapid increase in the number of cartels advertising on TikTok to recruit teenagers to help with their crimes, including people and drug trafficking.

“TikTok, stop allowing your platform to be used by cartels to advertise to recruit Texans or Americans to commit crimes by aiding and abetting cartels,” Abbott said. “Otherwise, TikTok, you are part of a criminal enterprise of aiding and abetting cartels that commit crimes in the United States of America.”

The comments were made during a roundtable Abbott had with Texas law enforcement to discuss border security and ways to protect Texas communities.

Abbott last week met with the governors of several northern Mexican states who he said agreed to step up security efforts on their side of the border in exchange for Texas halting its short-lived practice and controversy of expanded truck searches.

“What they agreed to was enhanced security measures on their side of the border that will reduce illegal immigration to Texas,” Abbott said.

The governor also blasted President Joe Biden, repeating a familiar refrain that the federal government isn’t doing enough to help with border enforcement.

“The Biden administration needs to step up and start enforcing laws passed by Congress, period.”

Local officials in attendance emphasized that bolstering the ranks of law enforcement will remain a priority as long as San Antonio continues to grow. According to data from the last US census, the population of Bexar County increased by approximately 295,000 between 2010 and 2020, an increase of 17%.

“The bottom line is this: Texans deserve safe communities,” Abbott said. “Community safety is a Texas value. Safe communities need law enforcement officers to help keep those communities safe.

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