GOP Sen. Ron Johnson pulls back campaign ad accusing immigration of gun violence following Highland Park shooting

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson aired a radio ad on Tuesday that would blame President Joe Biden’s immigration policies for “mass murder” in San Antonio, Texas, The Intercept reported.

The move took place the next day the highland park shooting which left seven people dead and dozens injured during an Independence Day parade in Illinois.

“America’s latest mass murder did not involve guns,” the Wisconsin senator said in the campaign ad, which was obtained by The Intercept.

“Fifty-three people, including five children, have been murdered by human traffickers because Joe Biden’s open borders policy facilitates the multi-billion dollar business model of some of the most evil people in the world. planet,” the announcement continues.

“Trafficking in people, sex and drugs is spiraling out of control because of Democratic governance,” Johnson’s announcement continued.

According to emails received by The Intercept, Johnson planned to air the ad on July 6 but pulled it on July 5. Filming took place on July 4.

“URGENT: Orders from Ron Johnson,” an email from Katz Radio Group’s vice president of sales reads in its subject line.

“They need the creative ASAP. If you’ve listened to the spot, it talks about mass shootings, which obviously isn’t good creative after last weekend (especially in Chicago),” continued the email.

Cumulus Radio Station Group said in an email response: “Representative of the Ron Johnson orders we entered yesterday are asking us to remove the creative as soon as possible due to the nature of the post and the fact that it is a little too close to the mass shooting events of the weekend,” Intercept reports.

“You have criminals and you have shooters. OK? I don’t know why the left always wants to blame the gun and absolve the criminal. I want to put the criminal in jail and keep them in jail,” Johnson said in May. . following a shooting in Milwaukee that left 21 injured after Bucks gamelocal radio outlet WUWM 89.7 reported.

Johnson’s office did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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