Good Girls Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and More


Good girls season 3 has finally found its way to Netflix and the anticipation is on Good girls Season 4 to an all-time high. No wonder fans of the hit NBC crime comedy starring Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman received top performances Rotten tomatoes scores with its well-crafted narrative and the entertaining moments of tension that make the entire ordeal a must.

What started as three insolvent and desperate suburban housewives risking everything for a one-time food heist that unexpectedly drove them into a criminal life has evolved in the corner of your seat, an exhilarating ride with loud laughs that finds fans everywhere and has three exciting chapters enjoyed. After the final events of the final iteration, it’s no wonder fans are eager to learn more about it Good girls Season 4.

After a while, things didn’t look good for another run of the well-received crime comedy program. But then NBC realized that it definitely needed more entries on the series and decided to allow the cast to make the announcement that Good girls Season 4 officially took place.

It seems like the very talented cast is just as eager for fans to see it Good girls Season 4, as are the show’s loyal followers. One thing is certain and that everyone can absolutely rely on: the next part will definitely not disappoint.

Good Girls season 4 release date

For the many fans out there curious about when the NBC gem’s next gig will take place, the news is rather good for those who are very impatient waiting for their favorite shows to return. Good girls Season 4 is slated to premiere on March 7, 2021 at 10 p.m. on NBC

Good girls Season 4 will likely be added to Netflix on March 7, 2022 if the release pattern is similar to that of season three on Netflix.

Good Girls season 4 cast

Good girls Season 4 will see the return of the show’s three main players, Hendricks, Retta and Whitman. They are sure to include the main cast from the previous iterations, including Mathew Lillard, Manny Montana, Lauren Lapkus, and Reno Wilson.

meeting reported that Jonathan Silverman would join the cast in a recurring role as a Secret Service member named Dave. There will most likely be several new and familiar faces in the mix when it comes to Good girls Season 4.

Recap of Good Girls Season 4

There is still no official summary for the coming season. But when you consider what happened at the end of the last run, it’s easy to guess what will happen next.

The first episode of Good girls Season 4 will begin right after the events of the third season. Phoebe appeared to be ahead of Ruby, Annie, and Beth when she got her hands on Ruby’s phone, but after meeting them in the park, it’s unclear what might happen next.

Good Girls season 4 trailer

There’s no trailer for Good girls Season 4 out now, but that will definitely change in the coming weeks. With the release date coming up in early March 2021, it’s safe to assume that one will arrive around that time, and as soon as the teaser drops we’ll be sure to share it with everyone right away.

We’ll definitely keep everyone updated Good girls Season 4 as they come out!


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