Gerard Butler returns for the fourth installment of “Fallen Film Franchise” – The New Indian Express


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Gerard Butler returns for Night Has Fallen, the fourth installment in the Fallen series of films. After Olympus Has Fallen in 2013, the series had two sequels, London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen.

The series stars butler Mike Banning, a former member of the US Army Special Forces. Olympus Has Fallen revolved around a terrorist attack on the White House, and the plot revolved around Banning’s mission to save the US president.

In London Has Fallen, Banning accompanied Asher to London and had to protect the President from assassinations. In Angel Has Fallen, Banning is betrayed and has to work to clear his name.

Deadline has confirmed that Butler will be returning for Night Has Fallen and that he will resume his role as Banning, who has since been promoted from Secret Service Agent to Director of the Secret Service. However, details of the plot are kept under wraps.


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