From Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Cartels Use Children “As A Distraction”


According to Mark Morgan, former secretary of customs and border security at Newsmax, the Mexican drug cartels are “sophisticated and organized” and use “unaccompanied minors as a distraction technique” at the southern border. Beyond the smuggling of human beings and drugs.

“They use family and unaccompanied minors as a distraction technique, so seeing that border guards have to respond to provide humanitarian care, camouflage 20, 30, 40 people. You will see him crawling through border guards, a dangerous and unsupervised area, ”Morgan told Count on Saturday. “It happens every day.”

Morgan responded to reports of immigrants using camouflage to disguise trekking across national borders. For example, I put carpet on my boots to cover my footprints and reduce noise.

“The other day the cartels and the drug trafficking organizations are very sophisticated and organized, and they’re constantly changing tactics,” Morgan told host Heather Children. “And, like you said, this tactic of wearing camouflage and putting different types of fabric on your feet is something we’ve seen before.

Human and drug traffickers quickly adapted to perform their malignant surgery, showing “a level of sophistication that should scare and shock us all,” Morgan added.

“They’re constantly changing tactics and constantly looking to block the southwest border and our policies,” Morgan added. “And when our policy creates loopholes and opens up our borders, they watch it and they are so sophisticated that they can be quickly adapted and exploited. I go. “

Morgan concluded that the border crisis was more than an influx of illegal immigrants released into the country.

“When you have an open door policy, an open border policy, it’s actually inhuman and more dangerous for the migrants themselves,” he said.

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