dri: Mundra drug transport: The head of the Afghan cartel in DRI net | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Fifteen days after the Directorate of Fiscal Intelligence (DRI) seized nearly 3,000 kg of Afghan heroin worth around Rs.21,000 crore in two containers at the port of Mundra in Gujarat, South As part of a joint operation, DRI’s Lucknow and Noida units arrested the drug chief. cartel in India from Shimla.
The accused was arrested with his help, an Afghan interpreter, by teams from regional units in Lucknow and Nodia late Monday evening. Both were brought to Noida on Wednesday and brought before a magistrate and sent to jail.
Officials said eight drug mules, including four Afghan nationals and an Uzbek woman, were arrested last week. DRI obtained specific information that the head of the drug cartel in India had fled to Himachal.
“After extensive digital surveillance and surveillance, the accused was found in Shimla. He came to India last year after confinement, when his Afghan assistant interpreter had been in the country for nearly five years. During questioning, the main defendant claimed to be a former member of an Afghan security enforcement agency and said he oversaw drug trafficking operations in the country and monetary transactions ” , the source said.
DRI detectives said the accused was familiar with India as he had visited the country several times.
“The four Afghan nationals arrested earlier in the national capital region were drug mules, posing as street vendors selling dried fruit, but selling heroin at pubs, clubs and parties. One kg of heroin brought in up to 7 crore rupees, ”said the source. The Uzbek woman was a dancer, who used her wealthy clients to sell drugs at parties and pubs, ”the source added.
DRI also seized Rs 70 crore of heroin, cocaine and other contraband from the accused and reserved it under NDPS.
“The money earned from drug trafficking was redirected to the hub, a former exporter of dried fruits in Afghanistan, through the hawala network. Dirty money has been directly and indirectly used to sabotage India’s sovereignty and security, ”sources said.
Meanwhile, the Gujarat Special Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Court (NDPS) asked DRI to investigate whether the “Port of Mundra Adani, its management and authority have benefited from the importation of the 2988,22 kg of heroin seized by DRI on September 15 ”.
The shipment was imported from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas by Aarshi Trading company based in Satyanarayanapuram on the outskirts of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The owners of the Machavaram Sudhakar company and his wife Govindaraju Durga Purna Vaishali were arrested by DRI.
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