Delays in compensation for expatriates in times of crisis – wait months – ARAB TIMES


KUWAIT CITY, Oct 3 The end-of-service allowance for non-Kuwaiti state employees has not been spared the repercussions of the country’s liquidity crisis, as these benefits continue to face problems late payment, reports the daily Al-Qabas. Informed sources said: “In order for the Civil Service Commission to resolve the crisis of providing liquidity for the disbursement of these payments, it asked the Ministry of Finance to transfer the budget covering the payments from it and distribute it to government agencies, and disburse it after the commission has received its approval.

“End-of-service payments for expatriates, whether their services have been terminated as part of the implementation of the Kuwaitization policy or whether they have resigned from the public sector, has become a point of crisis. “The deadlines for disbursing the sums owed to them after the end of their service have been extended by months due to the lack of necessary liquidity on the part of the Ministry of Finance. ”

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance disseminated to government agencies the rules of the draft budget for the 2022/2023 fiscal year, and asked each entity to estimate in its draft budget the amounts of end-of-service allowances for expatriates. , and include them at the end of the service allowance clause in each entity’s budget proposal. In this context, sources cautioned against taking this estimate of the amount of rewards as an excuse to hamper Kuwaitization efforts in government agencies, especially given the authorities’ budget cut by ten percent. hundred. They stressed that the authorities must comply with the Kuwaitization rulings, even in light of the request of the Ministry of Finance to adhere to an estimate of end-of-service allowances at the beginning of the fiscal year, and to set a ceiling. for the number of those whose services were terminated.


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