Daniel Kinahan poses with boxing promoter Ahmet Öner who survived the shooting

Mafia boss Daniel Kinahan poses with a man once dubbed ‘Germany’s Don King’ in his latest social media photo.

But hanging out with German-Turkish boxing promoter Ahmet Öner is unlikely to help Kinahan’s campaign “wash” his reputation.

Öner, who called Kinahan a “brother”, has a reputation for making threats and has a criminal conviction for violence in Germany.

He was shot in the leg in 2009 in an attack described at the time as an assassination attempt.

The rude former boxing champ posted the photo of himself with a thumbs-up and an arm around Daniel Kinahan at a hotel in Dubai.

Öner captioned the photo: “Finally we met and agreed on my partner and brother #danielkinahan.”

His happy smile in the picture contrasts sharply with his performance at a press conference in 2017 before one of Öner’s fighters took on Chris Eubank Jr in Germany.


Öner has had skirmishes with other boxing figures over the years

Öner has had skirmishes with other boxing figures over the years

In a bizarre rant, he yelled at a member of Eubank’s entourage, “You son of ab****, I fucked your wife in your bed!”

He totally lost the plot at the event before Eubank Jnr’s World Boxing Super Series clash with Avni Yildirim.

Öner took offense to a man standing next to the podium where fighters and managers were seated for the pre-fight press conference.

He had previously called Eubank “arrogant” before aggressively adjusting to the man, at one point pressing his forehead against him.

In the videos of the press conference, which are still online, he can be heard shouting, “You’re fucking shit, a son of ab **** … you fight me, c ** *. “

Eubank and Yildirim sat quietly throughout the brawl before Öner was pulled away and finally took a seat next to his fighter.


Öner has had skirmishes with other boxing figures over the years

Öner has had skirmishes with other boxing figures over the years

Öner has had skirmishes with other boxing figures over the years

While British fight fans may have been taken aback by Öner’s dastardly aggression and verbal assault, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to German boxing fans.

In 2011, after one of his fighters was beaten by Vitali Klitschko, Öner launched a verbal barrage at Ukraine’s German coach Bernd Bönte.

Der Spiegel reported how Öner said, “Bernd, I swear, I’m going to kill you” and had to be restrained by three security men.

A few days later, he apologized, although he did not mention Bönte by name: “I got carried away with an action that was not right, the action was useless, I reacted excessively, I’m sorry.”

The same newspaper reported that Öner had already received a 22-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of €120,000 by a court in Hamburg.

The boxing promoter was charged with 16 offenses including assault, extortion, coercion, insults and resisting law enforcement.

It was the third time that Öner had received a suspended prison sentence.

The trial judge accepted as a mitigating measure that he was undergoing psychotherapy to help him control his anger.

According to Der Spiegel, after being ordered to pay the fine of €3,500 a month for three years, he said, “The fine doesn’t hurt me.”

The year before his conviction, Öner was shot in the left thigh.

It was reported at the time how two men ambushed him late in the evening in the Hamburg district of Borgfelde, firing three shots at him.

Öner, accompanied by his driver and an associate, had just left an office when the assailants opened fire.

A bullet hit Öner in the leg while the other men escaped unscathed.

On his company’s website, he later described it as an “assassination attempt”.


Kinahan poses with fighter Sunny Edwards

Kinahan poses with fighter Sunny Edwards

Kinahan poses with fighter Sunny Edwards

Posing with Daniel Kinahan, named by the High Court as being in charge of a drug cartel, is unlikely to help his reputation with sports fans around the world.

Kinahan has made it a point to appear in photos with well-known fighters – none of whom are implicated in the crime – in recent months in a bid to build an alternative reputation to that of a cartel boss of Drugs.

Earlier this month he stood smiling for the camera, pointing his finger alongside heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who is not involved in the crime.

In another photo, Kinahan is seen pointing to a “No Drugs” slogan on a t-shirt featuring fighter Sunny Edwards.

The previous week he had been pictured with Liverpool fighter Darren Till on a beach.

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