Criminal cartels have more border control than Biden

By U.S. Representative Andy Biggs

You know your own government is against the people when they don’t even pretend to have any intention of protecting the citizens anymore. And our government, from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to Alejandro Mayorkas, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray, has undertaken policies that hurt Americans.

Mexican criminal cartels effectively control the border. North of the border, humans and the drugs they smuggle into the United States are wreaking havoc on our country. South of the border, the cartels know that with Biden-Harris-Mayorkas in charge, there are big profits to be made from illicit activity, so the cartels are now waging a war to maintain control.

It is obvious that the cartels care more about the US-Mexico border than the Biden regime.

Over the past few days, a van loaded with illegal aliens has crashed while fleeing US law enforcement. Two died, 12 were seriously injured and the driver fled. It happened in Brooks County, Texas, where more than 80 dead illegal aliens have been found this year.

Recently in Maverick County, Texas, local and state police arrested 83 illegal aliens sneaking into ranches on a well-known smuggling route that thousands have traveled this year.

Three illegal aliens have been charged with murder and a fourth suspected conspirator has fled to Mexico. They allegedly murdered a 28-year-old man in El Paso.

A gang of illegal aliens allegedly formed a burglary ring and targeted Indian-American neighborhoods in New York. They robbed at least 20 houses. By the way, this criminal gang is made up of illegal aliens who had been captured and later released by Biden’s anti-American team. New York’s sanctuary city policy also allowed one of the suspected criminals to be immediately released onto the streets to terrorize residents.

Meanwhile, another large caravan of over 2,000 illegal aliens is forming in Guatemala to march to the United States. Honduran officials have asked for help to prevent the caravan from passing, but the United States has remained silent, while Mexico tries to help.

The Biden administration has encountered nearly 5 million people attempting to enter the United States illegally. Millions of illegal aliens have been released into the United States since Biden took office.

The same Alejandro Mayorkas who implemented these policies that endanger the United States also lied to the American public about the Haitian hoax. It was a pure lie.

So is the lie this administration tells the American people that the border is secure.

They must be held accountable for their attack on America.

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