Con Edison offers special programs for businesses to save money and be more energy efficient

Brooklyn Brewery has been around since 1988 and, looking for a cost-effective way to improve lighting for its employees, found an incentive program from Con Edison that helped them reduce their energy costs.

“It’s manual labor, hard labor,” said Matt Gordon, Brooklyn Brewery’s vice president of operations. “Good lighting helps ensure everyone is safe and doing their job properly.”

The brewery partnered with Con Edison in 2015 and has since installed LED lighting in its workplace. These lamps are brighter and require less energy than normal bulbs, reducing their energy cost.

“We also have refrigeration, heating ventilation and air conditioning upgrades,” said Caroline Iskander, section manager at Con Edison. “With Brooklyn Brewery, we were able to guide them on a journey that they wanted to take on their own, but we partnered with them to help them achieve this journey together.”

Con Edison says Brooklyn Brewery is one of more than 40,000 small and medium-sized businesses that have participated in the energy-saving program since 2009. All businesses must take advantage of the program is an active electric or gas account Con Edison.

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