City Utilities of Springfield explains how to save money freezing temperatures are coming

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Freezing temperatures will hit the Ozarks over the next few days.

Joel Alexander of City Utilities of Springfield says if you don’t prepare properly, you could end up with a higher utility bill.

“You want to make sure that you are investing in your home so that your home is running as efficiently as possible and that you are saving money for yourself, on a daily basis,” Alexander said.

Alexander said now is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter, to save you money.

“Adding the right amount of insulation will save you money all year round and provide comfort all year round.

Bob Bowman, assistant manager of Westlake Ace Hardware in Springfield, said using caulk and weather stripping around your windows and doors also saves you money.

“Any kind of air infiltration in winter will make your house cold. So it’s best to stop these leaks and save on utilities, ”Bowman said. “They’ll also keep you a lot warmer in your room. “

Bowman said these take a few minutes to put on and are very easy to apply.

Alexander also said that putting away your garden hose can save you thousands of dollars because if it’s frozen it could break the hoses.

“Water can collect in that garden hose in that hose and go in,” Alexander said. “So that can do a lot of damage. “

Bowman said putting on a faucet cover could save you a lot of trouble in the spring, compared to leaving it alone.

“As soon as you turn on your water in the spring, you’re going to have a surprise, you’ll have water flowing under your house,” Bowman said. “Or if you have a finished basement or something, it could cause a lot of internal damage to the inside of your walls.”

City Utilities reminds you to close exterior vents to crawl spaces. And “smart” thermostats turn off when you leave the house.

Alexander said that doing all of these things can save you money even after the winter season.

“It’s just an investment in your home that will pay dividends either over the long term or on a monthly basis during the winter heating season,” Alexander said.

Alexander says to clean your furnace so that it can be used safely during the winter months.

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