CIDCO obtains IAA Global NOC on building height near Navi Mumbai Airport, Real Estate News, ET RealEstate


THANE: Maharashtra Planning Authority CIDCO has obtained a general notice of compliance from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) regarding the heights allowed for buildings in the 2015 rehabilitation area, which it says will speed up the development of Navi Mumbai international airport. (NMIA) rehabilitation and resettlement area.

The validity of the said notice expired in 2020. As a result, applicants for development permits and certificates of occupancy had to apply individually to the IAA to obtain the certificates of no objection, the City and Industrial said. Development Corporation (CIDCO) in a press release.

NOC coverage has been granted for five of the six pockets, namely Sector 1 (Vadghar), Sector 24 (Vahal 1), Sector 25 (Vahal 2), Sector 25A (Vahal 3) and Pushpak Nagar until January to March 2024. Efforts are underway to extend the validity of the remaining NOCs for zone R-1 to R-5 (Vadghar 1), he said.

“Based on CIDCO’s continued efforts and understanding of the issues of people affected by the project, the No Objection Certificates have been revalidated by the Airports Authority of India for 5 of the 6 pockets. This important decision will accelerate the development of the airport rehabilitation and resettlement area, ”said Sanjay Mukherjee, vice president and general manager of CIDCO.

After the granting of this extension, in October-November 2021, CIDCO granted seven development authorizations and issued 34 certificates of occupancy in the R&R pockets, in accordance with the press release.


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