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It’s hard to get a perfect circle moment.

Sure, it’s easy to find a cute little knot for a story someone wrote in a book or movie, but in life it tends to be less straightforward.

Unless you’re Adam Chamberland from Cartel Brewing & Blending. In 2015, Chamberland participated in a home brewing competition at the Lititz Craft Beer Fest. Chamberland, a transplanted Lancaster from New England, had been brewing at home for seven years when he collaborated with his friend Brian Patterson on an espresso-based stout called the stowaway stout. Beer took first place and, as a result, appeared in the project of the now closed JoBoy’s Brew Pub in Lititz.

Six years later, Chamberland now controls his own brewery cartel in Lancaster, returning to Lit’s Craft Beer Fest in Tate this weekend with stowaways. to augment.

“(Fest) reached out and said, do you still have a chance to make that beer? Because people want it,” says Chamberland, who sits at a cartel table. So we brewed it, and we’re actually getting ready to put some in whiskey casks and put the rest in casks. Pour it in all three sessions. Some breweries only have one or two sessions. It’s a big event and I think that’s a good reason, so I said I would do all three. “

All festival revenues will go to Lititz AMBUCS, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Since its inception in 2014, the Lititz Craft Beer Fest has raised over $ 430,000.

3 sessions

The beer festival will return to three sessions, Saturday and Sunday, after a year off due to COVID-19 issues. The cartel will be one of 50 regional breweries offering old and new, traditional and non-quilting beers. This is the first time that a cartel has attended the festival as a proper craft brewery, but Chamberland says pre-festival moves are less intensive than expected.

“I’m not saying it’s a crazy plan,” Chamberland said. “It means you brew beer, you ride beer, you carry beer. This is what we are already doing. The biggest thing for me is that we Intentionally use the beer offered. The temptation that I have seen – and I have seen a lot of it – is because you have several breweries that have so many festivals. They’re fed up with the idea, “Oh, I have to do this festival, what barrels do I have to get rid of? And I don’t always say that. We clearly support each other. “

Craft Beer Week

The event will take place during Lancaster’s very first Craft Brewers Week at the end of the week dedicated to demonstrating its caring nature.

The Cartel is part of the Lancaster Craft Brewers Guild. Lancaster Craft Brewers Guild is a union of 17 county brewers who recently came together to create the LCBG County Wide IPA. Participation is a promising group, especially given the relatively new elements in the cartel space.

The cartel officially moved to their home 900 blocks from North Prince Street in March 2020, but there was backlash until it was finally opened to the public in 2021.

“Then I thought I would open it in November or December 2020, but I still wondered whether it would close or not,” explains Chamberland. “So, let’s go, let’s sit down for a few more months and make some beer.” You spend a lot of time creating this place, and some people are very excited to open up, they’re like “Oh, I have to make beer now”, and the temptation is to rush the beer, but the beer makes that easy, so why are you rushing the process? So I was able to slow down and open 8-9 different beers. It is above average and all of them have a very good reputation. “

The original Stowaway bundle was created in combination with Passenger Coffee. PassengerCoffee delivered approximately 40 ounces of espresso straight from the Passenger espresso machine to 10 gallons of dark beer. Chamberland says the recipe scaling is a bit different these days, but he still pulls espresso from passengers.

If you see Chamberland at the festival, stop by and say hello. If you are lucky you can have a secret tasting with the stowaway.

“I love interacting with beer lovers,” says Chamberland. “Sometimes I can have a beer cache under the table as a sort of secret menu, especially if someone walks in and enjoys a particular style of beer. Appreciate what you do.

“And to identify these types of people, you have to have a conversation, you have to engage,” he says. “I can’t look at their faces and give them beer, and I have no personality.”

Cartel Brewing, 50 more breweries at Lititz Craft Beer Fest at TAIT this weekend | Life and culture

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