California motorcyclist dies in accident on Magruder Road | Slip


A California man died in a motorcycle accident on Magruder Road last week.

Bradford D. Smith, 66, of Escondido, died on the scene of his injuries, according to Captain Jim Gorges, Idaho County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO).

The incident was reported around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, September 22nd. According to Gorges, Smith and a friend were driving on Magruder Road on Kim Creek Saddle, about 60 miles east of Red River. Smith’s 2017 Honda BTM came off the right side of the road while cornering. The bike hit the embankment and Smith was thrown over the handlebars.

Smith’s friend contacted a nearby hunting party who had a device within range that could send a message.

“I got the call around 1:30 pm and called the Backcountry Medics helicopter about the remote location,” said Gorges. “Backcountry picked me up at Grangeville Airport and landed in Kim Creek Saddle, about a 40-minute flight,” which otherwise would have taken me 10 hours with the ground.

Gorges finished investigating the accident and the on-site coroner and flew back with Smith’s body. The Blackmer Funeral Home is working with the family to make arrangements.


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