Brandon Judd: border crisis from Biden to Del Rio – administrator cedes control of US security to cartels

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On June 17, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security was alerted to the vulnerabilities that the Del Rio International Bridge represented for border patrol law enforcement operations. It was recommended that DHS immediately address the issue by setting up a Temporary Outdoor Treatment Site (TOPS) as had been done previously in similar circumstances in the Rio Grande Valley at the Anzalduas Bridge.

Instead of following sound advice, which would have averted the current disaster, DHS ignored the suggestion, leaving the law enforcement community to face the consequences of their poor decisions.

On Thursday, groups mostly made up of Haitian nationals began to cross the border illegally at the Del Rio International Bridge in numbers that overwhelmed the border patrol.


Border Patrol officers worked around the clock, but since DHS did not provide simple resources, illegal border workers could not be dealt with as quickly as they entered and they quickly began to move in. heap under the bridge.

For every 1,000 people the border patrol was able to treat, 5,000 more entered. In just three days, the number of illegal cross-border workers rose from 4,000 to exactly 14,748 by 3:48 pm on Saturday, September 18. And more have continued to arrive.


In a misguided attempt to cover up the ineptitude of the Biden administration, DHS closed all five border patrol checkpoints in Del Rio Sector and six checkpoints in Laredo Sector. They completely dismantled the second level defense against criminal and drug trafficking aliens.

Instead of performing critical enforcement activities, checkpoint officers have been reassigned to transport, process and execute bridge safety missions.

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Aside from the state of Texas resources that Governor Greg Abbott is pouring into these areas, highways and busy highways are unprotected and ready to be exploited by criminal cartels. What the Biden administration is really doing is making sure that the criminal cartels generate record profits.

DHS also announced that it is sending 400 border patrol officers to Del Rio from other parts of the country. While that may sound good, officers need to be removed from other areas of concern, creating coverage gaps in states like New Mexico and Arizona. This will undoubtedly be exploited by the criminal cartels.

In another misguided response to the crisis unfolding under the Del Rio International Bridge, CBP announced the closure of the Del Rio port of entry.

Not only is the Biden administration endangering the American public by increasing the amounts of drugs and criminal aliens entering our country, it is also causing economic damage to Del Rio, Laredo, and all the cities in between.

Ports of entry generate billions of dollars in revenue for the US economy. They are also major profit generation tools for local communities.

Closing the checkpoints, redeploying resources from already overloaded areas and closing the port of entry amounts to raising the white flag of surrender to the cartels.

By closing the Del Rio Port of Entry, all international trade that would normally pass through Del Rio is redirected to the Eagle Pass Port of Entry. This decision will have two major ramifications.

The additional travel costs for businesses will be passed on to the consumer and this will further slow down our ability to process goods entering the United States.

Over the past eight months, criminal cartels have acknowledged that the Biden administration is slow to adjust to their strategies. Organized crime has also recognized that it can dictate law enforcement operations by simply flooding our borders with illegal immigrants.

Closing the checkpoints, redeploying resources from already overloaded areas and closing the port of entry amounts to raising the white flag of surrender to the cartels.

Without Abbot and the Texas Department of Public Safety, there would be little to no coverage in critical border security corridors. But Abbot shouldn’t be forced to do President Biden’s job. And while it’s encouraging to have a Texas DPS presence in these hallways, it’s not as effective as having the Border Patrol due to jurisdictional issues.


DHS knew this was going to happen but did nothing. Americans will certainly pay a high price for this nonsense, both in terms of security and dollars.

There must be accountability when the President of the United States willfully ignores his duty to protect the American people and cedes border security decisions and control of law enforcement operations to criminal cartels.


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