Bluetti EP600 saves money and saves the day if the network is down

European consumers are facing skyrocketing electricity costs this winter, as the Ukraine crisis has cut Russian gas supplies. This dramatically increased the cost of gas-generated electricity, driving up the wholesale price of all electrical power sources.

The BLUETTI EP600 Modular Energy Storage System (ESS) offers a simple and affordable way to capture energy from solar panels. This can dramatically reduce the amount of power you need to draw from the grid – while providing battery backup for your whole home during power outages…

A Simpler, More Affordable Solar Power System

Your own solar energy system allows you to produce your own electricity for free. But most solar home systems are expensive and complex, requiring you to connect solar panels to an inverter or MPPT (maximum power point tracking) to manage power and convert it to usable form.

The EP600, from BLUETTI POWER INC, is different. It is an all-in-one system that allows you to directly connect solar panels. It has an integrated hybrid inverter, which means it can both supply mains power at 230/400 V AC and be supplemented with mains power if necessary.

Solar charging is fast, thanks to an input capacity of 6000W. An EP600 connected to two B500 batteries can be fully charged in just 2.2 hours of sunlight.

With Whole House Backup Capability

But the EP600 doesn’t just save you money by reducing the amount of electricity you have to buy from the grid. It also allows you to keep your home powered when the network is down, whether it’s a brief power outage or a major emergency.

The system’s modular design means you can buy as little or as much battery capacity as you need – and can add it later if you decide you need more than you intended.

The capability starts with a single battery unit, which provides a hefty 9kWh. So your essential home appliances will stay operational during a power outage. At the other end of the scale, you can connect up to 16 batteries, to deliver a whopping 79kWh – enough to power your whole house for several days.

Uninterruptible power supply

Unexpected power failure is not a problem for EP600 users. The system also acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), transmitting mains power through the system. In the event of a mains power failure, the system switches instantly to battery, without any interruption to your home’s power supply.

This means that everything from computers to fridge-freezers continues to operate as usual.

No annoying noise, no pollution, hassle-free installation

Unlike gasoline generators, the EP600 generates no annoying noise or pollution during operation. Sound levels are below 50 dB.

It is also easy to install. While conventional home electrical systems must be wall mounted in a covered space like a garage, the BLUETTI system offers maximum flexibility. Units can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and kept indoors or outdoors. Adding additional capacity at a later date is as simple as purchasing and connecting additional B500 expansion batteries.

If you want a completely self-service installation service, professional installers can take care of everything for you at an affordable cost.

Hassle-free warranty for up to 10 years

BLUETTI has been in the green energy storage system business for ten years, with millions of customers in over 70 countries.

The EP600 uses the latest and most reliable battery technology. This means LiFePO4 battery cells and an innovative Battery Management System (BMS) to automatically maximize battery life by carefully managing charge and discharge cycles.

That’s why BLUETTI can comfortably offer a warranty of up to 10 years, as well as 24/7 customer service.

High-tech application monitoring and control

System monitoring and control is as easy as opening the companion app.

The app tells you the current capacity of your system, the amount of energy drawn from your solar cells and the grid, and the amount of energy drawn from the system. You can also turn it on and off by sliding an on-screen toggle.

This allows you to use the system in the most profitable way. If grid electricity costs vary by time of day, you can choose to use a combination of solar and grid power during off-peak hours, storing excess solar capacity. When peak times arrive, you can switch to solar and battery power only, ensuring you don’t pay peak prices.

If you have enough solar and battery capacity to constantly generate excess electricity, you can sell the excess to your power company.

Price and availability

Early bird rates are available on the EP600 unit and B500 battery units from November 10 through December 31. The reduced price is €8,999 for the EP600 and €3,599 for each B500 battery unit.

Orders open at 4 p.m. Berlin time on November 10, and free door-to-door delivery is expected to begin a week later.

Initial availability will be limited to selected European countries, including Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Benelux Union (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg), Poland and Austria.

Learn more and place pre-orders on the company’s website.

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