Bear resident convicted of conducting elaborate cocaine transport program with links to cartels

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A federal jury convicted a bear man on Monday as part of an elaborate drug transport program that included oxygen tanks and an underground bunker accessible through a false chimney.

Omar Morales Colon was convicted of conspiracy to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. 44.

Morales Colon has been linked to the activities of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, an organization known for its large size and elaborate methods that include the use of tunnels and other types of transportation and distribution. The Mexican cartel operates around the world and is present in major cities across the United States

Morales Colon was acquitted of two related charges. U.S. District Judge Leonard P. Stark accepted the verdict.

According to court records and evidence presented at trial, Morales Colon imported 77 kilograms of cocaine into Delaware from California.

The cocaine was smuggled into four foot high oxygen tanks.

After handing his cocaine supplier $ 382,045 in cash in the parking lot of a hotel in Newark, DE, Colon was arrested shortly thereafter.

The Drug Enforcement Administration discovered an underground bunker hidden under Colon’s residence, accessible through a tunnel behind a false chimney. The tunnel led to a marijuana grow operation.

Colon and his wife, Shakira Martinez, have also been charged with various money laundering offenses. A trial date for the money laundering charges has yet to be set.

Prosecutors allege that the drug product was used, among other things, to buy real estate.

US Delaware lawyer David Weiss said: “The accused was a sophisticated drug dealer who conspired with others, including members of the Sinaloa cartel, to smuggle large amounts of cocaine into Delaware. . The DEA investigation led to the seizure of 17 kilograms of cocaine, pounds of marijuana, nearly $ 1 million in cash and the conviction of a major drug trafficker. My office will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to hold accountable those who profit from illegal drug operations. “

Morales Colon faces a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison when convicted. Stark will determine the defendant’s sentence after taking into account US sentencing guidelines and other statutory factors.

US Assistant Prosecutors Jennifer K. Welsh and Whitney C. Cloud are continuing the case. The Philadelphia Division of the DEA has investigated this matter.

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