Australian lawyers: Kristen Beck, Tom Silver, plead the Australian market

Australian avocado growers have pleaded with consumers to buy as much fruit as possible to help ease the industry-wide supply burden.

Australian avocado growers are pleading with consumers to ease a rare burden of oversupply by buying more of the much-loved fruit.

Growers say the industry’s rapid expansion over the past two years has resulted in roughly double the number of avocados in the country, which, while creating headaches for farmers, has generated a great value for consumers.

“When you go to the stores, don’t just buy a ripe one, buy a few hard ones for the next two days,” Tom Silver, an avocado grower in northern New Brunswick, said Wednesday. South Wales.

Mr Silver, who is also director of Tamborine and Northern Rivers at Avocados Australia, said there were currently up to 450,000 trays of avocados in circulation in Australia, an increase of nearly 200,000 on 2020.

He said that although he has created a “very large supply” of avocados, the quality “remains very high”.

Mr Silver said it was difficult to say precisely how much the price of avocados had fallen on the East Coast due to the glut, but said farmers had “taken a knock on the door”.

He said the cost of fertilizers had doubled, while freight and gasoline prices continued to soar.

“That cost has to be borne by the farmers – that’s the nature of the relationship,” said Silver.

He said while most avocado growers had been spared the worst recent floods, the current problem was another setback to the floods experienced earlier in the year.

Mr Silver said the industry’s massive expansion was pervasive across Australia’s major avocado-growing regions, such as Bundaberg, south-east Queensland, northern New South Wales, Mildura and the southwest of Western Australia.

Sydney-based nutritionist Kristen Beck said the nutritional benefits of avocados remain “underrecognized”.

“They have so many health benefits,” Ms. Beck said.

She said “solid” scientific research has shown the benefits of avocados to help with weight loss, maintain a healthy weight, and control your waistline.

Ms Beck said avocados are full of healthy fats that fight inflammation and it was a common myth that the fruit could lead to weight gain.

“Eating avocados enhances the absorption of healthy nutrients in other fruits and vegetables,” Ms. Beck said.

While one of her favorite ways to eat avocados is the Australian classic – with a poached egg on toast, Ms Beck said it was possible to get creative, with prices as low as they are.

“You can put them in smoothies – there’s even a great recipe for avocado ice cream with dates.”

Ms Beck said a healthy adult can easily eat up to one avocado a day, as long as they maintain a healthy variety in their diet.

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