Apple extends 0% financing for Apple Card users to all products except Apple Watch

While Apple has offered 24 months of interest-free financing for Apple Card users since its debut, other Apple products haven’t enjoyed the same benefits. Starting today, Apple is changing that.

Regardless of which Apple product you buy, you can spread your payments over six or 12 months, depending on the purchase. The monthly installments are similar to the promos offered with the Barclaycard Financing Visa, although these relate to price, Apple Card financing is based on the product line. Here’s what Apple offers:

  • iPhone: 24 Months
  • Mac: 12 months
  • iPad: 12 months
  • AirPods: 6 months
  • HomePod: 6 months
  • AppleTV: 6 months

Apple says “select accessories” are also eligible for monthly Apple Card installments, but oddly the monthly installment plan doesn’t extend to Apple Watch.

But the other offers are also very tempting. For example, you could get a pair of AirPods for just $26.50 a month or a Mac Pro for $5,999 for $500 a month before taxes. And don’t forget, you get 3 percent cashback on every new Mac purchase. Good for new and existing Apple Card customers, these offers apply to all purchases, not just those made within a limited time window like other loyalty cards. Purchases must, of course, be made on or in an Apple retail store.

It’s unclear why the Apple Watch isn’t included in the financing deals, but maybe Apple will offer a special promotion at some point.

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