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animal crossing is a sharp look at how the US economy and the student debt cycle are preying on the meek. It is proof that capitalism is a never-ending ascent. It is also a video game about cute animals that is endlessly relaxing and addictive.

That animal crossing franchise that debuted worldwide in 2002 sees you start the game with only the clothes on your back. From there it really can go on forever – tending gardens, decorating houses, giving back to the community and helping animal lovers – until you have the biggest house, all the furniture and a full museum collection. It uses real-time mechanics, which means that a day in the game lasts as long as a day in real life. It’s loved by Gamers™ and non-gamers alike.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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And there’s a new game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, coming to Nintendo Switch on March 20th. The game looks better than ever with an adorable art style, new multiplayer modes, and updated clothing and furniture. And it all takes place on an island.

But the thing that does animal crossing really and honestly special is his community. A majority of gaming fanbases thrive on cultural gatekeeping, anger, complaints and malicious behavior, but this is the absolute furthest thing from the truth in the world animal crossing cCommunity where the fans are really good with few exceptions. Even when Nintendo had to push the title past its originally promised 2019 release date, the community rallied in support, a rare sight in gaming. It’s a bunch of people excited because they love the same thing. What a concept. We could all take a cue from that animal crossing People.

Or we could just join them all. Here’s an introduction to what makes animal crossing specifically so you can study.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Official Island Trailer

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What’s it all about Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

You are a human living in an animal world. You literally spend your days collecting items (from seashells to fossils to bugs, fruit and art), donating time and scrounging money to pay off your debts and create more amenities for the city. The game thrives on being relaxed and really allows you to play at your own pace, which is a big part of its appeal. That and of course that it’s so damn cute.

The upcoming New Horizons features more character customization options, a ton of quality of life changes to town planning (like the ability to create paths and better plan out your perfect pet village), along with a plethora of new modes, clothing, and furniture. To say people are excited would be an understatement. Beyond the game there is one Limited Edition Switch Console coming out this Friday, along with a ton of plushies, shirts, gear and accessories. So expect to see some people dressed to the nines animal crossing Prey.

How to make a game about paying off debt fun?

I don’t know folks, I really don’t. But it is. In life, paying off debt is scary and scary. Somehow in animal crossing, it is fun. It is fun to work and collect and clean and run errands and all the things we detest in life. animal crossing is arguably the best version of what our lives could be.

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Peaceful island life.


how cool is it

chill like damn animal crossing thrives as one of those happy place games: you come home, light up a joint, and spend hours finding fossils and shit. It’s therapeutic like games Farmville are, but without all those microtransactions. Between the cute and vibrant graphics, the soothing sound effects, the amazing music, and the generally friendly tone, it’s the perfect title to take your mind off…things.

Why is this game all over the internet?

Gamer or not, you’ve probably been exposed to a mountain of memes animal crossing. Save for the recent reign of Untitled goose game, it’s rare for a video game to take up so much space in accessible popular culture rather than being relegated to subsections of Reddit, Imgur, and Tumblr. Internet culture-savvy community takes on every trending meme, from Bernie Sanders asking for cash to a million Vine references. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has achieved something few games achieve: a place in pop culture.

Especially this one animal crossing Memes are high quality and emphasize how many of us have played different versions of the game over the years. The memes largely revolve around, but are not limited to, three themes: the fan-favorite, ever-responsible, peerless Isabelle; the capitalist Tom Nook; and a wonderful little thing called the Froggy Chair.

Is Tom Nook a loan shark or a local hero?

Tom Nook evokes a lot of feelings, as the memes will show you. Hell, I’ve been walking back and forth on the topic itself. For those who don’t know, Tom Nook is the tonoki with a plan, the chief honcho of all people deer crossing; the corporate fat cat, if you will. He greets you almost as soon as you arrive in the new town and lends you the money for a starter house. He facilitates business on the island.

There’s understandably a certain animosity toward this little fella, especially when it comes time to pay him back. On the one hand, he lends money without interest, without a maturity and ensures that you have a roof over your head. He’s built a community with his fortune, and a few conversations with him reveal that he’s donated 90 percent of his wealth to orphanages. He also gives you work so that you can earn money.

On the other hand, fuck this guy because I owe him money. There is something to be said for the predatory nature of animal crossing Loans, similar to student loans, considering Tom Nook lends an abominable sum to people who own literally nothing but a bug net and maybe a seashell and bug. No nest egg. No Savings. Nothing.

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But now Tom Nook has entered the timeshare market with the new idea of ​​the Deserted Island Retreat – the location of Animal Crossing: New Horizons—and also starts a phone line with Nook Inc., which is new to this title. Expansion might be his downfall, but I’m still willing to defend him.

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The OG frog chair.


Most importantly, what is the Froggy Chair all about?

A chair, a frog or something divine. We really don’t know. The long and short of it is that in 2012 the previous tranche of animal crossing, called Animal crossing new leaf, was released for the Nintendo 3DS. In that title was a remarkable piece of designer furniture that took the world by storm: the Froggy Chair. I’ll be honest here, I can’t fully explain why it was, other than to say it’s a silly, goofy chair that has worked its way into our hearts and minds. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation as to whether we will get Froggy Chair Animal Crossing: New Horizons or not, but given the fan reception for the original, I’m sure we’ll see it at some point. Peace, Love, Frog Chair. And cheers to them animal crossing fans who adore it.

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