After electric scooter burns apartment in Silver Spring, firefighters share safety tips – NBC4 Washington

Firefighters share a safety alert following an apartment fire started by an electric scooter. The fire occurred Friday at an apartment in the Twin Towers complex in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Montgomery County Fire Department said the resident was at home at the time and heard a loud bang. When the resident entered his living room, he saw that the electric scooter that was in charge had caught fire.

Firefighters shared a photo on Twitter of what the damage might look like in a similar incident. It shows the consequences of a lithium battery fire. Lithium batteries power electric scooters and electric bicycles.

If you happen to own one, the fire department says it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You should only use a charger designed for this and you should unplug it once it is fully charged.

Another thing to keep in mind: do not store batteries in direct sunlight or inside hot vehicles.

If you notice an unusual smell, change in color, or too much heat coming from the battery, it’s probably time to replace it.

“Understanding what to look for, just like a cell phone,” Fire Captain Diarra Branch said. “When you charge it up, if you notice any issues, anything out of the ordinary, have it checked out. Have it evaluated by someone, by a professional.”

Branch says if you find yourself in a situation where your house catches fire, if you are able to safely evacuate, remember to close the door behind you. This will further slow the spread of the fire.

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