African cartel using people of Indian origin as drug couriers | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which is investigating a case of cocaine smuggling by a South African national, said a certain South African drug cartel had become active in India and that it uses people of Indian descent who use their Indian surname to smuggle drugs into the country, as agencies would be less likely to view them as suspects.
“The case of Derick Pillay, who was caught with 4.2 kg of cocaine worth 20 crore rupees at the city’s airport, is another example of the work of this South African drug cartel. , who began to use people of Indian origin for drug trafficking. said an NCB officer.
Pillay lived in Johannesburg and when he landed here he was wearing a T-shirt with the tricolor and Mahatma Gandhi print on it. He was supposed to travel to Delhi to attend the Independence Day celebrations.
The officer said Pillay had been visiting India for around four years and had been used to carry out reconnaissance by the drug mafia.
“He has never been a carrier. He had come earlier and identified security loopholes at various Indian airports. After giving the green signal, the carrier would land in India with the drug shipment, ”the officer said.
On August 14, Pillay was arrested at Sardar Vallabbhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPI) by BCN agents, who recovered cocaine worth Rs 20 crore from him. The drug was concealed in a sachet of protein supplements.
BCN agents knew that previously people of African descent were used to smuggle drugs. “As the African cartel became more and more notorious, its modus operandi became known and security agencies and cops kept a close watch on them and caught them when they arrived. After that, they started hiring people of Indian descent to smuggle the drugs because they would be less likely to be seen as suspects, ”he said.
These carriers usually make journeys with connecting flights and land in smaller towns in India, from where their bosses ask them to travel further as a result.
“Of concern is that these drug traffickers have started sending large shipments to the National Capital Region, which has seen higher drug supply levels than Goa, Mumbai or Bengaluru, which were previously better known. for drugs, “said a BCN officer. .


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