Adam Silver’s ‘super team’ bold claim on Cleveland won’t sit well with LeBron James and Kevin Durant

The Cleveland Cavaliers are becoming one of the best teams in the NBA now. After a disappointing 2020 season, they rebounded thanks to All-Star performances from some homegrown talent and some recent acquisitions. This led to many people dropping reviews about them.

Consider NBA commissioner Adam Silver one of the Cavs’ biggest fans. In an interview ahead of All-Star Weekend, Silver praised the team for being the right way to build a “great team,” whatever that means. (via Fadeaway World)

“The term ‘Super Team’ can have a positive or a negative connotation… The negative is when players come together for the sole purpose of winning a championship, especially later in their career. And I think, d The other side, that you have great teams – and I think Cleveland is becoming one – where they’re built the right way.

Debates about NBA super teams have been going on for… well, forever. Hell, the Cavs were once that “negative” super team that Silver was talking about: when LeBron James went home to join Kyrie Irving, when they also acquired Kevin Love. More recently, a “bought” super-team has been formed in Brooklyn, with Kevin Durant, Irving and James Harden reunited.

Silver’s idea of ​​the right way to create a super team likely refers to homegrown talent. This Cavs roster isn’t close to being the same juggernaut as other super teams, but their foundation is built on young stars Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen. Not to mention Colin Sexton, who is still recovering from an injury.

Is this level of “superteam” of the Cavs team good? Not quite yet, but if all goes well, they might be heading in that direction.

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