Abandonment of 2022 tax accounts: possible extension!

Scraping ter and Libra and extract closer to reopening terms? The Draghi government is ready to establish the Scrap Quarter with a new extract of tax accounts? After the pandemic, the other problem for millions of citizens, families and businesses remains the same difficulty in paying tax debts. Not only. The disposal ter, as good as Tax peace they were triggered at a clearly favorable economic moment, compared to the current liquidity crisis.

And despite the will of regularize tax accounts by first adhering to the various facilitated definitions, then to the balance and extract of tax invoices, and the following misunderstandings about installment payments, the Italians have accumulated a disproportionate debt.

Beyond the pile of 2020 – 2021 installments of the ter Scrapping and the Balance Sheet and extract tax collection debts, other debts have not been taken into account such as, loans, mortgages, installments bills in general, etc. In short, within a complex framework of its own, the Agence du Revenu – Collection is preparing to squeeze lapsed taxpayers the benefit of the facilitated definition and the fiscal Peace for the non-payment of installments due on December 14, 2021.

The answer to avoid this social bomb there remains the institution of a new Abandonment of tax accounts, accompanied by a new Balance sheet and extract. On the other hand, it is the thought supported by the political majority, as well as by professionals and businesses. And now there is also a lead meteorite not suddenly over Italy and strongly affects economic recovery. Yes, because the mad rush to increase electricity and gas supplyto which is linked the high cost of basic necessities, impoverishes the country.

A triggered hellish trap in which taxpayers outdated from Scrapping ter and Balance and extract, they can’t even present a new form of the payment of tax bills in several instalments, since December 31, 2021 the period for readmission to installments has expired.

The other risk, in addition to those already present, are companies pressed by increase spiralthey are strongly exposed at closing. This is why a provision to reopen the terms of ter Scraping and Balance and extract or an intervention ex novo of Abandonment of tax accounts acquires an urgent character among the fiscal measures of 2022.

Abandonment of 2022 tax accounts: all the news

It is not a mystery but a new removal of tax invoices nounder current economic conditions, this could represent a relief for millions of taxpayers. To the point that indeed, as ItaliaOggi points out in the first part of the V forum about “The novelty of the finance law for professionals and businesses”, discussed by accountants as well as accountants.

Maria Stella Gelmini the Minister for Regional Affairs clarified that the best the Draghi government can do took action on expiration of tax bills. Here explained why more time was given to pay them i.e. no more 60 days, but 180 days. If notified by January 1st until the date of March 31, 2022.

However, the absence of a significant extension intervention for the Scrapping ter and Balance sheet and extract it turned out to be the umpteenth failure of a state that paid little attention to the needs of society. The reason is simple, millions of taxpayers, so citizens, families and businesses they don’t have the fair economic liquidity necessary to secure day-to-day expenses and, therefore, also to be able to remedy their own insolvencies.

Furthermore, it must be said that many taxpayers are not under the conditions of being able to request an installment payment tax accounts, the deadline having expired on December 31, 2021. This means that they have lost any tax benefit and will have to pay the entire debt listed on the roll.

Scrapping Tax Bills 2022: The PA Payments Problem

There is also another problem, which may jeopardize the future of the country, it is not a mystery that if the public administration stops paying companies, it risks detonate a chain bomba whirlwind that would undermine the weak economic stability of millions of families.

For this reason, as stated by ItaliaOggi, the M5S has advanced by providing for the reopening of the terms of payment of the Ter and Balance of Tear-up and extract, without neglecting the possibility of designing a new interventioni Scrap Quarter and an extract of tax accounts.

On the other hand, the Brothers in Italy had proposed extending the deadlines for the facilitated definition in the 2022 finance law, but the Draghi’s government did not agree to endorse the proposal. The truth is that the agenda promoted by Andrea De Bertoldi has become negligible thingfor which it was cancelled.

Failure to follow the demands of the political majority has only produced new sanctions on the shoulders of citizens, lapsed for lack of payment of the installments of the ter and the balance of the scrapping and extract. The real problem is that millions of Italians they would have liked to regularize their tax debts, but they were not put in a position to be able to honor them.

We recommend watching the 2022 Tax Bill Tax Information YouTube video.

Will the extraordinary heist happen in 2022?

The president of the Bari Chartered Accountant, Ebano De Nuccio, also spoke on the same point, which, as reported in ItaliaOggi, explained how taxpayers during the pandemic period sunk into debt.

Intervene with a “An Extraordinary Scrapping” it is becoming an essential issue that would allow citizens and businesses to be able to pay according to their financial means. Blocking of Revenue Agency Executive Proceedings – Recovery and any formal notice actions against debtors who have lost all tax benefits.

To strengthen the engine of growth, the Draghi government must intervene on the Collection stopping the request for unpaid bills. On the other hand, the forecasts record catastrophic events understood in economic terms, with the presence of a business system fault which would have a critical impact not only on families, but more importantly on state coffers. This is why the speakers insist on the introduction tax reform interventions.

On the merits, Massimo Garavaglia, Minister of Tourism explained that the time has come for the Draghi government to reward active companies committed to the country’s growth. While, Alberto Gusmeroli, vice-president of the finance committee of the chambera did not expose on the approval of any adaptations linked to the enabling law to be confirmed on 9 February. However, he pointed out the presence of different measures, such as the mini flat tax, the reduction of the withholding tax, the provisional payment etc.

At the same time, according to Marcella Caradonna, President of the Order of Accountants of Milan, it is too contradictory measures, but above all, we are working on old unsolved problems that have never found a solution.

A radical change which shows rapid intervention, without leaving the taxpayer at the mercy of the waves of a standard that is slow to come. It is only by mowing cord of anguish and uncertainty where taxpayers are confined, choices can be made for the benefit of the country’s growth.

In the middle, however, there is the simplifying the rules with the provision of a harmonization between reformsable to guarantee fewer complications and to intervene with more momentum in relationships with citizens and taxpayers.

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