5 tips to help you save more money for family travel

Here are some suggestions on how to save more money for family travel.

Travel is expensive, and when you have a family the price adds up even more. You must cover the cost of accommodation, food, fuel, entertainment and other activities planned as part of the vacation. For that reason, here are some suggestions on how to save more money for family travel.

Compare auto insurance premiums

This one might not hit you right away, but if you buy auto insurance companies for a better monthly rate, you might be pleasantly surprised. Every time you automatically renew your auto insurance, you end up paying more, even if it’s just a little. If you’re about to renew, it’s a good idea to call different companies and get quotes.

Take control of your auto insurance because you’re working too hard to let your money go. Instead, compare quotes and try to find better premiums for the same or better coverage. You can also use this money and apply it to a family trip.

Be flexible with your vacation time

If you can be flexible with your vacation time, you will definitely save on hotel stays, airfare, and fuel if you drive. Everything costs less during off-season, so if you can go this route, you should. You’ll save money in the process because you won’t be spending as much on lodging your family in a hotel or paying high prices for airline tickets.

A mid-week stay is ideal in most cases, and if you’re really flexible, consider picking your destination first and playing around with your travel time. You can find the lowest rates by changing the dates to see which ones will earn you the least.

Search for offers

Deals are everywhere, and if you take the time, you can find them quite easily. Many airlines and hotels will feature offers on social media or in newsletters that they send out regularly. Use these channels to your advantage to find the best promotions to help save you money.

There are plenty of restaurants and attractions that also have great deals for your kids, so look for them when planning your trip. You might even get extra discounts if your kids are doing well in school, so if they have a great report card, ask if you could save some money.

Book at the best times

There are two times that make the most sense when booking a trip. The first, booking a trip as far as possible, makes sense; the further you book, the less it costs. Prices rise steadily as you get closer to the time the trip is supposed to take place, so booking far away is a great strategy.

On the other hand, if you are the type with the ultimate flexibility, wait until the last minute to book your trip. You will find some great deals if you wait until the end, as airlines and hotels will try to sell the last seats or rooms for whatever they can get. It’s a great way to save money on your trip if you can rock it.

Rent your house or trade it

Have you ever thought about renting your home on Airbnb while you were away? It’s a great way to recoup some of your costs while you’re away. Another great site, VRBO, can help you set up a home rental to get you started. While you’re away, you can even hire maid service to clean up and come home to a sparkling clean home.

You can also consider swapping your home with someone who wants to visit your part of the world. It also requires some flexibility, as you might find someone willing to trade with you but not sure if you want to visit this place. You can take the opportunity to go to a new place and know that you are saving money in the process.

Some final thoughts

It’s hard to save for family travel, especially if you have a large family. Most places accommodate a typical family of four, but if you have more kids expect to pay a bit more. You have to be strategic about how to save money for a family trip. Shopping around for auto insurance deals is an unusual but effective way to save money to use for a big trip. The flexibility also gives you the opportunity to save even more if you can go on a trip during a slack period.

Don’t forget to look for deals on social media, newsletters, and sites that also work to share deals for kids. If you can, book as far away as possible to get the lowest rates, or if you are able to do that, wait until the last minute to see big savings as well. Finally, if it’s okay with you, rent out your home to collect cash or trade with someone else for the ultimate savings experience.

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