$ 20,000 in guitars stolen from southeast Portland store


The owner of Strum Guitars says the suspects were captured by a surveillance camera.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Strum Guitars in southeast Portland is not your typical guitar shop. “We are a mixed model,” said owner Michael Krasovech. “We are a combination of retail, bar and event space.”

Last Saturday morning, says Krasovech, two people broke and ransacked the front window of the store. They dragged guitar after guitar from the store into a stationary vehicle.

“Angry, of course,” said Krasovech. “Very frustrated.”

Krasovech says a dozen guitars worth a total of $ 20,000 were stolen over the weekend. “It’s hard not to take it personally.”

Krasovech believes this was well thought out. He says 24 hours before the break-in, two people were caught by a security camera that enveloped his place.

“You come to my front door and pull on my front door,” he said. “You actually went to the brewery on the corner and opened that front door too.

It did so as many companies continue to grapple with the pandemic.

“To be challenged with it is a punch in the stomach, I would say.”

Krasovech hopes someone will discover the stolen goods or suspects.

“For me, this is more about holding those who did it to account and drawing some conclusions so that no one else has to deal with it.”

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