What is the Schumann Resonance and how does it affect the Human Being?

What is the Schumann Resonance and how does it affect the Human Being?

The Schumann resonance is a set of spectra or extremely low electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth, called as ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies).

Already in the decade of the 50s Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann , 1888-1974, discovered a resonance effect in the Earth-Ionosphere system, known as the “Schumann Resonance”. This phenomenon, ELF, is named after this scientific discoverer, Schumann, who mathematically predicted its existence in 1952 .

  • What is the Schumann Resonance?
  • What would happen if the earth stopped its rotation?
  • Why decreasing the magnetic field of the Earth?
  • What is the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field?
  • Could an inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth occur?
  • What effects does the Schumann Resonance cause on Earth and humans?
  • What are magnetic transverse waves?
  • What is the Resonance Frequency of the Earth?
  • If the resonance of the earth rises progressively what will happen to humanity?

These electromagnetic phenomena were already observed first by Nikola Tesla, forming the basis of subsequent scheme for power transmission and wireless communications.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

In physics this is called “transverse-magnetic wave”. It has been proven that these resonant waves vibrate at the same frequency as the brain waves of humans (and all mammals), or 7.8 Hertz (cycles per second).

In 2008, the American Gregg Braden said that since the 80’s the Schumann resonances had increased from 7.8 Hz to 12.0 Hz. And he said:

” The resonance of the Earth (Schumann resonance) has been 7.8 Hz for thousands of years. Since 1980 it has risen to more than 12 Hz. This means that a 24 hour day is now equivalent to 16 hours. Time is accelerating . “

Generally, official physics usually ignores what it can not explain, but this policy was not followed at this time. Germany and Austria have experimented with these resonances, new projects have been developed and formulated in quantum physics of 7.8 Hertz (Schumann frequency), considered to be a normal biological constant of our hypothalamus .

A frequency that connects us to all human beings , and the Earth, and the planet behaves like a huge electrical circuit. This opens a ” field of communication between two neuronal systems” or telepathic .

There are secret projects such as the Haarp Project known in the United States as the Devil Project .

What would happen if the earth stopped its rotation?


If the Earth stops its rotation and the resonance frequency reaches 13 cycles, we would be in a magnetic field at zero point or 13 on the Schumann scale .

As values ​​for their measurement the number 1 as a very high magnetic field, and the 13 as a very low magnetic field . A very low field is the same as in Palestine when Jesus Christ lived.

Then it would happen that the Earth would stop and in two or three days it would begin to turn again in the opposite direction. This would produce a reversal in the magnetic fields around the earth.

The Earth’s Base Frequency, which is the heartbeat of the planet , which is scientifically known as the Schumann Resonance, RS, is accelerating dramatically.

The Resonance of the Earth has been 7.8 Hz / second for thousands of years . Since the 80s it has risen to 12 Hz. This means that it is accelerating, although with small variations between geographical regions.

Science recognizes the Schumann Resonance as a sensitive indicator of variations in temperature and global climate conditions. And these fluctuating resonances, plus solar explosions, can be a factor in the severe storms, floods and climate of recent years.


Why decreasing the magnetic field of the Earth?

While the “beat” of the earth is rising , on the other hand and at the same time, the strength of its magnetic field is decreasing. According to Professor Bannerjee of the University of New Mexico , the field has lost up to half its intensity in the last 4,000 years .

The strength of this magnetic field is a great catalyst for the transformation of magnetic poles . As these cyclical changes are associated with reversals, Earth’s geological records also mark previous changes in the Ages of history . And within the huge time scale represented, there were quite a few of them in the last 171 or 4,000 million years.

What is the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field?

The beginning of the terrestrial field remains for science to the terrain of the unknown, although the commonly accepted theory is the generation of the magnetic field by the Dinamo Effect .

In Theory it is shown as a fluid conductor in movement , like the terrestrial magma, that can generate and maintain a magnetic field of the Earth or also any other planet.

But the magnetic field of the Earth varies in the course of the geological Eras, is what is called secular variation . According to it has been verified of the layers of terrestrial layers and when considering that the contained iron atoms tend to align themselves with the terrestrial magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field is recorded in the orientation of the magnetic domains of the rocks and the resulting slight magnetism can be measured.

Measuring the magnetism of rocks located in strata formed in different geological periods, maps of the Earth’s magnetic field were elaborated in different eras. These maps show that there have been times when the earth’s magnetic field has been reduced to zero and then reversed.

During the last five million years more than twenty investments have been made, the most recent 700,000 years ago.

Other investments occurred 870,000 and 950,000 years ago . The study of sediments at the bottom of the ocean indicates that the field was practically inactive for 10 or 20 thousand years, just over a million years ago. This is the era in which human beings emerged.


Could an inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth occur?

Yes it could happen, but you can not predict when the next investment will happen because the sequence is not regular.

Certain measurements show a 5% reduction in magnetic field strength in the last 100 years. If this rhythm is maintained, the field will be inverted again in about 2,002 years.

Magnetism is a phenomenon extended to all atoms with magnetic imbalance. The grouping of these atoms produces the perceptible magnetic phenomena, and the stellar bodies, the planets between them, are propitious to have the conditions for a magnetic field of a certain intensity to develop.

Inside the planets, the accumulation of ferromagnetic materials such as iron and its relative differential movement with respect to other layers of the body induce a magnetic field of intensity dependent on the conditions of formation of the planet .

There are always the two poles, equivalent to those of a normal magnet. In the case of the Earth, the area in which it moves is influenced by the solar magnetic field , but the terrestrial magnetic field itself creates as a bubble, the terrestrial magnetosphere.

The inner bubble has a boundary layer between its influence and the solar, the magnetopause, which is approximately spherical towards the Sun, and elongated towards the external solar system, approaching the Earth’s surface at the terrestrial magnetic poles.

Then the interaction in constant evolution between both magnetic fields and the charged particles coming from the Sun produces phenomena such as the northern or auroral auroras and the interference in the communications by electromagnetic waves , as well as alterations in the artificial satellites in orbit.


What effects does the Schumann Resonance cause on Earth and humans?

The Earth’s Schumann Resonance behaves like a huge electric circuit , and the atmosphere is really a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its prevailing electricity would spread in about 10 minutes.

There is a cavity or cavity defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometers above. At any time, the total load residing in this cavity is 500,000 Columbos. So where a vertical current flow between the ground and the ionosphere of 1 – 3 X 10 ^ -12 Amperes per square meter.

The resistance of the atmosphere is 200 Ohms. The potential voltage is 200,000 Volts. There are about 1000 thunderstorms at any given time around the world. Each produces .5 to 1 Ampere and these collectively compute for the current flow measured in the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity.

Then the Schumann Resonance are constant and variable waves of electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. And they act like waves in a pond, they are not present all the time, but they need to be excited, catalysed to be observed their reaction. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its center.

These waves seem to be related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere , particularly during times of intense lightning activity.

Lightning strikes occur at different frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz.

Until now, when the properties of the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity remain the same, these frequencies remain the same. And there is some change due to the sunspot cycle and the change of the Earth’s ionosphere in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity. So since the atmosphere of the earth carries a charge , a current and a voltage , it is not surprising to find electromagnetic waves. 


What are magnetic transverse waves?

In a system of particles that is in interaction, the approach to the balance of these is due to resonances. The fields in interaction also create resonances. In Physics, for this purpose it is called “Magnetic transverse wave”.

Then the magnetic transverse waves are generated by electromagnetic pulses lightning and lightning. The frequency of the same varies between values ​​ranging from 6 to 50 Hertz, usually, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz. Therefore, resonances are correlations between particles .


What is the Resonance Frequency of the Earth?

When the Earth turns around on its axis it is said that 24 hours have passed, and one day in our life. The Schumann Resonance has been 7.8 Hz / second for centuries . This resulted in the 24 hours it took the Earth to turn around its axis.

But since the 80’s the Schumann Resonance has risen to 12 Hz. This means that 16 hours now equals a 24-hour day. This would explain the feeling that time is accelerating.

The RS, Schumann Resonance, has as measurement values ​​the number 1 as a very high magnetic field and 13 as a very low magnetic field). If the Schumann Resonance reaches the frequency of 13 cycles the Earth would stop in its rotation on its axis, and we would be in the magnetic field of the zero point or 13 of the Schumann scale.

The Earth would stop for a period of two or three days, and after them it would start to turn again in the opposite direction. This situation would generate a reversal in the magnetic fields of the North and South Poles , with the consequent planetary imbalance .


If the resonance of the earth rises progressively what will happen to humanity?

The Schumann Resonance is something like an electromagnetic pulse . That pulse is caused by the waves that travel through the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, at 100km altitude, which acts as a sounding board.

The more or less constant frequency of this resonance is about 7.8 hertz, and is a kind of beat or “tempo”, like a planetary metronome. It is responsible for the biological balance, and the waves of our brain pulse at those 7’8hz.

Experiments carried out on astronauts in space showed that out of the Schumann resonance they suffered from imbalances and diseases . Why it happens?

There is a phenomenon called “sympathy vibration” that can help us understand this phenomenon and, in passing, understand how to vibrate at this new frequency.

When an increase in the Earth’s electromagnetic pulse is generated , it obeys to structural and evolutionary changes of the planet itself and, by extension, of its inhabitants .

These changes generate physical symptoms such as the feeling that time runs faster , in fact 24 hours a day seems to be only 16 hours, in addition to headaches or back pain, and so on. And in some way, we must start working under that impulse, because the planet itself is already pushing us to that result, but internally it has to be accompanied by that change.

There are many people who suffer a lot from the consequences of Schumann waves, for example due to weather, especially due to electromagnetic storms, these Schumann wave frequencies are interfered with, and many cardiac problems are due to this fact.

Vibration by sympathy or resonance is a curious physical phenomenon that occurs, among others, in music. It is a vibration that is induced in a body by proximity to the one that emits the vibrations .

If we open the lid of a piano and play a La force, for example, when we release it, we will see that all the La on the piano sound at that moment, although it is weaker. That first one has induced the rest to vibrate.

This is because the vibration of a note is equivalent in its upper and lower octaves. To be understood: we have the 440hz, its upper octave is the 880, the next the 1760 and so on until we overcome the 20,000hz barrier, in which the sounds are no longer audible. The vibration is multiplied by 2.

The lower octaves also but dividing by 2: 220, 110, 55, until we go down from zero, with which we stop hearing the sound. Upwards we will hear increasingly higher and lower sounds becoming more and more serious.

The upper octave contains in itself the amount of vibration of the lower one plus a whole other unit. And the lower half of the one that comes later. Thus, a La is represented in all the others in a holographic way.

Therefore, the Schumann resonance is vibrating some notes in us by the effect of sympathy . The planet is inducing us to vibrate higher.

These tones are not defined as notes, but deep down we are talking about the same thing; the vibrations . The internal vibration of each one is like its particular note, its chord. The vibration of the earth resonates the different vibration tones we each have, plus those of nature.

This particularity means that each person has different feelings or experiences in this regard. For this reason it is important to detect in which part of oneself the planet is making us vibrate higher, or calling us to do so.

Schumann waves vibrate on the same frequency as the brain waves of humans and of all mammals in general, that is, 7.8 Hertz (cycles per second).

Although the official Physics has almost ignored it, the great world powers may be experimenting with these waves, very secretly, in big projects.

In Physics they are called ” Transverse-Magnetic Waves”, and these are the Schumann Waves that vibrate at the same frequency as the brain waves of humans and of all mammals in general, ie at 7.8 Hertz or cycles per second.

The Schumann resonance can be seen as laughter, crying, suffering, or the joy of the planet , and everything depends on what thoughts we project to the cosmos that influence our entire environment and remains as a melody that invites us to make a chorus, to positive or negative and sing in unison the same beat . You just have to listen to what part of us sounds that melody and if it does not resonate there is a release and vibrate with the one that marks the Earth that is the indicator of the true beat.

Therefore, and as a summary, Dr. Schumann’s study, also known as “Schumann Resonance”, would deal with the advanced fields of Quantum Metaphysics and Meta-Quantum Astrophysics, with which he explains why the earth rotates each faster time

Dr. Schumann, located in the UTN University of Munich , made several discoveries by which he affirmed that the day only has 16 hours, although we count 24 hours.

He affirmed that for many centuries the Earth had turned on its axis to 7.8 hz., But that from 1980, that value changed. Although he did it very quickly in just six years, up to 12 hours. Then according to their calculations the day we live is 24 tours, but in fact it has 16 in question ET, and therefore in the measurement of time 24 hours go out but we count much faster so the time was in 16 hours.

Schumann said that climatic catastrophes are one of the consequences of this alteration falls mainly on the magnetic fields of the earth and the magnetic fields of humans.

The magnetic fields of humans according to Hinduism are the chakras , the immeasurable (non-measurable) energy centers located in the body of all humans. This means that our thoughts, behaviors and feelings are governed by these inner centers that are in all living beings.

“We are the result of the pulses of the Chakras of the body, of the Earth, of the Sun and of the Universe, and with them we travel and balance ourselves in the rhythm and frequency that mark for our lives in Time and Space.”