Are the Demons Our Ghosts?

Are the Demons Our Ghosts? 


The ghosts, those apparitions of disembodied spirits or souls of the dead that manifest themselves in the dimension of the living in a more or less perceptible or visible way in places where they frequented when they were alive. This concept exists in the different cultures of the Earth.

On the other hand, the bible tells us that Satan , also known as Shaytan , Samael, Azazel, Asmodeus, Iblis or Enki in Mesopotamia, is able to disguise himself as an Angel of Light ( 2 Cor. 11:14 ), of what is it deduces that the demonic hosts that capacity of appearance disguised as ghostly.

What is a ghost?

In fact, in the Holy Scriptures it says that once the person is dead , the body returns to dust , the human spirit returns to God , since we are the breath of God and therefore the soul sleeps until the day of final judgment when it will return with Christ. That is, the ghosts are the demons disguised with an unknown purpose.

In some religions they believe in the existence of evil spirits, benign , or both at the same time. In others, however, they think that they are nothing more than a superstition , a product of the imagination, but these dogmas, at the same time, do believe in ghosts, ghosts and so on.

We know certain ways of how ghosts act , for example, they can go through walls, float in the air, make sounds of objects that are not in place, move physical objects, and so on. Yes they go through walls as if nothing, and that means that they do not interact with matter from this physical plane, but they do it from a plane parallel to ours. That is why they can move things without being seen, so they have the ability to act on matter.

In the book of Job was one of the best descriptions of these spirits, ghosts or demons.

The story begins with Eliphaz a Temanite of the Teman tribe of Edom, descendant of the tribe of Esau, who decided to give his birthright for a plate of food, that is to say that he let himself be carried away by the pleasures of the flesh or the material world . Well, let’s see how Elifaz describes ghosts:

Job 4.13-21.

-The issue was also hidden to me, but my ear has perceived something of it.

-In imaginations of night visions , when the dream falls on men,
I was struck with a fright and a tremor, which shook all my bones;

And as a spirit passed before me, it made the hair on my body stand up.
– A ghost stood before my eyes , whose face I did not know, and I heard him say: Is man more righteous than God? Will he be cleaner than the man who did it?

-Here, in his servants he does not trust, and he noticed foolishness in his angels . How much more in those who live in mud houses, whose foundations are in the dust, and who will be broken by the moth!

– From morning to evening they are destroyed, and they are lost forever, without anybody noticing about it.

-His beauty, is not lost with themselves? And they die without having acquired wisdom.

That is, the “ghost or demon”   he resorts to the egocentricity of the human being to begin and finish the work for which he appeared, without hesitating to destroy the moral and self-esteem of the individual .

How do ghosts – demons?

-Show half truths.

-They work with the imagination, being able to send thoughts or emotions of badness.

-Generan fright and fear.

-They make the hairs on the body feel cold when they occur.

-They are able to show themselves physically.

-They know how to analyze the sentimental reactions of humans.

-When they whisper is to cause doubt.

– They are great accusers of God.

They humiliate men whenever they can.

– They assure that God is not good.

-They try to destroy morale and self-esteem.

– Made by appearances, imaginary friends, voices from beyond the grave.

The Bible, in Matthew 14: 22-33 , also tells us about how they saw a Phantom when the disciples watching Jesus walk towards the boat on the sea, exclaimed with fear: It is a ghost . But Jesus responds quickly, calm down, I am! Do not be afraid. Jesus tried to instill tranquility and dissipate all fear, but showing that he is the ultimate authority, GOD.

In James 2:19 it says: You believe that God is one; you do well. The demons also believe , and tremble.

So, when we see some ghost , let’s think about the demons that tend to appear at night when we are deeply asleep or do all the things they know how to do.

To better understand these paranormal phenomena we will resort to two more known religious bases, one the Arab Islam and its Holy Book of the Koran , and another the Holy Christian Bible .

What does the Bible say?

The demons are fallen angels , (Revelation 12: 9): “And the great dragon was cast out, the old serpent , who is called the devil and Satan , who deceives the whole world . And he was thrown down to earth , (Earth parallel world or Dandain Desert) and his angels were thrown with him. “

On the other hand, the fall of Satan from heaven is symbolically described by the prophets, Isaiah 14: 12-14 , Ezekiel 28: 12-15, and Jude 6, in addition to the Book of Revelation 12: 4 : When he fell, Satan took some of the angels with him, a third of them . He also mentions that these angels who sinned. Then, the demons are fallen angels who, together with Satan , rebelled against God . They disobeyed and made war against the superior hierarchical hosts that work for God All One .

All the demons were provisionally declared by God All One.

For some it was resolved by imposing the penalty of ” confinement” or “prison” in areas of darkness or deserts . These dungeons are located in terrestrial underground physical worlds, and in worlds parallel to the earth or dimensions adjacent to certain predetermined places like eternal prisons created by God , where temporal sentences are fulfilled pending the Last Judgment of the great day “(Jude 1: 6). ).

However, for other demons it was resolved that they should remain at liberty of ambulation as long as (by covenant, covenant, or agreement) they executed the daily service of the designs of God . These are the evil spirits known as “the rulers of darkness” of this humanity.

All of them are spiritual hosts or armies of evil of certain celestial regions , both of the physical Cosmos and of other parallel or dimensional bubbles. (Ephesians 6:12 and Colossians 2:15)

The devils have Satan as their leader , and all work in the service of God , from their dimensional and parallel destinies, together with the holy angels, they continually try to incite, frustrate, harm humans with perverse conditions towards sin so that their approach to God be harder and harder, so that their sins are understood and therefore their consciences ascend.

The demons , as spiritual beings, that is to say that they live and act from other vibrations, have the capacity to take possession of a physical body .

What is demonic possession?

Demonic possession is described when a human body is totally controlled by one or several demons or demonic spirits from another non-physical plane. But, according to 1 John 4: 4, these possessions can not be exercised in a child of God , since the Spirit of God – Christ resides in his heart as there is understanding, knowledge and spiritual love .

Jesus Christ, in his earthly ministry, found many demons along the official path. But none of them was older than him. Jesus with the word cast out the demons that possessed men and women, besides healing the sick, proving that he was the Son of God. In fact, the demons knew Jesus, they knew who he was, and that’s why they feared him so much . Therefore, Jesus came from a certain higher Hierarchy to which they had to obey .

What does the Bible say about demons?

Luke 9: 38-39 . And behold, a man from the crowd cried out, saying: Master, I beseech you to see my son, for he is the only one I have, for it happens that a spirit seizes him , and suddenly he shouts , and (the spirit) makes him fall with convulsions , foaming ; and bruising him, he barely moves away from him.

Mark 9:26 . And after screaming and shaking him with terrible convulsions, he left (the demon that possessed him), and (the boy) was as dead , so much, that people said: He is dead!

Mark 5:15 And they appeared before Jesus, and saw him who had been demon-possessed , sitting, clothed, and in his right mind, and this is the same one that the legion had had inside (armies, legions of demons); and they were afraid.

Luke 4:34 . Leave us (said the spokesman of the demons); What do we have to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God .

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against blood or flesh , but against principalities and powers , against the powers of this world and of darkness , against the spiritual hosts (troops, armies) of evil in the heavenly regions .

1Peter 3:22 Who is at the right hand of God , having ascended to heaven after being subjected to angels, authorities and powers .

Revelation 16:14. For they are spirits of devils who make signs , which go to the kings of the whole world , to gather them for the battle of the great day of Almighty God.

Matthew 12: 43-45. When the unclean spirit comes out of man , it passes through arid places (the Dandain Desert or Parallel World to Earth) seeking rest that it does not find. Then he says: “I will return to my house where I came from” (that is, from the place of the man from whom he left); and when it arrives it finds it unoccupied, swept and fixed. Then he goes, and takes with himself seven other unclean spirits more depraved than he , and entering, they dwell there ; and the final state of that man (who got rid of the evil spirit-demon) is worse than the first (when he was possessed by the first demon). So it will be with this evil generation too.

Revelation 18: 2. And he cried with a loud voice, saying, “Fell, great Babylon fell!” That has become a room of demons , in a den (burrow, nest or cave) of every unclean spirit and in the lair of every foul-demon and abominable bird . (can refer to the transport vehicles that we know today as UFOs, or to some anthropomorphic species or race)

1Timothy 4: 1. But the Spirit clearly says that in the last times some will apostatize (renounce, betray, repudiate) against the faith , paying attention to deceiving spirits and the doctrines of demons .

Deuteronomy 32:17. They offered (men) sacrifices to demons , not to God, but to gods they had not known, new demon-gods that appeared recently , to which your fathers did not fear.

Mark 7:26 . The woman was Gentile, Phoenician Syrian by birth; and begged him to cast his daughter out of the devil.

Mark 1: 23-26. And behold, there was in the synagogue (temple, church) of them a man with an unclean spirit , who began to shout, saying: What have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God. Jesus rebuked him, saying: Shut up, and get out of him!

Romans 8:38 . Because I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels , nor principalities , nor the present (the kingdom of the Earth), nor what is to come, nor powers .

James 2:19 . You believe that God is one . You do good; also the demons believe (in God One), and tremble .

Revelation 9:20. And the rest of humanity, those who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands or stop worshiping demons and idols of gold, silver , bronze , stone and wood , who can not see or hear or walk;

Matthew 10: 1 . Then calling his twelve disciples , (Jesus) gave them power over the unclean spirits (demons) to drive them out and to heal every disease and every ailment.

1 Corinthians 10: 20-21 What the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice for the god-demons , and not for God; I do not want you to be partakers with the demons. You can not drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you can not participate in the table of the Lord and the table of demons.

Psalm 106: 37 They sacrificed their children and daughters to demons (pagan practices).

Matthew 8:16. And in the evening, they brought many demons ; and he expelled the spirits with his word, and healed all who were sick.

Matthew 7:22 . Many will say to me in that day: “Lord, Lord,” did we not prophesy in your name , and cast out demons , and in your name we did many miracles ?

Acts 5:16. Also the people of the cities around Jerusalem came bringing sick and tormented by unclean spirits (demons and ghosts), and all were healed.

Luke 11:19 and Matthew 12: 25-28 . And, if I expel the demons by Beelzebul (by or on behalf of), by whom do your children expel them? Therefore they shall be your judges. And Jesus knowing his thoughts (telepathy?), Said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. And if Satan expels Satan, he is divided against himself; How then can his kingdom stand? But, if I cast out the demons by the Spirit of God , then the kingdom of God has come to you.

Acts 19: 13-16 . But also some of the Jews , itinerant exorcists , tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits , saying: I command you for Jesus, whom Paul preaches. And seven children of one Esceva, one of the main Jewish priests, were the ones who did this. But the evil spirit answered, and said to them: I know Jesus , and I know who Paul is , but you, who are you?

Luke 9: 1 . Gathering the twelve, he gave them power and authority over all demons and to heal diseases.

Acts 8: 7 Because many had unclean spirits (demons) that came out (of them) shouting with a loud voice; and many others who had been paralyzed and lame were healed.

Mark 3:11. And whenever the unclean spirits-demons saw him, they fell before him and shouted, saying: You are the Son of God.

Luke 8: 27-29 . And when He, Jesus, came down to the earth, a man from the city who was possessed by demons (several) met him and for a long time had not put on any clothes, nor lived in a house, but in the tombs. Because He commanded the unclean spirit to come out of man , since many times he had seized him , and being bound (the possessed one) with chains, shackles and under guarded guard, in spite of everything, (Jesus) broke the bonds and the devil was driven out into the deserts .

Acts 16:16. And it happened that while we were going to the place of prayer, we met a slave girl who had a spirit of divination , which gave great profits to their masters, guessing.

Mark 9:17. And one of the crowd answered: Master, I brought you my son who has an unclean spirit, a demon.

Colossians 2:15 {And} having stripped the powers and authorities, made them a public spectacle, triumphing over them through Him.

Who created the demons?

According to 2 Peter 2: 4. For if God did not forgive the angels who sinned, but cast them into hell he delivered them into prisons of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and if he did not spare the ancient world, but kept Noah as a preacher of justice, with seven other people, bringing the flood upon the world of the wicked; and if he condemned for destruction the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, reducing them to ashes and setting them as an example to those who were to live ungodly.

Can you talk to the demons and the dead?

According to Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 6. Because the living are aware that they will die; but as for the dead, they are not aware of anything at all, nor have they any more salary, because the memory of them has been forgotten. Also, their love and their hatred and their jealousy have already perished, and they no longer have any portion until indefinite time in anything that has to be done under the sun.

How to protect yourself from demons?

According to James 4: 1 and 14. Where do the wars and lawsuits between you come from? Is it not from your passions, which fight in your members? You lust, and you do not have; you kill and burn with envy, and you can not reach; you fight and fight, but you do not have what you want, because you do not ask. Because what is your life? It is certainly a mist that appears for a little while, and then fades away.

James 4: 7 says: “Subordinate yourself to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you. ” And in Romans 16:20 it says that the evil spirits and all those who oppose God will cease to exist. “The upright are those who will reside on earth, and those who are without guilt are those who will remain in it,” says Proverbs 2:21 .

In the books of John 4:24 and Hebrews 1:13, 14 , he says that the Creator Himself is a Spirit and that his first creations were the spirits of god or angels, and that there are also evil spirits , or demons according to 1 Corinthians 10:20, 21 and James 2:19 , although it does not say anything about God creating the demons.

Who are they, and where did these demons come from?

These demons have been called angels who sinned or fallen angels, who arose in a moment of great celestial rebellion and before it. When God created spiritual beings , he endowed them with free will, that is, the ability to choose to do good or evil . But it seems that, after the creation of humanity, a certain number of angels decided to rebel against God and therefore do evil. The first spirit that rebelled against God was Satan, as Jesus said according to John 8:44.

Why did Satan decide to rebel against God?

His greed and wanting to be worshiped as a creator , knowing that that title only belonged to the Creator of everything , something bigger hierarchically than himself. Since then Satan became the “opponent”, the rival in the creation of physical creatures in planetary worlds where other divine designs were established.

And it happened that antediluvian times other angels joined Satan and abandoned their place in the heavens. They all came to live physically on Earth. ( Genesis 6: 1-4, James 1: 13-15) Therefore, the Flood occurred because “the angels who sinned.” These sinners or Fallen Angels became known as demons.

In Deuteronomy 32:17, Mark 1:34 and Jude 6 , he states the following: “To the angels who did not keep their original position, but abandoned their own and proper habitation, [God] has reserved them with everlasting chains under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day. ” In effect, God did not allow the demons to have the privileges they once enjoyed in heaven. Rather, he deprived them of all spiritual enlightenment by casting them into symbolic “holes of dense darkness.” “Strangling the entire inhabited earth.”

These demons exerted power and great influence on the thoughts, emotions, ideas, and life of humans .

How does Satan exercise his power?

Mainly through certain false “teachings” and religious doctrines that blind the human mind about the truth of divine. (1 Timothy 4: 1 and 2 Corinthians 4: 4)

For example, among the doctrines taught by demons we find the following:

– Belief that the dead are still alive. They themselves perform ghostly apparitions , voices from beyond the grave, other types of deceptions such as Poltergeist phenomena , whispering to humans, inducing them to believe that the living can communicate with the dead. Then, the lie is established in the hearts of humans.

But it is very significant that the Bible affirms that the dead “are not aware of anything at all” , since they have come down or been taken to the zone of silence , from where they can not even praise God, according to Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 6 and Psalm 115: 17.

– Believe that “anything goes”. When 1John 5:19 says that “The whole world is under the power of the wicked”, it is warning us that Satan and his demons promote ideas about the Deceptive Free Will by which humans can satisfy their lowest desires since it will not be punished no attitude or immoral conduct, since Satan and Co., convince the minds, from other places, so that immorality is moral and allowed, that is, changes the sense of good and evil. (Ephesians 2: 1-3)

– Believe in “spiritualism”. Mentioned above in Acts 16:16. the apostle Paul met a maid possessed by “a demon of divination who provided much gain to his masters, practicing the art of prediction .” In this event Paul refused to listen to him, since he knew where his miraculous abilities of divination came from. Other supernatural abilities that also come from the evil spirits are astrology , and the invocation of the occult powers , that is, dead, saints, demons or any other being.

What does the Koran say about Islam?

The Qur’an of Islam gives a broad explanation about this ghostly, demonic, and occult realm. In these texts the world of the Jinn is explained.

Who or what are the Jinn ?

The origins of the Jinn can be found in both the Qur’an and the Sunnah . The Jinn are certain types of beings with capacity of free will, who live on Earth, and in a world parallel to humanity .

If we observe the Arabic word Yinn, coming from the verb ‘ yanna’ , we see in its meaning ” hide or hide” , then, and, therefore, as the definition itself suggests , they are physical beings but invisible to humanity because they act from another Parallel dimension.

Such invisibility is one of the reasons why certain people have denied its existence. But, the Kingdom of the Jinn has sufficient power over our world and humanity . Also, the Jinn or Jinn are one of God’s many creations. Apparently he has the same needs as men, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.

According to Quran, Sura 15: Alellas 26-27: ” We have created man of clay, of malleable clay. And we created the genius before man, but the fire . ” (Quran 15: 26-27)

What types or how are the Jinn?

As for how the Jinn are, according to the Arabic Koran and the Jewish Kabbalah tell us that the following characters exist :

– Shayteen who are the direct descendants of Shaytan , that is, the latter is better known as: Satan, Iblis, Azazel, Asmodeus, Semyaza, Samael, Satan, the Devil , Enki belonging to the Order of the Archangel Gabriel.

These beings do not die until the Judgment of the Final Day. They are hermaphrodites , and they lay eggs for their offspring. They do not marry each other, but they can procreate.

The attacks from the parallel plane to the human are : Whispering negative thoughts and emotions that alter the human psyche in order to exert behaviors and emotions that distance it from God.

– The Quaren or Quarin. According to the Urantia Book they are Secondary Midwayers of Adam’s time. These are fellow humans. They are benevolent or malignant. And they can be Female or Male. They are known as SÚCUBOS, the sacred, feminine prostitutes . Among them is: Lilith who is Lailah , the offspring of Lilith, Elisabeth , Agrat-bate-Mablat , and Naamah . The angels of the Conception, those in charge of collecting and inserting the souls of human bodies .

-Jinn-Jinn. They appeared in the Pre-Adamic era. According to the Urantia Book are some of the components of the Primary Intermediate Beings . These are known as the GENIOS or Shedim, and defined as the masculine ÍNCUBOS . Although they can be feminine or masculine. His boss and direct King is Iblis or Satan. These are the authors of the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ABDUCTIONS.

These beings are Helpers, Minor Gods, Domestic Spirits, Spirits of the Kitchen or Nature as the Fairies who work for the Order Gabriel, Kubera, Asmodeus, Iblis …

His attacks on humans are: Human or animal possessions , whispers of negative thoughts and emotions, causing psychic, physical-emotional diseases, imitating deceased relatives’ voices or projected images of them, causing movements of furniture etc., the Poltergeist , revealing realities Hidden to fortune-tellers, they cause sleep paralysis , they appear as ghosts or apparitions, they can also be presented as a black dog or black ass, or as anthropomorphic or giant creatures, they are the beings that interact in the ouija, witchcraft, contactees or mediums, Satanism , etc.

Iblis is Samael, Semyaza, Azazel, Shayta, Enki, Ea, Satan, the Devil, the Crafty Serpent of Eden, all of them identify the Draco Constellation and its followers who are commissioned by higher estates or God for the Guardian of the Garden of Eden. Eden , which is in the Astral Dimension, place of the Souls of the Earth , and which works according to Michael in the Court of God.

Satan of the Order GABRIEL was part of the Guardians of Heaven and the Paradises. Today, after rebelling against God, he is considered a Demon, an Unclean Spirit, a Fallen Angel , an archangel descended.

God gave him authority as ruler over the lower heavens and lands under his command, but he and his descendants caused from parallel dimensions and from the physical world corruption on Earth and also through their earthly descendants. God, higher hierarchy, sent an army to Earth to fight the Jinn, leading them to the mountains. They were expelled from heaven with the third of angels that followed the leader of the Jinn.

Since then God allows them by agreement through the ARK OF THE ALLIANCE to test Iblis’s objection concerning humanity, tempting them towards sin because they have inner conditions and perverse inclinations. The goal is to redeem their sins through understanding, knowledge and love, which is transmitted on the planet of sorrow and suffering, like Earth.

The ancient inhabitants of the Earth were corrupt and they made great corruption. Azazel under the sky with his army of angels to defeat them. Dead the ancients of the earth, God created the present humanity.

Gabriel is in charge of the Garden of Eden where there is a Tree of Life or Tree of Souls where it blooms and produces new souls that fall to the Guff or Treasure of the Souls , where he seeks one and gives it to the Lilith or Lailah, the Angels of the Conception who watch the embryo and fetus during pregnancy until birth , and later become the Guardian Angel of the designated Human , and who after his physical death will be in charge of collecting his Soul or Golden Apple and take it to another place.

Who manages human souls?

According to the Jewish myth , the angel, Lailah or Lilith , brings the soul or seed of the future baby to be incorporated into the uterus of the fertilized woman. Lailah serves as the midwife of souls.

When an ovum is fertilized, God orders Lailah or Lilith to search for a soul in the Garden of Eden . And if the soul refuses to enter the fertilized ovum, Lailah forces the soul to obey .

Once introduced into the fertilized ovum, God decrees the destiny of the future physical human life on Earth: To be a man or a woman; strong or weak; rich or poor, etc.

During the gestation period, Lailah puts a light on the fetus’ head so that she can see from one end of the world to the other, and the history of her own soul.

Before being born when he is still a fetus he must by an oath keep his soul pure so that God will bring him back to Him.

During the entire fetal gestation the inclination of evil has no power over the fetus. But, at the moment of his birth, the angel removes the light that was on his head and lets it be born naturally.

Once out of the body of the mother, the angel strikes with his finger on the baby’s lips so that it is silent from oblivion, in this way humans can not remember what they learned in the womb or their previous lives.

When the physical body dies, Lailah or Lilith also comes again and says: “Do you recognize me? The time of your departure has arrived. I come to take you from this world.

Then Lailah is taken to the next life where she renders accounts before God and is judged according to her merits.

Then the demons, angels and other spirits and specters are part of the same Cosmic Game where one of the most important works is the management of the Souls of the humanities that they have in the Physical Worlds like the Earth.







What will be of his life? Information from the past

Boriska interviewed.

Boriska interviewed.

On January 11, 1996, Boriska or also called Boris, was born in the city of Volzhsky, one of the regions of Volgograd belonging to Russia. This child was born with extraordinary qualities, and from his first months of life, it was clear that he was not a normal baby. His mother Nadezhde Kipriyanovich, said that at birth and observed his penetrating gaze of innate wisdom.

When the boy was about three years old, he began to speak to his family and neighbors about issues related to the Universe, naming planets from the Solar System, with all their satellites, as well as names and numbers of galaxies and stories about his previous life on the Planet. Mars, about extraterrestrial civilizations, about the Lemuria and the Lemurians that lived on Planet Earth 800 thousand years ago, about the aspect of the inhabitants of Mars and the Lemurians and about what happened to the Mu Continent or Lemuria and the fall of that civilization and plus.

This child became very famous in his city, in fact the citizens were visiting him to hear his stories about his previous extraterrestrial life on Mars and other information that contributed and indeed interesting for visitors. The case was picked up by the PRAVDA Newspaper and by the research scientist Gennady Belimov.

Boriska interviewed.

Their stories were based on the following content:

  • The old human races had a height of 3 meters.
  • Do not use drugs or mistreat others.
  • The sins or behavioral errors, emotional, negative thoughts and the relationship with the diseases of people, which are caused by not knowing how to carry their emotions correctly and these are hooked to the body and mind making people sick.
  • The future of Planet Earth, climate changes and catastrophes in general.
  • It should not involve or interfere with the fate of other people.
  • Do not tie yourself to the mistakes of the past and keep going.
  • Use compassion and the heart Do not use hate or revenge and apply forgiveness. Love and be humble.
  • The LEMURIANS disappeared because they did not want to apply their spirituality and jumped from the straight path and planetary integrity. They carried magic and not love.
  • They disappeared due to a sinister provocation . A huge continent was consumed by the waters and a large meteorite fell on a part of the earth inhabited by these beings.
  • In the epoch that lived in Mars its inhabitants lived in continuous space and territorial wars . It consumed a great nuclear war .
  • On Mars, its inhabitants do not breathe oxygen, as the body ages and they breathe carbon dioxide, maintaining a body image between 30 and 35 years.
  • With their round and triangular ships they could travel in time and visit places in the universe.
  • The planet Mars lost its atmosphere as a result of planetary calamities.
  • They did not all die , some were saved and went to live in underground areas of the Martian soil.
  • The height of the Martians 7 meters high have very powerful psychic qualities. They are the Martian civilization.
  • Its great cities abroad and now in the subway. They made raids on all the planets of the Solar System, including Planet Earth. They traded with the Lemurians.
  • On Mars lived several races.
  • The appearance of the Lemurians about 9 meters high.
  • In the future you will find knowledge, humans, under the pyramids. “Life will change when the sphinx opens”, this sphinx has an opening mechanism behind one of its ears.


Boriska is currently 18 years old.

Boriska is currently 18 years old.

Why do you remember the past life?

Various theories were raised about the ability to possess remote memory from previous lives. This theory indicates that the human brain can have two types of memory release, namely the following:

1- The Conscious or Voluntary Memory.

2- The Remote or Involuntary Memory.

All the information data of lived experiences are stored in a non-physical dimension of the brain.

The emotions, thoughts and all the experiential learning would remain safeguarded in the Remote or involuntary Memory that is located in a plane or dimension of energy.

Memories or non-emotional mechanical data remain safeguarded in the brain or conscious or voluntary memory.

This Remote or Involuntary memory manifests itself in an innate way , that is, knowledge knows it without any more, they feel it from within themselves in a natural way.

Why did this child have these special qualities?

For just over two decades to this day, so-called “Indigo or Blue children” have emerged, as well as “Cristal children and others “; that according to uneven hypotheses, they assume a great mission on this planet promoting planetary energy changes. According to these same conjectures, the secret lies in their DNA that contributes to the Immunological System with great resistance to viruses and bacteria, also providing remarkable psychic and extrasensory abilities.

What is it about him?

Today he is 18 years old and is considered by many of the new generation who is now known as “indigo children”.

Theoretically endowed with special advantages, and with a high level of intelligence, Boriska enjoys a great knowledge about the Universe, the extraterrestrial races, the mysterious civilizations of planetary antiquity and about the Earth planetary future.

Matias speaks of other past lives plasmándola in drawings and various knowledge.

Studies continue on Boriska’s case.

Professor Vladislav Lugovenko, who is a Doctor in Mathematical Physics at the Institute of Earth Magnetism of the Russian Academy of Sciences or also called (IZMIRAN), is currently continuing.

Professor Vladislav had already studied Boriska before, but he still sees his need to continue with investigations into the case. Vladislav already wrote a book about the boy Boriska, where he included important revelations that he himself made.

Another case “Indigo Child” as Boriska is Matías de Stefano.

Matias de Stefano can “remember” a great amount of knowledge lived in other past lives, including dead languages, the functioning of the universe, more.






Why do humans act as we do? Why are we humans the way we are? Why do we think and feel how we do it? Does the aggressiveness, hatred, love, sadness of these brains arise?

The human being is combined by three brain parts or autonomous formations that interact in the process of individual survival and development of the human. These brain formations, from the most basic to the most complex are the following:

Three brains in constant symbiotic relationship Can they be controlled individually or do they always participate in a group?



  • Reptilian brain training.
  • Limbic brain training.



  • Brain formation of the neocortex.


Each brain manifestation has its own knowledge, individuality or sense of space-time, possessing its own memory system, as well as exclusive functions of this cerebral part.

Neuronally they are inter-connected by relating to each other, and biochemically they control each and every one of the functions of our body.


Neuronal and biochemistry there is combinatorial linkage.

The brain is the computer with the greatest capacity for storing information or data existing in the world, to this day, since it is stocked with about 280 trillion bytes.

The functioning of neurotransmitters and other brain parts, will generate greater understanding of learning, social or individual behavior of the human being, their creative manifestations, changes in thoughts or fixation of ideas or concepts.

The biological biochemistry of the human brain can be maintained in good condition, through a good diet, an emotional balance, projecting on the structure of thought and the development of the individual.

Brain chemicals such as acetylcholine, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, gamma-amino butyric acid, endorphins and other hormones that accompany the development of the individual.

Through the brain, the external world is introduced into the human being, and through it, the individual manifests himself to the world around him, combining pre-existing ideas, sensations and energetic influences.

The brain in complete vision.

The brain, complete vision.


The Reptilian brain.

This arises unconsciously. The reptilian brain, located in the medullar stem, is the instinctive zone that helps the permanence and conservation of the species.

The Instincts are patterns of behaviors that involve reaction to events of greater or lesser relevance. They are innate behaviors, that is, it is not necessary to pre-learn, but it is mainly through genetic inheritance.

The instincts of survival and physical preservation, of reproduction, of feeding, of seeking pleasure, of maternal or nurturing, of struggle and flight, of seeking refuge or warmth of home, social instincts where the individual seeks collective formations that organize the situational range social of the whole clan, of artistic inclination, of investigation, of religious or ethical tendency, etc.

The instincts contribute in the motor of the life of the human being, but they take second place when the Acts or Actions are generated through the use of Conscious and internalized Will.

So the reptilian brain regulates the involuntary part of the being and the one responsible for the most primitive part, the action and the response, before the needs of the body or mind, where it is not thought because it simply registers internally and is realized.

The brains that governs the terrestrial one.

The brains that governs the terrestrial one.

The Limbic Brain.

More complex than the reptilian brain is the Limbic Brain. In this, emotions and memory are determined. This is the “Reactive Brain or emotions” that protects the Ego or inner of each being. This is the brain paleopallium or brain of the lower mammals.

The limbic brain is located in the “brain amygdala”, which is considered to be where the database of affective memory and memories are stored or stored. In these emotional or emotional memories are fear, hatred, anger, family love, envy, the suffering of heartbreak, deception, and other distorted emotions of the Self.

The amygdala of the cerebral limbic system determines that the directive modules of the emotional part of the neocortex establish our health or reptilian survival.


The Neocortex Brain.

The conscious and reasoned. This is the rational brain, where the Consciousness, emotional intelligence and cognitive or sapience capacities are located such as memorization, concentration, self-reflection, self-analysis; resolutive place of everyday emotional problems by which a behavior or other is chosen adapting it to the Consciousness and emotional intelligence, with the minimum biochemical intervention since it would be under a certain mental control of the individual. All this would generate certain attitudes, behavior, thoughts, reactions other than instinctual and more rational behaviors.

How to obtain good brain health?

The internal stress acts on us, hyper activating the amygdala, generating brain alterations that do not allow the brain to function correctly and transport the information that appears before our senses, generating that the individual reacts with impulsivity or nervousness, and this generates a blockage in the Neocortex and, this is how emotional intelligence and the ability to apply consciousness or reasoned self control disappear or diminish.

All of the above concludes in negative consequences on our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This is how we find ourselves lazy with our overall performance.


Recommendations to take care of the Brain.

Exercise and nutrition are beneficial to our brain. Some tips to improve our brain.

A- What to eat:

  • OMEGA 3. You can find them in fish such as salmon, nuts like nuts or exotic fruits such as kiwi, are rich in omega 3, being beneficial for learning and memory.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS. You will find it in red fruit such as blueberries, strawberries or blackberries as they are anti oxidative.
  • FOLLIC ACID . Iron-rich vegetables and legumes such as spinach and fruit with a high level of vitamin C, such as orange juice, are great for finding folic acid that helps with cognitive functions.
  • HILL. This derivative can be found in the yolk of egg, veal, chicken, lettuce, because they contain choline, which is an essential nutrient that helps in cognitive functions.


B- What to do:

  • Eliminate Fat . How? Not eating too many saturated fats like butter, meats, sausages; since they have been shown to be detrimental to memory and disturb neurons in their neuronal synapse process.
  • Monitor the calories , moderating the amount of calories in the meals and controlling the excess.
  • Sleep well or with good quality sleep , since the brain needs rest to be healthy or in full performance. Remember that stress will cause lack of sleep and that will cause us to relapse into diseases.
  • Do some physical and mental exercise. “Physical-mental entertainment”.

– PHYSICAL, it would be walking or moderate maintenance exercise, or any type of exercise.

-MENTALLY , it would be reading, being outside, enjoying with friends or meetings, practicing some creative or playful activity.




Satan and Company.


Satan and Company.

Symbol of evil and temptation, Satan was always best known for his trickster and liar, dragging humanity down the wrong path.

In the beginning, his origins were like an angel of God , but his arrogance and despotism turned him into a Fallen Angel or Satan . He warred against God himself and wanted to be equal or superior to him.

Since then Satan as punishment imposed by divine command and heavenly contract would be to seduce mankind into the ways of sin, depravity, and ruin.

The government of Satan is located in different dwellings that are located between the confines of the universe and the depths of hell or alternative dimension, and from there manages his fallen world, including the Earth. 1  3

But who is really Satan?

A long time ago from the North of our Universe, a Race of Dragons beings entered our galaxy through the Pegasus Constellation, and later settled down   in the Draco Constellation, and from his main star Alpha Draconis he wanted to be God . He distributed his genetics by conquering stars, and reached Orion and Earth.

Satan or Lucifer, in both cases great races of enormous Beings with wings of skin behind the shoulders, with three or five fingers in their hands, with big black eyes torn, with a size between two and five meters high, with an organism prepared to be a formidable warrior , and who presents himself as “the destroyer”. This would be a very close representation of what we know as a Being of the Constellation of Draco and Orion ; located right here in our galaxy .

Within the progression of Satan and the constellations Draco and Orion can be located the reptilian morphology with humanoid characters , although with different physical appearances depending on the planet, the star, genetic hybridization and mixtures, etc.

-In Orion, it would be the most reptilian specimens, with long tail, scales throughout the body, green or different colors that would go from the brightest to the darkest, with sharp teeth, with five, six, or three fingers, and more than two meters high .

-In Draco, we will find more dragon-reptile specimens , with both characteristics, more like crocodiles , with elongated face and sharp teeth, with scales all over the body, with tail or without tail, with wings or without skin wings behind the shoulders, with five, or six fingers, and with about six meters high .

In both cases these Satan are inserted in an evil company that would work for Satan , beings that operate from the astral dimension or 4D. Humanoid morphology but with large horns on their heads, black or dark brown hair all over the body, large red eyes, feet in the form of quadruped animal legs, large hands, huge wings of skin behind their shoulders, and great power to travel by dimensions and contact telepathically.

Satan is the one who really rules the Earth and other worlds . From its dimension we will call, 4D , or perhaps from a parallel world close to the physical , it controls the functions of the Beings of the Draco Constellation, Orion, and other faithful constellations.

Alpha Draconis manages the Earth by delegation , and they create and delegate their work to these reptilians of lower categories, such as those of Orion.

The Reptilians , in turn, create other lesser Beings that perform field tasks, harvesting work, abductions of humans , placement of ethereal or astral implants to humans, etc. These lesser beings of rank are those we know as the Grays , the human-reptiles, humans with blond hair and very white skin, and other entities.

The Draconians also rule, by designation, Nibiru , a planet-ship that swarms through this next part of the universe, and that controls other Earths in addition to the Earth.

In Nibiru is GAUMÓN , the ruling commander of this planet-ship. Nibiru is the place where other Beings are created , for example: Aphrodite or Osiris , who are destined and carry out their work from Neptune , in some of their moons .

Neptune is governed by the Great Aphrodite , and from there they descend to Earth through technological dimensional portals, that is, a chip or device that generates a dimensional input without physical displacement. There are about 4,000 Beings of this type destined there.

Nibiru is the main base of these Aphrodite-Venus and Osiris Beings , and Orion, and Draco are the militarized hierarchies to whom they must respond from their work done on the planets of possession.

GAUMÓN ; lives in the northern area of Nibiru, and is a being with four arms, very tall, muscular, strong, a fierce and a huge Draconian warrior that governs the Matrix , a mega computer that controls the implants installed on living humans in 3D. Earth and other worlds of belonging, and that also controls the souls captured by deception through the religions, ideologies, and erroneous spiritual mentalities, to be deposited in the great chain of “Karma” and the pilgrimage for infinity of lives in the same planet, where rivals, galactic warriors, inferior beings, and other opponents of the universe are recycled.

Satan became the Reptile Beings and Dracos, along with their delegated Beings , are installed in parallel in another dimension, next to humans with souls little evolved spiritually , from where they control their minds, and which make up a large part of the family structure of the Beings of more spiritually evolved . This is one of the forms of intervention of the Beings of Light, that is, higher beings , so that they do not rise, so that they do not remember who they are and what they were, so that they suffer and remain slaves in the drama of this planet. After progressive degradations and mental interventions of less evolved humans manage to keep the planet Earth under control, and hence the innumerable wars, the human mental depravity, the evil and cruelty in human hearts, etc., in which we live.  6

What are these Beings looking for?

Satan seeks the destruction and mental, emotional, and physical damage of humans. Throw down the Human Being so that it never connects with your LIGHT Being.

We are all light and the most evolved can remember previous lives in other constellations, planets, and epochs, since they were also cosmic warriors.

The main deception of Satan is to make see that the light is out , through a God, teacher, angels, constellations, or central sources, or some external source, when really EVERYTHING is within us , THE GREAT SOURCE WE ARE EACH ONE OF US . That’s what they do not want humans to know, so they do not apply their great power, the power of the stars, which they know we all have.

We will only see and hear through individual meditation and self-search , since the Gurus, the guides, and the ascended beings that help us are NOT necessary, because they are these Draco and Reptilians beings.

Self-knowledge is one of the best techniques for the encounter of inner light-source .

We will stop being blind and deaf when we see and feel intuition, with the third inner eye, with self-analysis, with contemplation, understanding, with understanding, with the high vibrations that come from intelligent and wise thoughts, with the search internal and external, and with the encounter of the original Being of Light and the living energies.

When in the different mythologies they talk about the ” children ” of this or that ” god “, they mainly refer to these beings created by the different races and hierarchies, the Destroyers that carry out the different creative missions, of control and management over the territories in possession.

Satan ” The Destroyers “: Reptilians, Draconians , and other beings called ” celestial helpers,” who would be the Grays, hybrid humans, and other races, who transact superior orders, abduct and physically kidnap humans in order to place devices and make experiments, besides being placed in another parallel dimension together with certain humans, to deposit in them :

– Discarnate souls of low vibration that died with emotions of low frequency and that can upset the human behavior.

Astral devices that physically generate anger, anger, anger, frustration, psychic illnesses, preconceived ideas, mental scenarios, fears, etc.

Reptiles, grays, and other members of the destructive consortium, which are placed dimensionally together with certain members of a family structure of a spiritually elevated Being, but also of humans with less evolved souls, with the purpose of distorting their lives, bodies and minds .

They mainly deceive souls under their control under their cycles of reincarnations, both incarnated and disembodied, but they also deceive new human victims , those who have appearances and UFO contacts, in heaven or personally, and those human channelers of Ascended Masters. , etc., in this way infinity of human-souls are hooked to these destructive beings, who will insert them in their cycles of reincarnations, and thus captured and controlled.

The spiritually evolved souls , who have been deceived and captured in their cycles of reincarnations, will come down to earth, deceived, reborn in order to help a relative from another life; with which they remain captivated with presumed lessons of the new living hardships of that life, and in this way they are not allowed to connect with their being light, and know their source.

Younger souls are much easier to deceive, since through religion, their cults, rituals, and veneration, extremist political ideologies and other separatist mentalities, and technology of distraction, are devoid of consciousness of the power of their light, and so they are controlled eternally.

The more one reveres, asks for help, and performs rites that are exercised over a cosmic God or race , the more connection is made with these beings, and therefore more possibilities of control and manipulation by them.

Satan, The Destroyers enter the energetic and astral fields of the humans: when they are sleeping, mainly, when they are in states of sadness or low emotionally, mentally and psychically, when they are still fetuses, at very early ages, it is the most common technique , and in general they insert low energies for control.

These Satan or Beings plan the lives of humans , couples, family members, successes and failures professional, loving, life projects, emotional, etc., generate suffering, pain, and diseases, place implants to modify family situations, economic and emotional, and govern death and life.  10

What should be kept in mind about Satan?

We must have very, but very much in mind, that abductions, kidnappings, contacts with Beings or UFOs , paranormal phenomena such as internal or external voices , some ghostly specters and dark shadows , etc., also the channelings of ascended masters and other angels or archangels, and a great etc. , come from all of them , and they are the mechanism of Satan and his company of destroyers , which strengthen control over the Earth.

Through thousands of ways and deceptions , with widely designed Plans , humans have always fallen into: religions, prejudiced ideologies, wars and confrontations, mental control that comes from the past until today and are directed towards the future, also the scenographic effects of great heavenly miracles, and with generations of hybrid beings that prolong the celestial authority, etc. These mechanisms are those that veil or cloud human gnosis. This is the VEIL that tarnishes our lives.

All the cultures of the Earth give us a good idea of what the ancient civilizations were , those that made use of the ether energy and magnetic and radiant orgone , with high technology artifacts that generated midpoints where they used free energy , a plasma of energy that is used for the use of their daily devices, and that in their apogee disappeared . Why and how? The answer is in these Beings of space and other dimensions, Satan and Cia destructor , also from the interior of the Earth and the planets of the solar system, from where they control the planet. 7 8









The Universe, as we know it, seems only material, but it is not that way, our physical universe has access to invisible worlds that are divided in turn into different dimensions. The corporeal or physical worlds, like ours, are associated with the invisible worlds , that is, the atmospheric or lower worlds and the etheric or higher worlds.

Humans believe from the beginning of our existence that the true rulers of our planet are those who truly administer our world, those chosen by us, but no, there are invisible worlds that administer and control and manage our process and evolution.

In fact , the Atmospheric Worlds are known in mythology as the Sheol, Underworld, Hades, Nix, Darkness, etc., the place where the Souls of the Dead dwell , and the place of the terrestrial gods . This world, in turn, is divided into infinite dimensions according to its own degree of evolution.

As for the Etheric Worlds, they are those places and dimensions that are higher and more ancient , and these are the true rulers of the worlds and systems. They directly and indirectly govern the lower worlds as the atmospheric world and the Corporeal World as ours.

But in the lower worlds there are different ways of thinking, whether they are thoughts towards the service of all the manifest or physical life of the universe, or thoughts to serve only themselves.

Then, having seen the above, some invisible forces speak of what is good and necessary, but others do not serve the same purpose.

Those who serve others, work as a source of encouragement and reinforcement, for those who are beginning to experience and recognize the divine Knowledge, the great spiritual inheritance of the Creator of all life that has been imbued in all intelligent races. But the others are rather powerful traders.

The presence of these invisible forces that serves the neighbor meets where the divine knowledge is experienced and expressed. They constitute the Angelic Presence that is assigned to each world , and includes those who attend this Angelic Presence as well. Even in worlds where there is no religious tradition that is governed by dictatorial and strict forms of government , even there, there is an Angelic Presence. Wherever intelligent life has originated or migrated, you will find this divine Angelic Presence.

Those who have approached Knowledge, who have taken the steps towards Knowledge, will feel this Presence. This presence can guide and instruct them, warn them and prepare them. However, and because it is beyond the visible and even beyond the scope of the mental environment, these Invisible Forces can exist Without the awareness of those races to which they are destined for their service . Even those individuals who are developed and trained in understanding and clairvoyance, even they will not be able to accurately discern the presence and work of these Invisible Forces .

In many places of the Greater Cosmic Community, they are called the Invisibles . His presence indicates that God has a plan . The Plan for the universe is to recover the separated through Knowledge and, through these individuals, provide unique forms of contribution for the welfare and advancement of their races.

Here progress is made in terms of the realization of Knowledge, ending the separation between those who are in the physical universe and the Source of all life and, at the same time, providing a significant and essential contribution to science, philosophy, literature , ethics and so on.

There is a presence everywhere where intelligent life exists . From the most primitive societies to the most technologically advanced societies, this Presence exists . It is not only the Presence of God , which is everywhere, but also the invisible Forces that are here to serve specific goals , to reach certain individuals and to help those who are beginning to experience the light of freedom. inside and those who are beginning to experience a greater Presence around them.

Therefore, practicing commitment to this Presence, or could say “practice the Presence,” is one of the fundamental practices in The Way of Knowledge.

Even in religious traditions where Knowledge is recognized and honored, Practicing the Presence is a very universal form of spiritual practice. The Path of Knowledge represents a universal form of religious experience and spiritual emphasis, an emphasis that can be translated through any culture that has the freedom and awareness to experience and express it.

This knowledge of invisible forces is very important . These invisible forces are considered in many different ways , like great powers , for example, or as an angelic presence . Through many different languages ​​and understandings, the spiritual Divine Presence in life is universally recognized by those who experience and practice the Path of Knowledge within their respective worlds.

These invisible forces have an objective . The goal is to ignite a deeper intelligence within individuals, the intelligence of Knowledge and, through this intelligence, contribute to the welfare, protection and advancement of their peoples and nations.

However, the opposition to these Service Forces is significant , since there are very hierarchical and strict societies that fear that any other source of authority will work in the life of the individual of the worlds like the Earth.

Here, on this planet, practices on the experience and practice of the divine Presence are practically repressed , practice inner silence, listen inside or receive communications from the Invisible Forces.

Today these practices are considered a danger, not only for the loyalty of the individual but also for the security of the state and the religion from which they live, and such practices are strictly prohibited , and in many places there is a great effort to discern their presence and eradicate those who participate in them.

The fact that freedom is so rare in the Greater Community indicates and illustrates innumerable and different alternative and fundamental ways of living in physical existence , as well as the problems of power and authority in manifest life.

Those powers and authorities that do not know the divine Knowledge or that do not honor the existence of such Knowledge will tend to oppose it and will consider it a threat to their authority and the stability of the nations they govern.

Again, this is the reason why the pure practice of “The Way of Knowledge” or “The Way of Knowledge” is done clandestinely , in secret, through several networks of individuals who can communicate with each other beyond of the scrutiny of their own governments and political organizations.

Here is a vision of the immense contrast between the difficulties and restrictions of worldly life and the constant presence of Invisible Forces that serve a larger plan and purpose for God.

This also reflects an understanding of how the universe works , because God has set in motion the forces of evolution and the forces of natural selection. Within this pattern, there is tremendous variability. It seems to be chaotic , but within this general pattern, there is a natural progression towards complexity and, ultimately, towards knowledge for intelligent races that are self-aware. These are, the two different types of patterns that overlap.

On the one hand, there is the pattern of evolution that humanity is just beginning to understand, and on the other it has another pattern of evolution with respect to consciousness and spirituality that has been set in motion and is backed by invisible spiritual forces wherever there is intelligent life One seems random and chaotic; the other is organized and resolved. It depends on the level of understanding and the level of reality that you will consider.

Someone who is only observing the physiological and biological patterns of existence will see the evolutionary path. You will see aspects of evolution that begin to be understood within your own world. This pattern will seem variable and chaotic, with no notion of intelligent design behind it. But overlapping this, there is an evolutionary pattern of intelligent design, an evolution for the intelligent races towards self-consciousness and the discovery of Knowledge.

This is a source of great confusion among scientists in this world and, in fact, scientists from many worlds. The Earth always had superimposed realities . They are working in the same environment. One is discernible through his senses. The other is discernible through a deeper sense within you. One is visible and tangible . The other is invisible , but very present. Therefore, you must allow this apparent contradiction of these two overlapping realities to exist to appreciate and begin to understand the nature of God’s work in the universe.

In societies where knowledge is practiced, whether with official support or secretly, the recognition of this greater evolution is universally recognized. This recognition has its own patterns and its own progress that adapts to the individual and also has certain basic thresholds. It is fundamental to understand that one’s true reality is not defined by one’s mental state or spectrum of ideas or beliefs, that one is not one’s mind and that one is connected to a larger intelligence and a larger reality.

You can begin to see here again why Knowledge is such a big threat, since a person committed to this reality begins to differentiate himself from the normal structured life patterns and now he can function more creatively with greater discernment. Your mind is free from the governance of societies, political structures, ideology or nationalism.

They are now an individual of free thought, an individual guided by an Invisible Power that is beyond the reach and understanding of the state and beyond the reach and understanding of many religious institutions. Now governed by a Great Power, the individual begins to demonstrate abilities that will not be found by his compatriots and by his companions, a power that is uniform, that is not chaotic, a power that is very intelligent and compassionate. This represents the motivation behind all true reformers. Each nation has reformers or at least the inspiration for reform, progress and advancement.

Here, essentially, we have competing powers . You have the power of the state and the power of the great commercial forces that focus on stability, security and continuity, wealth and power. Then we have the other source of authority , the power and presence of Knowledge in the individual supported by the Invisible Forces : the Angelic Presence, if you wish. Therefore, there is a competition in the universe: a competition between government, control and conformity and a greater spiritual Power that seeks to liberate, that seeks to differentiate itself and that seeks to express itself through the individual to demonstrate the beneficence of the greater Spiritual Power in the universe .

In the Greater Community, there is recognition of a God, but in some places this is modified to include many gods who serve a God. In other places, there is no recognition of one God, only of Power and Spiritual Presence, depending on the theological emphasis and orientation of the peoples involved. The variability here is significant, but the essence is the same. That is why knowledge in a world is like knowledge in another world, which works beyond and within the great variability of cultures, ethics and orientations that exist between different worlds and nations.

The power of unity in knowledge is very significant. Knowledge does not condone war or conflict, unethical competition or deception or manipulation. It is entirely fair. It is completely uniform, so that individuals from opposite ends of the galaxy could recognize and communicate with each other through Knowledge, if they ever had the chance to meet.

A nation governed by the inspiration of Knowledge would be completely different in essence and in emphasis, in structure and in the social orientation of a society governed strictly by law and dominion. That is why there is a great difference between a nation that is free and a nation that is not free.

You can see the manifestations of this within your own world between nations that have greater freedom and nations that have little or no freedom. You can see the corruptions of power. You can see the emphasis on self-perpetuation that exists in large institutions and how this has a limiting and corrupt influence on its participants.

Everything we are expressing is within the scope of your experience here in the world. Because the laws of nature are the laws of nature, and the Plan and Presence of God and the Invisible Forces are uniform throughout the universe. So, while races and nations may seem completely different from one another, they are linked to the same physical reality, and are influenced by a supervisory reality that is divine and spiritual in nature.

That is why the importance of spirituality and spiritual practice that are translatable is very significant. This speaks of a greater union in the universe: a union beyond separation, a union beyond the difference of environment and appearance, orientation and belief. Here you can see what is powerful, what is consistent, what is uniform and what does not change with time and place, situations and circumstances.

However, even here, knowledge works differently in different environments, providing a specific guide for people that is unique to their circumstances and their needs . This shows that God works in time through individuals , because that is how God works in the universe. This is a very important understanding. While its emphasis may be on what is different and unique that separates individuals and nations from each other, both the nature created by God and the spiritual Presence, which God has set in motion as a unifying force, represent the real powers in the universe: the power of nature and the power of the Plan and the Presence of God.

It is as if the Plan of God were a balance and an antidote to the chaotic nature of the natural world. The randomness one finds in nature and its evolution of life forms is balanced by this constant focus on spiritual awareness among intelligent races. Here intelligent life has a deeper instinct to return to the one God, to the One Reality beyond all separation, distinction and dissociation.

It is these superimposed realities , then, that produce an apparent contradiction, but that in fact represent a balanced union: a union between what grows, changes and evolves and what is constant and continuous, immutable and, nevertheless, adapts to the changing circumstances.

To be truly successful in life, you must be able to understand these two realities and be a bridge between them, treating the mundane natural world at the level that exists and dealing with the superimposed Presence, the Divine Presence, as it exists, recognizing randomness. , change and variability in one and the continuity, consistency and eternal nature of the other. One is changing; the other is eternal. One is temporary; the other is permanent. The entire universe is temporary; The presence of God is permanent.

Having a connection with these two realities, seeing how they interact and allowing them to interact through oneself, represents a true spiritual advance in the Greater Community. Here the debate between randomness and intelligent design comes to an end, since both are true.

Here, the laws of nature are honored as a vehicle for growth and advancement from simplicity to complexity, allowing the universe to move and change and allowing life forms to adapt and evolve. However, there is another reality that exists and permeates this physical reality that is consistent and constant. Although this other reality adapts to changing circumstances to serve manifest life, it is completely uniform. It represents a part of the Creation of God that has not entered into form, that has not entered into a process of change, growth and decay.

This represents the focus of the spiritual consciousness in the universe. While all peoples and nations must operate within the natural world, a world where resources must be obtained, where stability must be established, an environment where survival and continuity are always present and are always important, there is greater power and presence unifiers, invisible and unrecognized, except by those who have begun to respond to the power of inspiration within themselves. This Power and Presence are always there, always calling the intelligent life towards a greater union and a greater experience of Knowledge.

The great variability of life in the universe represents the evolution of life at all levels and in innumerable forms and innumerable varieties, where the distinctions are endless, where the environments are different and the circumstances are different. Here one could imagine an endless variability.

But then there is this unifying reality , this Invisible Presence, Invisible Forces that work in the name of Knowledge , that works in accordance with a Plan elaborated and directed by the same Central Power , that creates a competence for the authority within the individual between the domain of the mind and the vast intelligence of the spirit.

The races that have advanced spiritually have begun to recognize their dual nature and this dual reality that seems to be a contradiction but that, in reality, serve life. While life must evolve and change, it must also be redeemed. While there is an innumerable variety and variability through evolutionary patterns of adaptation and survival, there is a greater union that is consistent and does not work in opposition to itself.

Although there is an inclination for separation and distinction within the individual, there is a greater power of union that unites the individual with others and with life everywhere.

If this overlying reality were not present, the evolution of life would be a constant process of dissociation. Life would be increasingly different and particular. The variety would continue within the limitations of one’s environment. There would be no ability to connect or deeply associate among races in the universe. Beyond the prospects of trade and commerce, there would be no way for races really to resonate with each other.

As a result, the possibility of peaceful relations would greatly diminish. And religion would never arise beyond superstition and beyond the rituals of the state or the social spectacle to have a greater meaning at all.

Therefore, we have Invisible Forces that unify the universe , providing the basis of unity for life beyond the complexity and variability of life, and with it the promise of redemption for the individual to regain an essential relationship with the others and with life itself. Without this, there would only be awareness of physical life. There would only be an emphasis on separation, distinction, dissociation, conflict, competition, domination, persuasion, manipulation and all the forces and activities that prevail throughout the universe.

Without these Invisible Forces , the best that nations could achieve would be an economic interdependence and a state of commitment to each other, a commitment that would always be fragile and subject to change, threatened by difficulty, unstable, uncertain, etc.

Without this Invisible Presence , the evolution of life with an emphasis on stability and security would become so antiprogressive, so conservative, so reinforced that consciousness and even technology itself will never truly advance. Nations seeking a stable state, seeking permanent stability, would become so resistant to change, progress and innovation that the progress of intelligent life would be stifled.

In the ancestral history of the Earth it explains how those civilizations that were the most durable tended to be extremely conservative and resistant to change and innovation. Consider this on a larger scale and you can see how nations tend toward this pattern as their emphasis on stability and security increases.

But there is a Force in the universe that promotes innovation, promotes reform, promotes advancement, promotes creativity and promotes the freedom to make all these activities possible.

Humans do not realize how important these Invisible Forces are to each one’s personal consciousness, and the advancement and possibility of real achievement and the establishment of peace and cooperation for your own race.

You can think that it is about negotiations and compromises, wars and conflicts, struggles for power between different groups and different interests, different tribes and different nations: a constant battle, a constant conflict that occurs at all levels.

Without this Great Presence , life is only a struggle, a struggle to achieve and a struggle to defend what one has, a struggle against the infinite threats and forces of competition, a struggle against death and destruction, a struggle for wealth and power and a struggle. To maintain wealth and power.

Without this great Spiritual Presence and these Invisible Forces in the universe , life degrades into a miserable state. Even if one has advanced technology and many conveniences, even if the nation has been able to establish a continuous state of stability, even if there is social freedom, life becomes just a struggle, a dilemma, a stressful existence and an empty experience. 

We value the change in physical reality, but you still do not see the power of continuity that exists in the deepest well of your mind, in the deepest intelligence within you and in the presence of this intelligence in life. It exists in the entire universe . It is not modified by the change of culture or the environment or by the evolution of a race or its social structure, its fantasies and mythologies, its political ideologies or even its religious beliefs.

Everything that is innovative comes from the mystery of your life. All inspiration comes from the Mystery. All new ideas come from the Mystery. The search for freedom comes from the Mystery. The search for justice comes from the Mystery . The search for union and peace comes from the Mystery. The recognition between two individuals or even between two worlds comes from the Mystery. It is this Mystery that exists together with the manifestation of life that gives life all its value, its meaning, its purpose and its true destiny.

To experience the Mystery is to see the real manifestation in a different way. If you only see the manifestation, you will lose everything the Mystery has to offer you: your guidance, your protection and your ability to take your life to a higher level of service and meaning . These are the invisible forces in the universe, impregnated and existing together with the natural or physical world and the existence of nature itself.

And remember that in the corporeal Universe or material has access to invisible worlds that are divided in turn into different dimensions. Corporeal worlds like Earth are associated with these invisible worlds: Atmospheric or lower and etheric or higher.

Some invisible forces will speak of what is good and necessary for the corporeal planets, but, other forces do not serve the same divine purpose, but follow their own principles and needs, although these forces remain limited and bound in certain degrees to a functioning ordered with the divine purpose.



What is the Schumann Resonance and how does it affect the Human Being?

What is the Schumann Resonance and how does it affect the Human Being?

The Schumann resonance is a set of spectra or extremely low electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth, called as ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies).

Already in the decade of the 50s Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann , 1888-1974, discovered a resonance effect in the Earth-Ionosphere system, known as the “Schumann Resonance”. This phenomenon, ELF, is named after this scientific discoverer, Schumann, who mathematically predicted its existence in 1952 .

  • What is the Schumann Resonance?
  • What would happen if the earth stopped its rotation?
  • Why decreasing the magnetic field of the Earth?
  • What is the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field?
  • Could an inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth occur?
  • What effects does the Schumann Resonance cause on Earth and humans?
  • What are magnetic transverse waves?
  • What is the Resonance Frequency of the Earth?
  • If the resonance of the earth rises progressively what will happen to humanity?

These electromagnetic phenomena were already observed first by Nikola Tesla, forming the basis of subsequent scheme for power transmission and wireless communications.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

In physics this is called “transverse-magnetic wave”. It has been proven that these resonant waves vibrate at the same frequency as the brain waves of humans (and all mammals), or 7.8 Hertz (cycles per second).

In 2008, the American Gregg Braden said that since the 80’s the Schumann resonances had increased from 7.8 Hz to 12.0 Hz. And he said:

” The resonance of the Earth (Schumann resonance) has been 7.8 Hz for thousands of years. Since 1980 it has risen to more than 12 Hz. This means that a 24 hour day is now equivalent to 16 hours. Time is accelerating . “

Generally, official physics usually ignores what it can not explain, but this policy was not followed at this time. Germany and Austria have experimented with these resonances, new projects have been developed and formulated in quantum physics of 7.8 Hertz (Schumann frequency), considered to be a normal biological constant of our hypothalamus .

A frequency that connects us to all human beings , and the Earth, and the planet behaves like a huge electrical circuit. This opens a ” field of communication between two neuronal systems” or telepathic .

There are secret projects such as the Haarp Project known in the United States as the Devil Project .

What would happen if the earth stopped its rotation?


If the Earth stops its rotation and the resonance frequency reaches 13 cycles, we would be in a magnetic field at zero point or 13 on the Schumann scale .

As values ​​for their measurement the number 1 as a very high magnetic field, and the 13 as a very low magnetic field . A very low field is the same as in Palestine when Jesus Christ lived.

Then it would happen that the Earth would stop and in two or three days it would begin to turn again in the opposite direction. This would produce a reversal in the magnetic fields around the earth.

The Earth’s Base Frequency, which is the heartbeat of the planet , which is scientifically known as the Schumann Resonance, RS, is accelerating dramatically.

The Resonance of the Earth has been 7.8 Hz / second for thousands of years . Since the 80s it has risen to 12 Hz. This means that it is accelerating, although with small variations between geographical regions.

Science recognizes the Schumann Resonance as a sensitive indicator of variations in temperature and global climate conditions. And these fluctuating resonances, plus solar explosions, can be a factor in the severe storms, floods and climate of recent years.


Why decreasing the magnetic field of the Earth?

While the “beat” of the earth is rising , on the other hand and at the same time, the strength of its magnetic field is decreasing. According to Professor Bannerjee of the University of New Mexico , the field has lost up to half its intensity in the last 4,000 years .

The strength of this magnetic field is a great catalyst for the transformation of magnetic poles . As these cyclical changes are associated with reversals, Earth’s geological records also mark previous changes in the Ages of history . And within the huge time scale represented, there were quite a few of them in the last 171 or 4,000 million years.

What is the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field?

The beginning of the terrestrial field remains for science to the terrain of the unknown, although the commonly accepted theory is the generation of the magnetic field by the Dinamo Effect .

In Theory it is shown as a fluid conductor in movement , like the terrestrial magma, that can generate and maintain a magnetic field of the Earth or also any other planet.

But the magnetic field of the Earth varies in the course of the geological Eras, is what is called secular variation . According to it has been verified of the layers of terrestrial layers and when considering that the contained iron atoms tend to align themselves with the terrestrial magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field is recorded in the orientation of the magnetic domains of the rocks and the resulting slight magnetism can be measured.

Measuring the magnetism of rocks located in strata formed in different geological periods, maps of the Earth’s magnetic field were elaborated in different eras. These maps show that there have been times when the earth’s magnetic field has been reduced to zero and then reversed.

During the last five million years more than twenty investments have been made, the most recent 700,000 years ago.

Other investments occurred 870,000 and 950,000 years ago . The study of sediments at the bottom of the ocean indicates that the field was practically inactive for 10 or 20 thousand years, just over a million years ago. This is the era in which human beings emerged.


Could an inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth occur?

Yes it could happen, but you can not predict when the next investment will happen because the sequence is not regular.

Certain measurements show a 5% reduction in magnetic field strength in the last 100 years. If this rhythm is maintained, the field will be inverted again in about 2,002 years.

Magnetism is a phenomenon extended to all atoms with magnetic imbalance. The grouping of these atoms produces the perceptible magnetic phenomena, and the stellar bodies, the planets between them, are propitious to have the conditions for a magnetic field of a certain intensity to develop.

Inside the planets, the accumulation of ferromagnetic materials such as iron and its relative differential movement with respect to other layers of the body induce a magnetic field of intensity dependent on the conditions of formation of the planet .

There are always the two poles, equivalent to those of a normal magnet. In the case of the Earth, the area in which it moves is influenced by the solar magnetic field , but the terrestrial magnetic field itself creates as a bubble, the terrestrial magnetosphere.

The inner bubble has a boundary layer between its influence and the solar, the magnetopause, which is approximately spherical towards the Sun, and elongated towards the external solar system, approaching the Earth’s surface at the terrestrial magnetic poles.

Then the interaction in constant evolution between both magnetic fields and the charged particles coming from the Sun produces phenomena such as the northern or auroral auroras and the interference in the communications by electromagnetic waves , as well as alterations in the artificial satellites in orbit.


What effects does the Schumann Resonance cause on Earth and humans?

The Earth’s Schumann Resonance behaves like a huge electric circuit , and the atmosphere is really a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its prevailing electricity would spread in about 10 minutes.

There is a cavity or cavity defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometers above. At any time, the total load residing in this cavity is 500,000 Columbos. So where a vertical current flow between the ground and the ionosphere of 1 – 3 X 10 ^ -12 Amperes per square meter.

The resistance of the atmosphere is 200 Ohms. The potential voltage is 200,000 Volts. There are about 1000 thunderstorms at any given time around the world. Each produces .5 to 1 Ampere and these collectively compute for the current flow measured in the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity.

Then the Schumann Resonance are constant and variable waves of electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. And they act like waves in a pond, they are not present all the time, but they need to be excited, catalysed to be observed their reaction. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its center.

These waves seem to be related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere , particularly during times of intense lightning activity.

Lightning strikes occur at different frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz.

Until now, when the properties of the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity remain the same, these frequencies remain the same. And there is some change due to the sunspot cycle and the change of the Earth’s ionosphere in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity. So since the atmosphere of the earth carries a charge , a current and a voltage , it is not surprising to find electromagnetic waves. 


What are magnetic transverse waves?

In a system of particles that is in interaction, the approach to the balance of these is due to resonances. The fields in interaction also create resonances. In Physics, for this purpose it is called “Magnetic transverse wave”.

Then the magnetic transverse waves are generated by electromagnetic pulses lightning and lightning. The frequency of the same varies between values ​​ranging from 6 to 50 Hertz, usually, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz. Therefore, resonances are correlations between particles .


What is the Resonance Frequency of the Earth?

When the Earth turns around on its axis it is said that 24 hours have passed, and one day in our life. The Schumann Resonance has been 7.8 Hz / second for centuries . This resulted in the 24 hours it took the Earth to turn around its axis.

But since the 80’s the Schumann Resonance has risen to 12 Hz. This means that 16 hours now equals a 24-hour day. This would explain the feeling that time is accelerating.

The RS, Schumann Resonance, has as measurement values ​​the number 1 as a very high magnetic field and 13 as a very low magnetic field). If the Schumann Resonance reaches the frequency of 13 cycles the Earth would stop in its rotation on its axis, and we would be in the magnetic field of the zero point or 13 of the Schumann scale.

The Earth would stop for a period of two or three days, and after them it would start to turn again in the opposite direction. This situation would generate a reversal in the magnetic fields of the North and South Poles , with the consequent planetary imbalance .


If the resonance of the earth rises progressively what will happen to humanity?

The Schumann Resonance is something like an electromagnetic pulse . That pulse is caused by the waves that travel through the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, at 100km altitude, which acts as a sounding board.

The more or less constant frequency of this resonance is about 7.8 hertz, and is a kind of beat or “tempo”, like a planetary metronome. It is responsible for the biological balance, and the waves of our brain pulse at those 7’8hz.

Experiments carried out on astronauts in space showed that out of the Schumann resonance they suffered from imbalances and diseases . Why it happens?

There is a phenomenon called “sympathy vibration” that can help us understand this phenomenon and, in passing, understand how to vibrate at this new frequency.

When an increase in the Earth’s electromagnetic pulse is generated , it obeys to structural and evolutionary changes of the planet itself and, by extension, of its inhabitants .

These changes generate physical symptoms such as the feeling that time runs faster , in fact 24 hours a day seems to be only 16 hours, in addition to headaches or back pain, and so on. And in some way, we must start working under that impulse, because the planet itself is already pushing us to that result, but internally it has to be accompanied by that change.

There are many people who suffer a lot from the consequences of Schumann waves, for example due to weather, especially due to electromagnetic storms, these Schumann wave frequencies are interfered with, and many cardiac problems are due to this fact.

Vibration by sympathy or resonance is a curious physical phenomenon that occurs, among others, in music. It is a vibration that is induced in a body by proximity to the one that emits the vibrations .

If we open the lid of a piano and play a La force, for example, when we release it, we will see that all the La on the piano sound at that moment, although it is weaker. That first one has induced the rest to vibrate.

This is because the vibration of a note is equivalent in its upper and lower octaves. To be understood: we have the 440hz, its upper octave is the 880, the next the 1760 and so on until we overcome the 20,000hz barrier, in which the sounds are no longer audible. The vibration is multiplied by 2.

The lower octaves also but dividing by 2: 220, 110, 55, until we go down from zero, with which we stop hearing the sound. Upwards we will hear increasingly higher and lower sounds becoming more and more serious.

The upper octave contains in itself the amount of vibration of the lower one plus a whole other unit. And the lower half of the one that comes later. Thus, a La is represented in all the others in a holographic way.

Therefore, the Schumann resonance is vibrating some notes in us by the effect of sympathy . The planet is inducing us to vibrate higher.

These tones are not defined as notes, but deep down we are talking about the same thing; the vibrations . The internal vibration of each one is like its particular note, its chord. The vibration of the earth resonates the different vibration tones we each have, plus those of nature.

This particularity means that each person has different feelings or experiences in this regard. For this reason it is important to detect in which part of oneself the planet is making us vibrate higher, or calling us to do so.

Schumann waves vibrate on the same frequency as the brain waves of humans and of all mammals in general, that is, 7.8 Hertz (cycles per second).

Although the official Physics has almost ignored it, the great world powers may be experimenting with these waves, very secretly, in big projects.

In Physics they are called ” Transverse-Magnetic Waves”, and these are the Schumann Waves that vibrate at the same frequency as the brain waves of humans and of all mammals in general, ie at 7.8 Hertz or cycles per second.

The Schumann resonance can be seen as laughter, crying, suffering, or the joy of the planet , and everything depends on what thoughts we project to the cosmos that influence our entire environment and remains as a melody that invites us to make a chorus, to positive or negative and sing in unison the same beat . You just have to listen to what part of us sounds that melody and if it does not resonate there is a release and vibrate with the one that marks the Earth that is the indicator of the true beat.

Therefore, and as a summary, Dr. Schumann’s study, also known as “Schumann Resonance”, would deal with the advanced fields of Quantum Metaphysics and Meta-Quantum Astrophysics, with which he explains why the earth rotates each faster time

Dr. Schumann, located in the UTN University of Munich , made several discoveries by which he affirmed that the day only has 16 hours, although we count 24 hours.

He affirmed that for many centuries the Earth had turned on its axis to 7.8 hz., But that from 1980, that value changed. Although he did it very quickly in just six years, up to 12 hours. Then according to their calculations the day we live is 24 tours, but in fact it has 16 in question ET, and therefore in the measurement of time 24 hours go out but we count much faster so the time was in 16 hours.

Schumann said that climatic catastrophes are one of the consequences of this alteration falls mainly on the magnetic fields of the earth and the magnetic fields of humans.

The magnetic fields of humans according to Hinduism are the chakras , the immeasurable (non-measurable) energy centers located in the body of all humans. This means that our thoughts, behaviors and feelings are governed by these inner centers that are in all living beings.

“We are the result of the pulses of the Chakras of the body, of the Earth, of the Sun and of the Universe, and with them we travel and balance ourselves in the rhythm and frequency that mark for our lives in Time and Space.”