Is the Sun an Extraterrestrial Stargate?

Is the Sun an Extraterrestrial Stargate?

There are countless entries in the entire cosmos. These accesses are the so-called Gates to the Stars or Stargate. They are dimensional stellar paths that can be located both in the suns and in the interior of the planets.

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein

In fact, in 2011, the theoretical physicist, Nassim Haramein, an Iranian communicator who draws both detractors and sympathizers at the same time, said he discovered an amazing parallelism between an artifact presented by the government of Mexico in 2012 and that supposedly was found inside a Mayan Pyramid in Mexico, and in which an extraterrestrial UFO is depicted that heads towards a giant black triangle of the solar surface .

According to Haramein, it would show that since ancient times the Sun has been used by UFOs of other races evolved from space for cosmic teleportation.

As a communicator, Nassim is able to transmit new revolutionary concepts that stir many scientific disciplines.



He has received numerous international awards, but he has also been criticized by the most scrupulous scientific community for new research and scientific novelties, since his discoveries would tear down many of the unalterable knowledge of current scientific dogma.

The solar triangle seems to be a giant Stargate . And it seems that this is one of the ways that UFOs have to move from one place to another in the cosmos.



Mayan representations

Mayan representations



But, the most curious thing is that at the same time that Nassim transmitted these new scientific concepts, NASA began to publish unpublished images of the Sun with a dark and gigantic isosceles triangle that arose on its surface. A triangle coinciding with the artifact described in the Mayan stone.

Although, NASA and since 2010 had begun to publish incredible images of giant objects that came and went from our Sun. But later they said that they were kites that crossed near the star.

The most surprising thing is that NASA has admitted lately that there is a magnetic portal that they call “flow transfer event” that acts as a real entrance or stellar door to our sun.

Apparently, it is like a galactic circuit or magnetic superhighway that opens and closes for a certain time, but is invisible and difficult to track.

This Stargate has the ability to send matter through the sun directly, allowing it to travel great distances through space.

Although it is surprising, NASA created an explanatory video of their research. An animation of images of the Sun acquired by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft on July 11, 2016 highlights a dark area that covers the upper part of the Sun known as the “coronal hole”.

In animation, the sun is seen in extreme ultraviolet light. This highlights the outer atmosphere, the corona of the Sun, as well as the hot plasma of erupting eruptions. Hot active regions, solar flares and coronal mass ejections appear bright. The dark coronal hole is an area where very little radiation is emitted. Source: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

In another video images were also taken from NASA, where extraterrestrial ships the size of the Earth use our sun as a Stargate, a portal to other systems and also as an energy supplier.

Nassim Haramein in the explanation about his new Unified Theory of Fields , conceives the Universe holographically, but also conceives the human being within that general structure, saying:

“We are not independent beings without connection with what surrounds us, but we are part of the whole and we are also influenced by what surrounds us”.

It is a multidisciplinary theory that includes fractal or holographic mathematics , and sacred geometry . But, fundamentally, it exalts black holes as primordial centers of the universal structure from which galaxies, planets, atoms and also living beings emerge. “

Another unexplained event arose in the images received at the Solar National Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico . In them it appears as if the moon passed in front of the sun from south to north and from north to south quickly.

luna ovni

Then, these officials were evacuated and closed the Solar Observatory for security reasons on September 9, 2018. Observatory officials said they refused to inform them of the reasons for the sudden closure of the Observatory .

What was the explanation of NASA for the closure of the observatory, since there had been two lunar transits passing in front of the Sun. That is, the Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA, SDO , saw two lunar transits when the Moon passed in front of the Sun A huge disk-shaped UFO crossed in front of the Sun.

Explanation NASA:

SDO of NASA, 2 lunar transits in space. ” On September 9, 2018, the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory, SDO, saw two lunar transits as the Moon passed in front of the Sun. A transit occurs when a celestial body passes between a larger body and an observer. This first lunar transit lasted one hour, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Eastern time, and hid 92 percent of the Sun at the peak of its journey. The second transit occurred several hours later at 9:52 pm and lasted a total of 49 minutes, ending at 10:41 pm EDT. This transit only darkened 34 percent of the Sun at its peak.

See, in the movie you see how from the perspective of SDO, the Moon seems to go in one direction and then change direction to cross the Moon again. The Moon, of course, does not really change direction, but it seems that it does so from the perspective of the SDO based on the fact that the spacecraft’s orbit essentially updates and passes to the Moon during the first transit.

Because the Moon does not have an atmosphere, when a lunar transit occurs, sunlight does not distort, allowing a different view of the surface of the Moon. Although it looks smooth from afar, the surface of the Moon is rough, dotted with craters, valleys and mountains.

SDO captured these images at a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light that shows solar material heated to more than 10 million degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme ultraviolet light is usually invisible to the human eye, but satellites such as SDO allow us to observe the rotating movement in the Sun’s atmosphere, visible only at these wavelengths.



By Susie Darling. NASA, Washington, DC. Last update: September 10, 2018 . Editor: Rob Garner. ” Credits: NASA / Goddard / SDO.

It has been known that six other solar observatories in Hawaii, Spain, Pennsylvania, Chile and Australia were also closed. The solar cameras of these observatories are located in the Solar Observatory of New Mexico. These cameras are located in:

– AXIS 232D network dome camera located in Sydney Australia Webcams located in SOAR Observatory.

– Telescopio de Investigación Astrofísica del Sur is located in Chile BRT Tenerife Telescopio Webcam located in Spain.

-Webcam located at Mauna Kea Observatory of the University of Hawaii.

-Webcam Observatory-Canada-France Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii.

-Webcam JAT Observatory in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania.

Another event occurred on September 11, 2018, when Maria G. Hill, of Salem, Indiana, photographed with her IPhone 8, near the sun, this supposed UFO in the shape of a very large disk, along with a fleet of UFOs. smaller ones that accompany the big UFO.

What happens with our Sun that in its vicinity appear activities of non-terrestrial objects. On the other hand, solar observatories that are closed for ten days without logical explanation.

Our sun is a powerful Dimensional Portal or Stargate that for thousands or millions of years has been used by spaceships of advanced civilizations as a means of teleportation in the universe of universes.




Asteroid, Comet or Oumuamua Ship. “The mail of the Gods”

Asteroid, Comet or Oumuamua Ship.

“The mail of the Gods”.

The scientists called it ” Oumuamua “, a Hawaiian name that represents “an explorer”, and in this case an explorer of the heavens, since, although they did not know its true origin, they did determine that it could be a comet or perhaps an asteroid originating, according to direction calculations and its high speed, of the Constellation of Lyra , and more specifically of the Estrella Vega.

In this way, in October 2017, astronomers from the University of Hawaii, United States, declared having discovered an interstellar traveler.

On the other hand, a posteriori, a study conducted by scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA), then published in the journal Nature, declared that the orbit of the asteroid, comet or ship Oumuamua, could only be explained if some kind of force interior or extra was driving him through the universe with certain direction and speed , and this without counting the gravitational forces of the sun, planets and other small bodies that can also exert force attraction and impulse.

What is Oumuamua an asteroid or a large ship?

Is there life in the Solar System and beyond it?

Why in all legends and myths Heaven is considered the dwelling place of the Gods? Who were those gods and from which stars did they come?



And if the ancestral gods came from the heavens, then this manifestly means that the heavens is the place from which the current extraterrestrials come . Do not?

And if the Kingdom of God is everywhere including our interior, why did the gods of antiquity come from outside the heavens, from the stars?

From those ancestral experiences, humanity believed that God is outside of us, meaning that God comes exclusively from the stars or other dimensions, and that has remained in the subconscious to this day, further reinforced by religions.

Officially, today, NASA and Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life are not two compatible concepts, and in fact they silence or deny such concurrence.

NASA maintains that the only extraterrestrial existence is the microorganisms that find here and there in rocks that claim to come from the Planet Mars or from any other place, although without decisive or clear proofs about its origin, but they keep it firmly the same as others maintain others. opposing postures.

But recently a strange object was discovered in space with a highly hyperbolic orbit. Robert Weryk on October 19, 2017 during his observations with the Pan-STARRS1 telescope discovered an object that was about 0.2AU, or what is the same at a distance of about 30,000,000 km from Earth, and that later He entered our Solar System.

This amazing discovery was made possible by the Pan-STARRS space astronomy project of the University of Hawaii, led by Breakthrough Listen. And the galaxic program is dedicated to looking for all kinds of signals of possible intelligent civilizations in the cosmos . Although it should be mentioned that it was financed by the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner , and promoted by the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking who could demonstrate the possibility or not that the asteroid that visits our Solar System comes from outer space and was not an alien spacecraft .

At the beginning of his investigation he thought that it was simply a comet , so later it was called and classified as A / 2017 U1, but by paying more attention to this strange object he could verify that he had no activity, and for that reason after a week of observation was classified as Comet Oumuamua ; previously registered as A / 2017 U1 and as C / 2017 U1 .


Currently there is still great controversy and no consensus on what might be the origin of origin of Oumuamua, but what is known are certain characteristics:

-Which is very elongated , which is a dark reddish color with alternate gray.

-What is totally inactive , without the slightest sign of stellar dust around him.

-That its length covers approximately 400 meters long .

– That this strange object, according to calculations, comes from the space direction of the star Vega , located in the northern constellation of Lyra .

The architecture and design of the Space Object gave much to think since it is not a habitual form of the asteroids but rather it resembled an architecture type Interstellar Extraterrestrial Ship .

Why did they theorize that the design of Oumuamua could be of an Interstellar Ship?

Researchers working daily on long-haul space projects suggested that such an elongated shape is the most likely architecture for the design of a long-haul interstellar spacecraft , since it would minimize friction, gas damage and dust. interstellar.

And according to mathematical calculations this object a hundred years ago was located approximately 559UA , or what is the same to about 84,000 million km from the Sun, traveling at 26 km / s with respect to it. At a certain moment, it accelerated considerably until it crossed the perihelion, where it reached a maximum of 87.7 km / s.

But when the space object was discovered it had already slowed down to 46 km / s, and continued its deceleration until it reached the final hyperbolic excess speed of 26 km / s.

Everything a prodigy to be a simple comet or asteroid , although all the objects are governed by the scientific evidences and calculations of the movement, acceleration and deceleration in the space, something different happened.

What do these interstellar velocities mean?

An object of space travels freely and acquires a certain speed, which until it is interrupted will be constant. And it is understood that a star like the Sun with its force can decelerate the speed of the Space Object.

But should it not be, on the contrary, that the gravitational attraction sucks strongly increasing the speed of the object as it approaches and enters the Solar System?

Then the scientists arranged that it was an object from the stellar neighborhood of the Sun, which would clarify its interstellar origin .

Finally it moved away from the Sun, at an angle of 2 × acos (1 / eccentricity) or 66 °, with direction to the place of origin, that is to say the Constellation Lyra to its star Vega.

What do we know about the Vega Star?

Few people know that the star Vega has a large belt of asteroids around it, and also planets, like our Sun. The space telescopes “Spitzer” and “Herschel” of NASA discovered the environment of this star Vega and saw that he had a Great Belt of Asteroids and Planets.

Etymologically, the word that designates the Vega was called Wega , and later Vega, which is a translation of the Arabic word wāqi meaning “falling” or ” landing” .

Culturally the terminology “Al Nesr al Waki” or “Wega” appeared with the star catalog of Al Achsasi Al Mouakket. This Arabic name emerged in the western world in the Tablas Alfonsíes , 1215-1.270 AD, by order of Alfonso X.

Officially the star Vega , also known as Alpha-Lyrae, or, α Lyr, classified by Ptolemy as a star of the first magnitude belonging to the Star Constellation of Lyra , located only 25 years Light of the Earth.

It is one of the brightest stars along with the stars Sirius of the Constellation Can Major , and Arcturus of the Bootes Constellation.

Why is the Lyra Constellation and the star Vega so important?

Today the polar star, that is, the star located in the celestial vault and closer to the axis of rotation of the Earth or the Celestial Pole corresponds to Polaris of the Ursa Minor Constellation , but more than 12,000 years ago. C. , The polar star fell on the star Vega . And in the future within 14,000 years, because of the precession movement, the polar star will be closer to Vega again.

Culturally, the Vega star has always been well known. For example, for the inhabitants of northern Polynesia , Vega , was known as whetu or te-tau , an annual star. During long historical periods Vega marked the beginning of the new year and of the season to prepare the planting. With the passing of centuries and millennia this celestial function fell on the Pleiades Constellation .

Another example of what was known as the star Vega is the people of the Assyrians who pointed to this polar star as Dayan-same , which means the “Judgment of Heaven”, while the Akkadians called it Tir-anna , “Life of the Heavens “.

For Babylonian astronomers , Vega was the star Dilgan , “the Messenger of Light.” And for the oldest Greeks , the constellation of Lira was represented by The Harp of Orpheus, and Vega was its handle.

Astronomically Vega of the Constellation Lyra is one of the three vertices of the “Summer Triangle” located to the North celestial along with other two stars; Deneb of the constellation of the Swan, and Altair of the Constellation of the Eagle.

What do the legends and mythologies of the world say about Vega?

In Chinese mythology there is a fascinating love story called Qi-Xi , in which Niu Lang who is the star Altair and her two sons Beta Aquilae and γ Aquilae are separated from their mother Zhi-Nü the star Vega who is in the side farthest from the river, the Milky Way.

However, once a year on the seventeenth day of the seventeenth month, 17:17, Chinese lunar and solar calendar, a bridge is created by which Niu Lang-Altair and Zhi Nü – Vega can be together again for a short period .

In Japanese Folklore , there is also a festival called Tanabata , where Vega stars is Orihime , and is based on the referents of the Chinese love legend Qi-Xi.

And for Mesopotamian culture and Zoroastrianism, Vega is associated with the god Vanant , a minor deity whose name means “the conqueror.”

Why is it known since ancient times that the Constellation Lyra and Vega is the origin of humanity?

Definitely our origin is not on planet Earth. The beginnings and construction of the Lira constellation were very difficult, and since antiquity they expanded by many planets of that Constellation colonizing and developing their different races, but one of the most dangerous consequences of the expansion was the multiple wars.

Lyra at a certain point in her history decided to go in search of several different paths, and then some left their constellation towards the Earth that in those days was uninhabited, and therefore these are our ancestors. And others went directly to the Pleiades.

Because of its expansion into different stars and planets of the Lyra Constellation, there exists and a considerable diversity of races developed, as is the case today on Earth.

According to Lyssa Royal Holt , the first Lyrans on Earth , that is, the first representative physical expression of Lyra, was the creation of small human beings .

The Lyrans who came to Earth were the fathers of humanity and thus designated their role in humans. These were very tall, Caucasian Giants , with skin, hair and light eyes . Although brown hair was unusual, it also existed among them.

One of the most particular characteristics of these Giants of antiquity is that they were very authoritarian and strict with humans , so their perpetrated role as the fathers of humanity, generated that human beings loved them as much as they feared them .

The commitment of these Lyrans was to rule over humanity , but they were not alone in that ministry, they ruled the Earth together with the Beings of Sirius , more benevolent with humanity than the Lyrans.

Another genetic branch of the Lyrans were tall and redheaded beings , with very white skin, and light green eyes, but they were not as tall as the Caucasian lyrans, some were of the average human current stature . These redheads have always been accused of being the invaders and plunderers of Earth . The pure Lyrana race was aggressive, violent and rebellious in general.

The result of having red hair was by the colonization of a planet whose mineral and atmospheric content caused genetic mutations, and providing a reddish hue to their hair.

During the progressive Lyrana expansion more additional subgroups were formed that inherited the genes of the Caucasian main Lyran breed , the giants, and also the less tall red heads .

Another characteristic development of the Lyrans was the darker skin , that is, with the Caucasian features, but the skin is light brown, and the eyes brown with a little green , and this subgroup brought its genetic influence on the land , especially in the races of the regions of Pakistan and India .

And none of the current breeds are pure ramifications of these brown-skinned Lyrans. This dark skin subgroup of Lyra was more passive and calm , but not very emotional .

The Lyra race darker skin resembles Veganos, but with a different genetic structure.

What races does the Lyra Constellation and the star Vega have?

The races developed throughout the Lyra constellation are all Humanoids in appearance, but with the development of other humanoid groups but that are more similar to Birds or Felines , although of humanoid – animal aspect , these beings were well reflected in our mythology.

For example the Lyran birds were very thin, with angular and sharp features that resemble a flying bird. They are intellectuals, scientists and explorers .

Feline Lyrans have traits like the felines on Earth. They are not cat-people but humanoids with feline, agile and strong characteristics . The nose is similar to that of a cat and the ears a little more pointed. The eyes are large and the mouth very delicate. They do not have skin but have a thin layer of hair to protect them from the ultraviolet rays of their planet.

The eyes of the Lyrans and the Vegans are very large and pronounced , as can be seen in the drawings of the Egyptian civilization; It is an imitation of the gods.

But it happened that the Lyrans who visited the Earth were treated and considered gods by humans, thus invigorating their greatness and control.

And as a consequence of the great Ego, the Liran gods altered the earthly genes , mainly or supposedly to create the Simian Beings more humanized than the apes . With this assignment they modified the eyes of the apes and making them smaller so that later they conformed it in humans.

By those then other extraterrestrial civilizations were cooperating with the Lyrans, one of these civilizations was The Sirius of the Canter Constellation .

The bible says: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth , and then the Earth was administered by beings of different stellar Constellations:

– Lyra constellation ; mainly the star Vega. You could say that they were the figures of authority. They were the most active and creative times on Earth. But if we want to identify them or know their most representative symbols we must look at the figures of birds and cats .

As a group they were very authoritarian and patriarchal , in fact they followed the role of parents of humans . Humans loved and feared them, just like an authoritarian father. The role The Father.

– Constellation Can Mayor, Sirius . Physically, the Sirians had darker skin , darker hair and their eyes were not as large as the Lyrans. As for the characteristics of his personality, we would say that they were very dedicated to serving humanity .

While the Lyrans undertook to rule over humanity, the Sirians were interested in helping or even saving humanity. But they were characterized by how jealous they were of their properties, and because of that trait, they often interfered with membership rules. They also crossed genetically with humanity . Follow the role of the Father’s Son.

– Pleiades constellation and the Pleiadians . The symbols that identified and represented them were birds or winged figures, but also used the distinctive of the seven stars . Physically, and again we must generalize, they were similar in skin, hair and eye color to the Lyrans but much smaller . Genetically they are also connected to humanity . But not only do they have a genetic connection, but they also have an emotional connection . They always tried to nurture and protect you with the role of the Mother or Holy Spirit of humanity.

Later it was annexed to the main Trinity : Lira-Vegan, Pleiades and Sirius, other stars and constellations of Altair, Antares, and Orion.

Lyra is the main area of ​​the birth of the human race. All human races that are part of the Galactic Family have genetic roots connected to Lyra.

According to Alex Collier , knowledge of a city ​​called Kalnigor was built by Lyrans. These are our human ancestors in the galaxy.

And according to Lyssa Royal in his book The Prism of Lyra , Lyra is the universal area of ​​the “birth” of the humanoid race, since all the humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. This is the Constellation that mythology knows by the symbolic Harp that touches the song of humanity .

How to recognize the Liran Beings in the old records?

They used different symbols to represent their group, the most common birds and cats .

How to recognize the Sirius Beings in the old documents?

The symbols they used over time used to be snakes or dogs .

The Lyrans committed themselves from antiquity to rule over humanity, the Sirians were interested in helping or even saving humanity.

-The mysterious Arpa of mythological Orpheus and the Lyra Constellation. Orpheus is a character from Greek mythology. According to the stories, when he played his lyre or harp , humans gathered to hear him and thus rest their souls with him. Thus he fell in love with the beautiful Eurydice and managed to sleep the terrible Cerberus when he went down to the underworld to try to resuscitate her.

-The Chinese legend of the princess and the shepherd, and the story of Vega and Altair. According to another story, popular throughout Asia , the Jade Emperor, he had a daughter named Zhinu “the weaver girl” , who is often depicted weaving colorful clouds in the sky.

-Who was the emperor jade? The Great Emperor Augustus of Jade , the heavenly grandfather, rules over heaven and earth, and He and his court are part of the celestial bureaucracy. King of all the deities of heaven. Jade Emperor created human beings from clay.

The Jade Emperor was at first the assistant of the Venerable Celestial of the Original Beginning , Yuanshi Tianzun , the beginning of all things, the unlimited and eternal creator of heaven and earth, and was designated his successor. The Celestial Master of the Jade Dawn of the Golden Gate would in turn be named successor to the Jade Emperor.

Yuanshi Tianzun was originally the administrator of heaven , and later entrusted this task to his assistant , the Jade Emperor , who would later come to have more administrative duties and helpers of his own, overseeing both heaven and earth .

After the death of his father, the jade emperor ascended the throne, making sure that everyone in his kingdom found peace and satisfaction. After this, he informed his ministers that he wished to devote himself to cultivating the Tao in the Shining and Fragrant Cliff. After 1,750 attempts, each with a duration of 120,976 years, achieved Golden Immortality. After another hundred million years of personal cultivation, he finally became the Jade Emperor (the process lasted a total of 211,708,000 years).

In the romantic story of the stars, it is said that during the days he descended to earth with the help of a magic robe to bathe. One day, a modest pastor named Niulang “the cowherd”, Altair of the Aquila Constellation , known as ” the cowboy” saw how Zhinu bathed in the river and fell in love with her. He stole his magic robe, which she had left by the shore, and prevented him from returning to heaven. When Zhinu left the water, Niulang took her home.

When the Jade Emperor found out what happened, he became angry, but was unable to do anything because by then his daughter had fallen in love with the pastor and they had married.

However, as time passed, Zhinu felt homesick and wanted to visit his father. She found the magic robe, which her husband had hidden in a box, and returned to heaven. Once he had returned, the Emperor drew a river in the middle of the sky, the Milky Way so that Zhinu would not be able to return to her husband. But he felt pity for the young lovers and the seventh day of the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar allows them to be on a bridge over the river.

History would be the mythological explanation for a phenomenon that can be observed in the sky. The Star Vega (Zhinu) of the Lyra Constellation is located to the East of the Milky Way and the Altair star of the constellation of the Eagle that is to the West .

This day is celebrated in China, and in other Asian countries, a party called OI-XI similar to Valentine’s Day in the West. If it rains, it is said to be the tears of Zhinu who cries when she reunites with her husband.

After the initial Directed Panspermia , the founders or planners of life came to Earth , and brought with them more complex life forms from all parts of the Universe, planted them in this new world and observed them to see how they developed.

There was a time, for some reason, when the Founders seemed to have left Earth temporarily for several million years.

Then it was when the Vegans with the help of other Founders or Life Planners created the dinosaurs , which according to Anton Parks called the Hušmuš . Coinciding in the historical similarity with Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest , as well as with Anton Parks , that the Hušmuš were created as Temporary Guardians of the Living Library while the Creator Gods were temporarily absent.

After hundreds of millions of years of giant reptiles dominating the Earth, the queen of Orion sent her Kadištu to make changes in Earth’s magnetic field and poles . However, there were dinosaurs that survived the shift of poles and the change of the magnetic field, although the majority died out.

But it was not until the dinosaurs decreased in quantity that mammals could thrive in a less tropical climate. The Guardians of the Earth were later called the Namlú’u , or simply Lú .

Orion and the Orion Belt are currently the managing stars of planet Earth and other worlds. But it is clear that from time to time other supervising administrators control the Worlds as our planet.

Mythology tells how the Titans were overthrown by a race of younger gods called Olympus , who are usually The Supreme Lords of Sirius , in the Titanomachy or War of the Titans

Very likely extraterrestrial visitors came to have access to the huge knowledge base embedded in nature here, and the Titans and Lú welcomed them and gave them what they needed, if the vibration of the star race corresponded with the information what they said they needed and wanted.

As the Pleiadians indicated:

-When the universe is functioning in a harmonic, without tyranny, a civilization is free to exchange information with another.

-The Living Library is not simply a historical record, but it is a whole library of knowledge from which nothing can be created. There are formulas and plans stored in the forms of life on Earth for all kinds of realities to be developed.

-Other libraries located in different sectors of the Universe store their knowledge in light forms or corrections of molecules that you do not even recognize. For each of the twelve centers, the creator gods designed a unique storage method for that knowledge.

-The intention is to protect the integrity of libraries, each with life in its own way. From a future perspective, libraries have been lost, and the need for rediscovery and openness is now. The ideal is that each of these twelve libraries create an electromagnetic alliance that hosts a great change in the realization.

-The twelve together create the opportunity for a new harmonic for all existence, as you perceive it.

Could Oumuamua be an Interstellar Ship that controls the Solar System and the Earth?

While there is currently no consensus on what might be the origin of Oumuamua, according to the release of Breakthrough Listen , researchers working in long-haul space transport have suggested that a cigar shape or very elongated is the most likely architecture for a interstellar spacecraft , since it would minimize the friction and damage of gas and interstellar dust. While it is most likely that Omuamua is of natural origin but used for that purpose of control. At this moment there is no official consensus or really confirmed on its origin.

Finally, the strange trajectory of OUMUAMUA is complex and difficult to know with certainty its original origin. And as Olivier Hainaut, astronomer at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and scientific co-author of the study on this strange travel traveler, said: ” The true nature of this enigmatic interstellar nomad could be, forever, a mystery.” has concluded Olivier Hainaut, co-author of the study and astronomer of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).




Are there Extraterrestrial Civilizations?

Are there Extraterrestrial Civilizations?


Why not ask, are we the only intelligent life in the universe? We know officially that our Universe contains billions of galaxies, and each with millions or billions of stars. But, we also know that even the farthest galaxies there is a great unknown void, in addition to immense energetic effulgences, such as, for example, light and heat, magnetic fields and high energy particles, radio pulses, and cosmic rays.

Our Universe is extraordinarily large, and nobody knows its exact dimensions. We are not able to see the end of cosmological creation, if it has one. All we know is that the visible Universe is at least 93 billion light-years wide.

Recall that a light year is the distance that light travels in the year period, therefore, this amount would correspond to about 9 billion km.

Then, seeing these spectacular dimensions we ask ourselves if extraterrestrial life is possible, and if it has been able to evolve other forms of life in different places of our universe.

All life of our Earth has required certain chemical elements, such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and certain minerals, but also liquid water, which together with the chemical elements were combined to form different types of stocks. That, without entering to debate if to panspermia or any other type of intervention could generate the genesis of life.

Therefore, it is logical that we think, that, knowing the biological chemical bases for the existence of life on our planet, however, in other places of the cosmos, on other planets, the fundamental elements for life will be of other types and with other primordial bases for its existence, perhaps of ammonia, hydrogen, carbon, or other unknown elements.

As space researchers discover potential alien worlds around certain stars, and as they expand their cosmic knowledge, more and more they are wondering if these orbs could have necessary conditions for life, and therefore, if there is life , why not think about the possibility of the existence of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

And if within this universe, there are billions of galaxies, with millions or billions of solar systems like ours, why there is not going to be intelligent life .

In our local galaxy, the Milky Way , for example, will probably have about 300 billion stars, and the Andromeda Galaxy has about a billion stars. Most of these stars can have several planets, of which many are capable of sustaining life forms of some kind. So, statistically speaking, it is impossible for us to be the only intelligent life form in the entire visible Universe.

Through the contactees throughout the ages, a lot of cosmic information has been collected, either through the extraterrestrial contactees, or by the channelers, but all agree that life was sown on Earth by very advanced civilizations that came from the stars and other bubbles or universes .


Ur-decimal Earth, experimental planet .

Some of these contactees add that in the case of the Earth it was something different and special, since it is a planet “UR”, that is, a decimal planet or of experimentation of life.

Remember that it is called Ur or decimal planet that is chosen from among ten planets in a solar system, with the characteristics of the Earth.

On the other hand, they also report that, in our Milky Way, there are several types of extraterrestrial civilizations. Some civilizations are physical, others non-physical. Some civilizations are humanoids, and others are not.

Earth is only 4,500 million years old, and mankind appeared around 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, but the oldest areas of this universe are dated around 14,000 million years ago, so it is logical to think that there are much more advanced civilizations than ours and therefore also in other bubbles.
According to this cosmic information, more than one of these civilizations have been in contact with humanity. Some even played an important role in the history of Planet Earth.

Then, the galactic history of the Earth comes from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Zeta Reticuli, and Vega or Alpha Lyrae / α Lyr of the constellation Lyra. And many of these alien races are far more evolved than ours, technologically, mentally and spiritually.

In general, most of these races are benevolent towards humanity, but some of them do not have very good intentions towards terrestrial ones. The latter are often referred to as “extraterrestrial civilizations oriented towards the negative or at the service of oneself”.

Some of these negative aliens apparently made, in the 50s, certain sinister alliances with some groups of land humans and their governments, for example, the United States made a secret agreement that allowed to kidnap or abduct humans in exchange for alien technology.

It is, therefore, important to keep in mind that these “negative” alien civilizations, first, are only a minority, and second, their actions are indefatigably monitored by stellar organizations oriented to the service of others, or what we know as more positive with with respect to humanity.


Who are these Lizzies – Draconians?

According to the knowledge received from Beings of Cassiopeia, those named as the Adorers of the Physical Universe, say that the creatures known as the ” Grays ” are physical entities like us, but, that act from the density where the dead dwell, and from the Earth’s parallel worlds, that is, they are very close to humans .

Apparently, these grays were created by these reptilian-humanoid beings , which also gave rise to the Serpent cults spread throughout the planet through its cybernetic technology.

It seems that there is a dependency between the Reptilians and human souls , as if they exercised some interphase action through very advanced technological means and not always from this physical world.

The “Grays” have not only been designed and created artificially, but also function as a hierarchical projection of the Reptilians . In addition, they present many of the same capabilities of the latter, but differ in their physical appearance, in their power, size and strength.

These Reptilians with the appearance of bipedal erect lizards measure between 1,8288 to 2,4384 meters, or what is the same, 6 and 8 feet tall, with humanoid features. Evidently, they are the masters of the physical world to which they idolatry. All these types of beings that serve only their own ego are consumed by the great desire to manifest themselves through physical bodies like ours.

These Reptilians from another bubble came to our dimension for reasons of some great war. They settled in the physical world of our Galaxy, reaching to conquer Constellations such as Pegasus, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor , and later invading and expanding throughout this physical universe.

Since they have chosen to remain at this dense level, our physical world, firmly entrenched with it, and since they have renounced to follow the natural flow of progress towards the higher levels, their race has suffered a pathological stagnation and as a result they are decimated And presumably that’s why they’re in here right now, trying desperately to accumulate as much energy as possible.

Apparently, they have been traveling indefatigably in the “time”, both forward and backward, in order to manipulate certain events in history so that the conditions are more conducive to continue extracting the maximum amount of negative energy that they themselves provoke and manage on earth and in other places.


What are the objectives of the reptilians?

  1. Preserve your race as a viable species;
  2. Thrive in number;
  3. Increase your power;
  4. Expand your race throughout the reality of the 4th. Density.

But they also have an Achilles heel , and this lies in the fact that they only see the things they want to see and experience with great “compulsive longing”. They operate from other dimensions and from terrestrial parallel worlds with which they are always very close to the humans they control.

On the other hand, there is another story parallel to the Reptile Beings , this is the story of the Earth as a great stage for many acts in a humanoid galactic game .

Many extraterrestrial civilizations have walked the face of the Earth, both humanoids and non-humanoids, and have done so, long before man existed. Together with humanity, they have written the history of this Planet.

Therefore, it is important to realize that you can not really understand the history of mankind, or the history of the Earth, until you know the part played by these extraterrestrial civilizations.

This means, for example, that you can not understand the history of humanity if you do not know that Homo Sapiens was not entirely the product of a natural evolution, but was the result of a cross of genes from humanoid primates and aliens.

Then, the cradle of the humanoid civilizations were those that occupied this role of creators in the galaxy and on Earth, mainly it was the constellation of Lyra and its star Vega.

Subsequently, several humanoid species spread throughout our galaxy. Long before homo sapiens existed, the Earth was visited by humanoid races of Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades, and they all established colonies on this planet Earth.

They started with small groups of aliens established on Earth. Later, however, the members of the “Sirius Group”, that is, the extraterrestrials of Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades , reached a much larger number.

At one point, the members of this group of the Greater Canter Constellation, Sirius, began to need “workers” to help them colonize the planet.

They had the need to generate some genetic manipulation and created humanity, by mixing their DNA with that of the primates of the earth, and later with the Neanderthals.

The Earth became a scene of constant disputes and wars between, mainly, two groups of major alien civilizations, the Sirians, united by some Vegans, Pleiadians (renegades) and some civilizations of Orion, and on the other hand are the Pl eyadianos and the Lyrans, also united by some Orion.

Wars and more wars, this was the tone of that moment, they were always for the sake of humanity, and on several occasions interfered in our history, known as gods of antiquity in myths and legends.

These myths mention certain types of snakes, which is usually a reference to the Sirius, while birds, eagles, or cats generally refer to the Lyrans and Pleiadians.

Then there were other snake people in a reference to a third group of aliens, the Draconian group or Lizzies.
In general, in addition to all these groups mentioned above, there are also other civilizations of more advanced or higher dimensions that monitor everything that is happening here, and in other worlds. And, in fact, from time to time, they have made their presence known.



While all that happens in space and in other dimensions, parallel or not, Earth scientists try to discover life in other stars and other planets.

For example, it has been observed in the Aquarius Constellation that around the small star Trappist-1 orbit seven planets, recently discovered, that are 40 light years from Earth.

It is assumed that these planets are rocky, contain water and could, in theory, harbor some form of organic life, of course not intelligent. This is a research by astronomer Amaury Triaud , from the University of Birmingham, co-author of the study published in Nature Astronomy and Astronomy and Astrophysics .

Today, it has increased the unknowns regarding whether we are the only planet that houses life.



Is there someone out there?

are we alone in the universe?

NASA recently confirmed the existence of 1,284 new planets outside of our solar system, and, then, the odds of finding life in space increase more and more.

We are at the dawn of the great cosmic discoveries . But humanity has yet to progress and begin to understand that the universe, as we know it, is absolutely different from what was conceived by current science. Understand that the universe is many universes , many dimensions, and that each space is full of intelligent and advanced life , although there are planets of experimentation such as Earth.

Reality will overflow the human imagination, revealing the intricate cosmic structure to an evolving planet that aspires to know the secrets of the cosmos.

If you want to expand the information, follow it in:

– Research of the Astronomer Amaury Triaud, University of Birmingham, on the star Trappist-1. Co-author of the study published in Nature Astronomy and Astronomy and Astrophysics .

– Salvador Freixedo Extraterrestrial and religious beliefs

– Sol-Ra-Ser Group and the analysis of: The Book of Daniel. Wake up Humanity.

– Extraterrestrial Correio, May 1998.

– Barbara Marciniak, Messengers of the Dawn.

– Luis Andrés Jaspersen, The UFOs before the Bible.

– Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity.




Venus “Mysterious”.


Venus “Mysterious”.




What Venus hides is life? These extraordinary images manifest the reality of Venus, one of the planets closest to Earth.

Venus, is the planet known with the passionate names of “The Morning Star” , “The Morning Star”, and as the “Goddess Aphrodite” the goddess of Love, among some appellations. And although it is not a star, it is the orb closest to Earth, and also the brightest and most visible planet in the sky.

It had always been thought that Venus could have been a tropical paradise millions of years ago because its dense clouds of sulfuric acid that roden the planet make it impossible to clearly observe its surface from the planetary exterior.

Only the hostile reality of this sister planet was known when in the 1960s certain scientists were able to measure its extreme temperatures, and the environment so incompatible with life.

Anyway, it has always been in the thought that Venus could once have had oceans, coasts, beaches, lakes and above all vegetation, but that when its atmosphere evaporated, for unknown reasons, the temperature increased drastically until it became the planet what is today

Have you ever visited Venus?

The most surprising thing about Venus was when at the time of the 80s, satellites of the Soviet Union fulfilled the programmed space mission and settled on the extension of the Venus Planet, reporting incredible and spectacular images of its surface .


What would natural sounds be like or not on Venus?

Although humanity knows approximately how the Solar System is formed, it does not have knowledge about the types of sounds that the planets emit, nor the natural sounds or not that would generate the different atmospheres.

According to the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, by studying the natural sounds on several planets: winds, lightning, etc., they came to the conclusion that the human voice on Venus would have a severe sound as it happens when inhaling helium gas that the voice It is more acute.

This is due to the fact that the tone of a voice penetrates the dense atmosphere of Venus and the vocal cords vibrate more slowly and as a consequence the whistling voice emerges.


Why does Venus turn in the opposite direction to the rest of the Planets?

The worlds of our Solar System rotate mainly on the same axis and in the same direction around the Sun, clockwise clockwise, except Venus and Uranus that revolve around the Sun in a different direction, that is, they rotate in the same way as clockwise, clockwise.

What are the days on Venus and its planetary inclination?

Among other more surprising singularities of Venus is that the Venusian day is much longer than its own year, or return to the Sun, and the correspondence would be:

– 01 year of Venus would be equivalent to 225 Earth days.

– 01 Venus day would be 117 Earth days.

The daily duration is so long because its rotation is excessively slow when turning on its own axis. It is the slowest turn between the four rocky planets along with Mercury, Earth, and Mars that also rotate rather slowly compared to other major orbs, although the slowest rotation of all the planets in the Solar System is that of Venus.

Among other curiosities is its inclination of the axis which is about 177º , which shows that its rotation is almost in the opposite direction to that of its orbit.

What general characteristics does Venus have?

That the Diameter of Venus is 12,104 km, almost as big as Earth’s. It has a mass of 4.87 x 10 ^ 24 kg (81.5% of the Earth). That Venus does not have satellites, rings or moons. That the distance of its orbit is 108,209,475 km (0.73 AU). That its period of its orbit is 225 days. And that the average temperature of its planetary surface is 462 ° C, making it the hottest planet in the Solar System.

The atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times greater than that on Earth. But its size and mass are very similar to Earth .

The planetary atmosphere has so much pressure that its surface could be almost flat, and the experience on its surface would be equated to descent or immersion in the depths of the terrestrial seas.

Venus is often called the twin of Earth because they are similar in size and mass, with a difference of about 638 km in diameter between the proportions of Venus and Earth. Both planets also have a central core with a molten mantle and a crust.

Venus has phases because it orbits the sun within the orbit of the Earth and the planet seems to have phases like the moon. When Venus is on the opposite side of the sun, it is in full phase, while it appears in a new phase when it is between Earth and the sun.

The Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, in 1610 AD, was the first to show these phases of Venus.


When was the existence of Venus known?

The first records of Venus appeared in the sixteenth century before Christ, and previously in the engravings made by the Babylonian astronomers.

At first, ancient astronomers conceived Venus as two different bodies . The Greeks called the two Venus Phosphorus and Hesperus , and the Romans called these two Venus planets with the names of Lucifer and Vesper . These astronomers did not understand that when the orbit of Venus around the Sun reaches Earth’s orbit, it is visible after sunset and visible before sunrise.

The Mayan civilization in 650 AD also made observations of the planet Venus.

When were the first trips to Venus?

Russian and American scientists sent different Space Missions to closely observe the planet Venus.

The Soviet Union sent the Venera-1 Space Probe that was launched in 1961 , but lost all contact with the Earth base and presumably was lost.

The United States of America also sent the Mariner-1 that was also lost when it hit the surface of Venus, and later in 1962 it sent the spacecraft Mariner-2 that could take some measurements and calculations of the planet Venus.

In 1966, the Soviet Union launched the Venus la Venera-3 space, which was the first artificial ship to land on the Venusian surface .

Finally after numerous vicissitudes between states, Russian and American, in 1982 the Soviet Union launched into space, towards Venus , the spacecraft Veneras-13 and 14. They were very lucky because it was the first time they could send the first images in color from the surface of Venus. In these first images made by the landing modules you could see the ground and small orange-brown rocks.

Later, in 1985 , the Soviets sent the ships Venera-15 and 16 with which they managed to map parts of the Venusian surface through the radar mechanism. And later the Vega-1 and 2 descended on the surface of venus.

Officially the last time Venus was visited was when the Cadillac spacecraft was sent, arriving in Venus in August 1990 . Little has transcended since then.




MARTE IS INHABITED. Declares World Authority of Exopolitics and International Director of Space Cooperation.

The Mysteries of the Earth.

MARTE IS INHABITED. Declares World Authority of Exopolitics and International Director of Space Cooperation.

The Exopolitics that studies the political line to follow before an intervention or relationship between Extraterrestrial Civilizations with our Human Civilization, and as a political discipline considered as pseudoscience, is associated to the UFO-EXTRATERRESTRIAL phenomenon and includes all kinds of terrestrial or spatial contents.

This Political or Exopolitical specialization, constituted by Michael Salla, postulates the following main conception: “the Planet Earth is not alone in the Universe, having this one a high degree of organization of Living Beings, that are in different phases or degrees of evolution, and therefore, they must be organized in Interplanetary, Intergalactic and Multidimensional Societies. “

Reveal the veracity on whether Mars is inhabited , is subject to the consequent concealment by governments and other governmental bodies or not, since they have always been aware of the existence of civilizations on Mars and other places in the Solar System or other stars. The following demonstration points are presented below:

  1. Statements by Alfred Lambremont Webre.
  2. There has already been contact with Extraterrestrial.
  3. The evidence of the extraterrestrial phenomenon.
  4. Who are aware of these Civilization on Mars and other places?
  5. Contact with Aliens The Great-Grandmother of Dwight Eisenhower ex-US President.
  6. The British researcher TIMOTHY GOOD and his study on Extraterrestrial contact.
  7. What is MAJESTIC-12 or MJ-12?
  8. Contact with Aliens Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  9. And the Catholic Church on extraterrestrial contact? Case of Pope John 23
  10. The Researchers of the Alien Races that visit the Earth.
  11. Intelligent Life Seekers SETI Exploration Project.
  12. The ship crashed in PHOENIX, ARIZONA and its two bodies.



1-Statements by Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Alfred L. Webre

Alfred L. Webre

Alfred L. Webre, is a worldwide authority of Exopolitics . Born during the IIGM; Doctor of Law; Judge of the Court of Kuala Lumpur, where he has brought trials of War Crimes, and currently International Director of the Institute for Space Cooperation or also called -ICIS-.

Dr. Webre is the author of the book “Exopolitics: politics, government and the Law in the Universe” . In his book he posits the following:

  • The planet Earth is separated and immersed in a Universal Interplanetary, Intergalactic and Multidimensional Society .
  • All these dimensions are populated with a great variety of Living Beings or Individuals in different degrees of evolution.
  • The Universe is structured and tremendously organized.
  • Our planetary history is NOT the true history of the Earth.
  • The creation of humanity is NOT as the texts of History tell us .
  • Humans live in a universe of intelligent origin.
  • There is evidence about the existence of civilizations, more advanced than human, that are participating in the development of humanity, for eons in time.
  • One of the first steps would be the necessary use of the ” Universal Diplomacy ” beginning with the Marcian Civilization.
  • The current UFO wave is being carried out in order to accustom human consciousness about extraterrestrial life.
  • Before 2050 we can have some expanded relationship with other extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • The first extraterrestrial contact would be with the Marcian Civilization.
  • Our Planet is of a lower order or first step of evolution , consequently THE PLANET IS MAINTAINED IN “QUARANTINE” , that is to say that Universal Laws govern the planets in primary evolution and the First Law is THE NO INTERVENTION in the evolution of planets.
  • The Universe works with infinite Dimensions, Planes or Universes, which are in different degrees of vibration, and that is what separates them.
  • Some UFOs are multidimensional , that is, they are in higher dimensions and therefore disappear and appear at will, since they control Space and Time.

2-There has already been contact with extraterrestrials.

According to this global Exopolitics authority, since the 1950s, the United States has been interacting with them and the rest of the world’s population has remained in High Secret.

He claims to have known of the direct contact with Seres inhabitants of Mars , since that planet is inhabited by a humanoid civilization, which survives under Martian earth for about 10,000 years, since a planetary catastrophe forced them to live underground.

In addition to Doctor Webre, other astronauts said they saw UFOs on Mars and on the Moon. One example is Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin , on his trip to the moon, said he saw two Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs flying over the Moon.


3-The evidence of the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

The declassifications of Secret Files about the UFOs of France, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, Denmark, as well as statements by government workers from the United States, Russia, who claimed to have participated in Secret Missions with other Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

The declassifications of the Secret Files about UFOs and life on other planets continue in their embryonic phase, as many countries are not actively participating. The concealment and political-arms control involves the handling of information and the lack of freedom of investigation, which delays the development of real knowledge of the history of the planet and its evolution.


LAURA EISENHOWER great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower.

LAURA EISENHOWER great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower.

4-Who are aware of these Civilization on Mars and other places?

The CIA , the FBI , NASA , the PENTAGON, the Ministry of Defense of the United States of America , Russia , China and other government agencies. The Catholic Church and other world religious dispensations are also aware of the extraterrestrial contact phenomenon.

All these collectives know about the existence of extraterrestrial life, whether on Earth, in the Solar System or Galactic.

Intelligent life on Mars is silenced by the high political spheres of the great world powers.

5-Contact with Aliens. The Great Grandmother of the Ex President Dwight Eisenhower.

D. Dwight Eisenhower

D. Dwight Eisenhower

Laura Magdalena Eisenhoweres , great-granddaughter of D.David Eisenhower. Currently, participates as a Cosmic mythologist, Global Alchemist and Clairvoyant and Healer.

His great-grandfather Dwight Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander in the run up to D-Day and in the actual landings in Normandy , against the Germans in World War II, which lasted from 1953 to 1961, dying in 1969.

The 34th American Ex- President, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, had secret contacts with extraterrestrials, the former Pentagon and US Congress advisor Timothy Good was reported in a press release to the DailyMagazine of England in 2012 .

According to Timothy Good, the former President of the United States had three secret contacts with aliens at a New Mexico air base in February 1954. With the help of the FBI, all three meetings were organized at the Holloman military base. These extraterrestrials had peaceful intentions and were willing to hold meetings with Heads of State.

The first meeting was arranged with humanoids of “Nordic” appearance, but the following ones were carried out with a race called “the Grays ” with whom they finally signed an agreement.

6-The British researcher TIMOTHY GOOD and the study of extraterrestrial contact.

Timothy Good, the British researcher with his book “Above Top Secret, The Worldwide UFO Cover-up”, published in 1987, covers the subject of UFO and Extraterrestrial contacts.

Timothy Good was a consultant to the Pentagon and the US Congress, as well as one of the most respected UFO and alien presence experts in the world. This researcher was involved in matters of Majestic 12 or MJ-12.


7-What is MAJESTIC-12 or MJ-12?

Supposed-alien-of the Roswell incident.

Supposed-alien-of the Roswell incident.

MAJESTIC 12, is a specialized collective of researchers and scientists created by the American President Harry S. Truman, in 1947, for the investigation of the UFOs of ROSWELL New Mexico of July 1947.

8-Contact with Extraterrestrials. Prime Minister Wiston Churchill.

Wistron Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, also had contact with Extraterrestrials, as manifested in the disclosure of the declassified documents of 2010, made by the Ministry of Defense.


9-And the Catholic Church that says of the extraterrestrial contact?

In 2008, the Director of the Vatican Astronomical Observatory, José Gabriel Funes , in an interview with the Vatican newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano” granted the following headline:

  • The alien is my brother.”
  • There is no conflict between believing in God and believing in “extraterrestrial brothers”.
  • If there are so many varieties of creatures on Earth, there can also be other beings, even intelligent, created by God.
  • We can not exclude that life has developed elsewhere. Possibly humans are the black sheep of the universe.

In 1961, ending the presidency of EISENHOWER, which was replaced by JFKENEDY, Pope John 23 had an extraterrestrial encounter , where he boarded a Tau Ceti spacecraft. This ship had crashed in Phoeix, Arizona.


The event of POPE JUAN 23 and the EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT. According to his secretary and papal assistant 20 years after the Pope’s death.

“One night walking through the garden of CASTEL GANDOLFO’s summer residence, next to his secretary, they saw a luminous OVNI with oval shape and blue and orange lights, which landed in the garden.

From the ship came a human-shaped being and pointed ears . Pope John 23 addressed them and began to speak to them for about 20 minutes. After this the alien returned to his ship and left.

After the event, Pope John 23 and his secretary-assistant continued the walk through the gardens, as if nothing had happened. “

Juan 23, never commented on what was said to his assistant and papal secretary.


10-The Researchers of the Alien Races that visit the Earth.

In general, the researchers of alien races that visit the planet, conclude that by the descriptive characteristics of the contactees, the types of human extraterrestrial visitors would come from.

  • Lira.
  • Pleiades
  • Sirius.
  • Procyon.
  • Tau Ceti
  • Epsilon Eridani.
  • And other places in the universe, or star systems.

According to researchers of the UFO subject , all of them could go unnoticed by terrestrial humans, since they bear a great resemblance or resemblance to us or us to them.

The meeting of Pope John 23, in 1961, could have been with Seres de Tau Ceti , as they respond to the particulars given by other witnesses and contactees, who describe them with the same characteristics as ” humanoids with pointed ears “.

TAU CETI. It is a star of the Constellation of Cetus. It is a star very similar to our sun, which is orbited by 5 planets and is located about 12 light years from our Solar System.


11-Smart Life Finders SETI Exploration Project.

SETI, was the first extraterrestrial intelligence or intelligent life exploration project, also called OZMA PROJECT. This project was initiated in 1960 at Cornell University by Astronomer FRANK DRAKE, who scanned the stars of TAU CETI and ÉPSILON ERIDANI.

In 2002, he extracted a “Catalog of Nearby Living Systems ” or HABCAT , which contained more than 17,000 habitable Solar Systems, where Tau Ceti was included. NASA selected Tau Ceti from the list of five possible stars to be investigated.


12-The ship crashed in PHOENIX, ARIZONA and its two bodies.

In 1961 a ship crashed in Phoenix. She was later transferred by the military to North Dakota. Outside the UFO there were two dead humanoid bodies. This is reported by a soldier in charge of the rescue mission of the ship and the dead bodies.

This witness describes the occupants of the alien spacecraft as follows:

“His tanned skin tone, similar to the culture of South America or Mediterranean. His chestnut hair, with a Roman or soldier cut. It distinguished him from Earth humans, his “pointy ears”.


Do we expect the US to formalize and declare that for years it has been contacting extraterrestrials?

When will they decide to declare openly the UFO existence?

Do we need the government declaration to know that they are UFOs?

Do they still lie to us and say that we see visions or are we crazy when we see UFOs?

Did Pope John 23 have extraterrestrial contact?

Why does the church hide?

Why do governments hide?

Why do scientists deny?

Why should LOS VEMOS follow us by DENYING?

What would contact with other individuals from other planets bring us?


Is there a government in the Universe that distributes the Learning Planets or Spiritual Schools?

Why do we GIVE POWER to an extraterrestrial God?

For them what and who is GOD?


Why do they keep hiding the UFO theme, because that way will GOD be an ALIEN and will not we look inside where is the light of the true God?

And more?

Sources : ny times, telegraph, foxnews, catholic news service, guardian.




How Many Dimensions Are There?

How Many Dimensions Are There? 

Trying to explain the reality of the Universe, is to face the limitations of the senses and the human mind. On the other hand, each foreign intelligence represents the Universe with different explanatory models, some encompassing universal multidimensionality, and others not. For example, the Theosophists will explain that there are 7 dimensions in the Universe. Others, like the Pleiadians indicate the 10 dimensions of the universe. And the Arcturians describe 13 dimensions.

Therefore, only a more or less reliable representation can be made in order to benefit from several dimensional explanatory models. These chosen dimensional models are the following: Amorah Quan Yin, Satya,, Kabbalah, and Apu.

Bear in mind that, in current science, string theory , developed during the last two decades, has established that space-time or 3D-physical has seven additional dimensions that include gravity.

Scientists suspect that there may be more particles and forces than we need, and they operate in more complicated ways than they should. Therefore, the existence of other dimensions could help science to explain complexities of the universe, including energy or dark matter that would presumably be governed or influenced from other dimensions.

Atlantis, disappeared almost overnight, destroyed by the folly of its inhabitants who, filled with arrogance, misused the gifts that had been granted them. After the destruction, the survivors dispersed throughout the planet.

For centuries and millennia the ancient Atlantean science was transmitted from master to disciple through generations and generations, but it also gradually became contaminated.

Of those knowledge was the rituality of that knowledge. Thus was born, the occult sciences, astrology, alchemy, spiritual disciplines and magic.

This ancient science has perhaps not been completely lost, and today’s scientists place us near the height of those mythical beings whom our primitive ancestors called gods. And, perhaps, those ancient alchemists, repositories of the vestiges of ancient science, could bring something light with their works and models about the universe.

-Dimension Amorah Quan Yin .

This dimensional model is extracted from the Amorah Guides of the Book The Archangelic Pleiadian Tribes of Light, Pleiadian exercises.

Dimensions: Areas of consciousness delimited by the range of vibratory frequency and the nature of their forms or their absence of forms.

First dimension: “the realm of pure minerals as recipients of consciousness, but lacking in their own consciousness and self-consciousness”.

Second dimension: “the vegetable kingdom; lower astral planes in which the different consciousnesses perceive themselves as all that exists, alien to the spirit, devoid of soul and totally absorbed in themselves; also the kingdom of certain types of elementals that have no more self-consciousness than that controlled by a force. It also contains aspects of the underworld of the so-called bards of Buddhism known in other traditions as infernal kingdoms. “

Third dimension: “the physical world and its corresponding astral planes. Anchored in a linear time and in a reality based on space-time. In this realm everything exists at a maximum of nine thousand vibrations per second. This is the realm in which human consciousness is lived. “

Fourth dimension: “beings conserve consciousness in the form of feelings and as thoughts based on feelings. This dimension contains polarities of darkness and light. The realms of light are formed by Cities of light and by those that have reached a vibrational frequency of between nine thousand to twelve thousand vibrations per second. Here consciousness is the first stage of Christ’s consciousness that follows ascension. Numerous guides, angels and Ascended Masters impel three-dimensional humans to be receptive and ready for spiritual evolution and growth.

Human beings are also driven by their astral counterparts of darkness that exist in this dimension. They are able to emulate the lower vibrational frequency of negative thoughts, vices, repressed emotions and poorly healed or rejected human shadow areas – and are able to drag them to the dark side and then control and feed them from their pain, fear and other energies dense.

As human beings develop superior vibrational qualities of being, thinking, feeling and doing, as well as transcending the karmic tendencies of their own shadow zones, they are magnetically attracted to the light impulses of the fourth dimension and are released from the dark control of parasitic beings. The dark polarity of this kingdom is also one of the places where nightmares and astral abuses occur. “

Fifth dimension: “this dimension also has polarities of light and darkness. The beings conserve the etheric forms of the combination of the third and fourth dimensions, but refined, and with freedom to alter these forms at will.

In the light aspect of this kingdom are most of the personal guides of humans, guardian angels, servant angels and most of the Ascended Masters and members of the Great White Brothers; the intermediate level initiatory schools, the karmic council and the Supraluminal Devas.

From this dimension it is impossible to speak in terms of vibrations per second because they are beyond the limitations of time and space, although this dimension can act at will over the temporal space reality.

This is also the dimension of the consciousnesses of Christ and Buddha as a subsequent result of the process of incarnation, ascension and transition through the Cities of Light of the fourth dimension. In this dimension there are dreams of flying, dreams of healing, superior experiences and teachings. This is the dimensional causal plane relative to humans that manifests and creates in the worlds of lower dimensions during sleep. In other words, it is where humans dream their life endowing it with space-time reality and then wake up and live those dreams. Here, higher consciousness, lucid dreams and white magic are given. The dark polarity comprises the powerful dark lords of black magic and control.

There are in this realm: angels, teachers, sorcerers and dark rulers of the lower astral worlds and planes. If a person develops great psychic powers and mental control without developing the integrity of heart and spirit, they are governed from here, from where they come during sleep and after finishing their human life. “

Sixth dimension: “is the realm of the Higher Council, the archangels that interact with the Earth. The Councils of Elders and an emerging collective consciousness. From this level the dimensions are exclusively of Light. The collective consciousness of this kingdom is that of divided souls.

If the soul, after having remained in a body on Earth, decides to divide into two or more parts, whether it has its origin in pain or in the desire for different experiences, at the level of the sixth dimension each part will share the same Higher Self and will connect with us at the level of soul and spirit. From here our higher objective is dictated.

The beings of this level can choose to project themselves in human forms, if it serves them for some purpose, but in reality they exist in purely geometric forms, which is the characteristic of this dimension. This is the stage of Creation in which thought, color and sound take geometric shape and numerological relevance.

When beings at this level wish to communicate with each other, they simply merge their fields of energy and consciousness. A unique framework is formed from this fusion and each one experiences the essential nature of the other through comparison and what it can offer. It gives the feeling of knowing the other without feeling that one has become the other. Melchizedek consciousness exists at this dimensional level. “

Seventh dimension: “the kingdom of divine harmony and sound. The beings of this level exist as expressions of the essence through the harmony of the sound individually and collectively. The shape can no longer be projected without descending dimension. The patterns are formed with sound, but they are nebulous flows of color and movement. The variable spiral patterns are the only ones that can be described.

When beings at this level wish to communicate with each other, they simply combine their sounds and mix colors and create new patterns. The two consciousnesses are energized with this experience and come to understand each other. There is a greater agreement that is deduced from the beginning. The whole is more than the sum of its parts . It is the next level of collective consciousness but this time with other souls different from your own.

Beings at this level have the key to translating all experience and consciousness into pure sound, establishing and creating patterns of flow. These sound frequencies make up the only common language of the seventh dimension down. The members of the families of souls of the same origin have the ability to experience themselves as one being in this dimension, while maintaining the ability to be individual. “

Eighth dimension: ” the characteristics of this kingdom are the pure color and the patterns of flow. The beings of this dimension exist as self-consciousness that give off color, light and movement. The communication between them is rather a synergistic experience during which none of the beings can tell the difference between himself and the other. Here there is a great love of unity and communion. Due to the absence of sound as an individual expression of this kingdom, it is also the realm of emptiness, whose authentic purpose is to be a place where I complete it as pure essence and consciousness. In the absence of fear it can be a place of comfort and deep rest. “

Ninth dimension: “point of origin of the Laoesh Shekinah, the sacred Pillar of Fire or Pillar of Light. It is the last dimension in which a being of light has the capacity to experience the separate consciousness of the entire supra-soul from which it came and can choose to feel whenever it wishes the collective consciousness of the supra-soul. The only way that exists is that of the pillar or parallel chains of a very purified light. Everything seems white and crystalline light, and even then it decomposes, emitting light of colors towards the eighth dimension.

This is the dimension of Metatron’s consciousness . When on one occasion I was given to experience this kingdom, the only thing I could still differentiate from myself was etheric crystals. I had a collection of quartz crystals on the table in my room where my body was when the experience took place. Suddenly, I was aware that I still perceived the crystals as something separate from me, although furniture and people had completely merged in my consciousness. They told me that only human consciousness could arrive there without vaporizing the body. “

Tenth dimension: ” All that has been said to me of this dimension is that all the members of the primal families of supra-souls experience to be completely immersed in a consciousness and no longer take into account their individual being. Beyond this point I have not been shown or mentioned anything, except that the thirteenth dimension is the place of completeness and of being One in which the self is absorbed into All That Is and does not know separation. “

-Dimension of Satya.

This information comes from Alcyon , the Central star of the Pleiades. Pleiadian cosmology by Barbara Hand Clow.

First Dimension: “the core of iron crystal that is in the center of the Earth being this the gravity” [Gravity is described as: “the first dimension of any system that generates the vertical axis of manifestation from itself. Gravity is the densest field of any created form, it attracts all parts of its form to itself and has consciousness “].

Second Dimension: “telluric realm that exists between the central core of iron crystal of the Earth and the earth’s surface where the elemental forces live”. [The term elementals is defined as: “metallic nuclear, chemical and mineral intelligences belonging to the second dimension”].

Third Dimension: “the physical realm of humans”

Fourth Dimension: “the polarized realm of the archetypal forces that interact with the Earth and that are guided by the Anunnaki of Nibiru .” [The term archetype is defined as “the forces of non-physical dimensions that mold and reside in the subconscious mind, evoking great emotions, creativity and awareness of being manipulated, for example”].

Fifth Dimension: “the vibration of love that is guided by consciousness of the Pleiades for the Earth, especially from Alcione”.

Sixth Dimension: “lines of communication of pure thought. All physical objects are ideas that reside in the library of the sixth dimension and due to their thought process are generated geometric shapes of light that create realities. For Earth, this kingdom is guided by the Syrian star system. “

Seventh Dimension: “lines of communication of pure thought. The Galactic Information Highway of Light and the photon bands are for the Earth the seventh dimension guided by the Andromeda Galaxy. “

Eighth Dimension: “structural organization of the intelligence of the Earth known as the Galactic Federation and which is guided by the Orion star system”.

Ninth Dimension: “the reality, unified, that interweaves all the most subtle frequencies. This plane of vibration is a library of everything that exists in a kingdom; for Earth, the ninth dimension is the Galactic Center guided by beings of Henoch. “

Tenth Dimension: “the Universe itself is the tenth dimension, the cosmic ‘all’, which contains everything that you perceive from Earth and can not be labeled, described or understood.”

“There is no hierarchy of dimensions, each one is powerful in its own way and for its own inhabitants … In all dimensions there are structures of organization, but only in the third dimension do governments exist. You are trying to understand multidimensionality, but you are self-limited if you apply 3D structural models to higher or lower dimensions. This is what normally happens to people who are working hard to raise their consciousness.

It should not get stuck in dimensional hierarchical fundamentalism. For example, the Ashtar Command is compared to the 8D Galactic Federation. The eighth dimension works with a galactic order, but there are no 3D models that can describe it.

– Dimensions according to the Kabbalah of the Jewish tradition.

The Tree of Life is one of the most important cabalistic symbols of Judaism. It is composed of 10 spheres (sefirot) and 22 paths, each of which represents a state (sefira) that brings one closer to the understanding of God and to the way he created the world. Kabbalah developed this concept as a realistic model that represents a “map” of Creation. It is considered the cosmology of the Cabala and is represented in the known Sefirotic Tree. It is composed of ten spiritual emanations from God, through which he gave birth to all that exists. These 10 emanations, to form the Tree of Life, intercommunicate with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Zeir Anpin’s sefirot includes from 4 to 10:

Keter (Crown, the will, or the desire to do well to his created, the bestowal).

Hochma (Wisdom, the desire to receive).

Bina (Granting, the desire to grant with the intention of receiving).

Chesed (Mercy or benevolence).

Gevurá (Justice).

Tiféret (Beauty).

Netsaj (Victoria).

Hod (Glory or reverberation).

Yesod (Foundation, generation, or cornerstone of stability).

Malchut (Kingdom or reign, the desire to receive in order to receive, the matter of creation, the ego, the vessel, the quality of pure reception).


Then we have: The Tree of Life and The Four Worlds.

For Kabbalists, this structure of the cosmos teaches the Mercavah , which, among other things, are Kabbalistic interpretations of the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament .

The four worlds are four levels of manifestation on the basis of which creation is constructed:

1.- The Divine Plane or Atziluth

2.- The Plane of Creation or Beriah

3.- The Plan of the Formation or Yezirah

4.- The Plane of Matter or Asiyyah

These four worlds or planes are represented in the aforementioned biblical book in Chapter I. The vision of the “living creatures” corresponds to the Material Plane; the vision of the “vault or firmament” to the Plane of Formation; the vision of the “sapphire-like throne” to the Plane of Creation, and finally, the vision of the “figure of human appearance” to the Divine Plane.

-Dimension of Apu.

Extracted from the interview with José Antonio Campoy.

God manifests himself constantly through finite and concrete cycles of manifestation in themselves. It would seem that its purpose was the constant and infinite creation in time of seeds that, in turn, grow, giving fruits that will produce new seeds; and so on indefinitely. So that each of these manifestations – from the seed to the fruit and from this to the seed – constitutes a concrete cycle. Cycle that fits a cosmic program that constitutes what we could call “the cosmic scale of manifestations”. That cycle has seven manifestations or dimensions, which are:

– first dimension or mineral dimension

– second or plant dimension

– third or animal dimension

– fourth or human dimension

– fifth or energetic dimension

– sixth or mental dimension

– seventh or divine dimension

Each of these steps, planes or dimensions globally fulfills a function in the universe. But each of these dimensions is, in turn, composed of seven stages, each corresponding to seven intermediate steps or successive moments in the process of manifestation, ranging from the beginning of each corresponding dimension to the limit with the next .

The so-called mineral kingdom, as in the others, the divine spark goes through the seven stages and, as it progresses, it loses density in the mineral. That is, it manifests first in the solid, dense and heavy bodies, whose atoms contain less energy, passing then by the liquids and continuing by the gaseous and light ones, which are those that have absorbed a greater energetic quantity.

In the vegetable kingdom, the first stage begins with less evolved plants, such as certain lichens, and ends up with vegetables so evolved that they can almost be confused with single-celled primary animals. The same goes for the animal kingdom.

Regarding the fourth dimension or human plane, it is important to note something: at the beginning of its first stage, man has four fundamental “bodies” that he maintains along the seven rungs of his evolutionary scale, although during the journey he suffers some transformations. These four “bodies” are the “internal Self” or spiritual body, which is what we refer to when we say “I am”, to which “the three” bodies “that make man an integral being are wrapped: an elementary body , an energetic or astral body and a material or physical body, support of all the previous ones.

Man, in his evolution or ascent by the evolutionary scale, knows and dominates both the matter that surrounds him and the one that serves as support, that is, his physical body. And by mastering the matter, it is depending less on it and, on the contrary, it becomes more dependent on its other subtle bodies. In other words: man evolves as he loses density; and it loses density by increasing the vibratory rate of its integral being, formed by the union of all its bodies.

In conclusion, men 4.1 (first stage of the fourth dimension or human dimension) are those who are occupied in understanding the environment that surrounds them and on which they depend to a great extent. His mental evolution still more unconscious than conscious; There are no such men on Earth at this time.

4.2 men continue to learn from their environment, but their intelligence allows them to manufacture tools and utensils to control and protect them. There are no such men on your planet either, although we could have a close reference in some tribes of the Amazon or in the Pygmies.

Men 4.3 , as is the case of the inhabitants of planet Earth, are basically different from those of the previous stage in which a new and important element appears: consciousness, the ability to “realize” things and have , in addition, the faculty of being able to progressively increase that degree of consciousness. Being at that moment when he realizes that he is “the king of the physical creations he sees”, the most evolved manifestation of what physically surrounds him. And when he realizes his individuality, he begins to consciously use the so-called “free will”. The cosmic function of a 4.3 would, then, be to populate and direct its planet by regulating and collaborating in a conscious and free way to the evolutionary development of the previous planes or dimensions, and evolving itself through the conscious construction of harmonic societies.

When man learns to live in harmony -and that is the near future that awaits those who overcome the next evolutionary leap that is approaching, which we will talk to you at the time- with and those around him, it will become 4.4, stage this one in which the man must acquire full consciousness of his function: to investigate and to deepen in the knowledge of the physical and material world to learn to master it.

The men 4.5 – our case in Apu- briefly, we are dedicated, among other things, to investigate in the field of what could be called moral, trying that our wisdom and teachings serve as reference to the 4.3 for its progressive evolution . The knowledge transmitted by beings 4.5, by the way, is usually the origin of religions in different worlds 4.3, like yours, as well as the seed of esoteric knowledge that guard hermetic orders. What does not mean, at all, that the fact that this has led to the birth of religions was precisely the end pursued.

Men 4.6, are the spiritual teachers of the 4.4, in the same way that the 4.7 are those of the 4.5. Of course, men 4.7 have already reached such a development of cosmic consciousness and such mastery of matter that their integral being is already very close to that of the angels, beings of the first rung of the fifth dimension. And I do not extend because it would exceed the intension that animated us in this interview, but to serve the reference should be added that in the fifth dimension live energetic beings, that is, humans who one day transcended the fourth dimension and abandoned, unnecessary , the support of the physical body; in the sixth live the spiritual beings and, in the seventh, the so-called divinities.

We are human beings with an evolutionary degree corresponding to the 4.5 scale. My teacher is a human being of level 4.7.

-Theosophical dimension.

Excerpted from CW Leadbeater, Theosophist. The solar system is divided into seven large planes or divisions , indistinctly called kingdoms, worlds, levels, regions, spheres or dimensions.

The names given to these planes considered in order of materiality from the most dense to the most subtle are:

1) physical

2) astral

3) mental

4) Buddhic

5) nirvanic

6) monadic

7) adic

Each of these seven great planes is in turn divided into seven subplanes. Although the insufficiency of physical language forces us to consider these planes and subplanes in scale from inferior to superior, or from superior to inferior, we must not incur the error of believing that they are separate places in space or are on top of each other.

It is to be understood that the matter of each plane or subplane interpenetrates the matter of the plane or subplane immediately below in density, so that right here, all the planes are intertwined on the surface of the earth, although the subtle modalities of matter extend both beyond the physical world, the greater its subtlety.

Each human being has in himself matter of each of the seven planes and a vehicle or body corresponding to each one of them, by means of which he can act when he knows how to handle it. So the passage from one plane to another plane is equivalent to moving the focus of consciousness from one vehicle to another. However, in the current stage of the evolution of the general mass of humanity, this change is contracted to the use of the astral and mental vehicles instead of the physical one.

Each of these bodies responds only to the vibrations of the matter of its own plane, so that when the consciousness is focused on the astral body, it only perceives the astral world, just as when it focuses on the mental body, it only perceives the mental world. All these planes constitute a powerful and vivid set, although our still weak faculties only allow us to simultaneously perceive a very short part.

As for the three lower planes of our solar system, each planet or physical globe also has its peculiar astral and mental worlds, so that the three interpenetrate within the force field of each planet, but they are not interpreted with the physical worlds, astral and mental of the other planets. But from the buddhic up, all the planes are common to all the planets of the system.

The astral plane of our planet interpenetrates the terrestrial globe and its atmosphere, but it extends beyond the atmosphere, and hence the Greek philosophers gave the astral plane the name of sublunary world. The mental plane interpenetrates the astral and extends even further.

Only the free atomic matter of the physical, astral and mental planes is coextensive with the interplanetary ether, and therefore, an individual can not pass from one planet to another in the astral body or in the mental body, as it can not pass in the physical body ; but it can be done in a highly developed causal body, although not as quickly as in the buddhic body.

Can we consider that everyone is explaining the way to the Secret Kingdom of God, and therefore the physical and non-physical distribution of our Universe that connects with other universes or planes that administratively and evolutionarily depend on each other?







A huge planet would be located outside on the edge of our Solar System.

How was it known about its existence? For the gravitational effects of objects that are located in the distance of the solar system, in the area of the Kuiper Asteroid Belt. This giant planet would retract or push the orbits of these distant objects.

In 2014 it became clear, when the scientific journal “Nature”, a subsidiary of Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, of Philip Campbell, cited the research of scientists Chad Trujillo and Scott S. Sheppard, where they theorized with the possibility that more beyond Pluto there would be a Giant Planet whose orbit would be analogous to those objects existing in that area, such as the Sedna and the 2012 VP 113.

The object Sedna – 90377 was discovered in 2004 , just outside the Kuiper Belt. The object has an unusual, strange orbit, which leads one to think that a huge planet beyond Pluto disturbed Sedna’s orbit.

In 2008 it was discovered that a large number of objects , 2010 GB, 2013RF, 2007 TG, 2004 VN, beyond Pluto, in the Kuiper belt, had an orbital period of about 1,000 years.

Later in 2012 , when the elliptical orbits of the group of objects beyond the known were studied; this proved the possible relationship and existence of a planet that would bypass an aphelion, or position very far from the sun, in the Kuiper Belt, and its perihelion would complete its orbit in the vicinity of the planets Neptune, Jupiter, or Mars.

The orientation of the Sedna body, and the other minor elements -Etnos-, would be similar to the object discovered in 2014. This new body would be the so – called 2012 VP-113 , which would share odd orbital characteristics with the Sedna and other minor ones, generating a great orbit that could be generated by the existence of a large planet.

Finally on January 20, 2016 , researchers Michael E. Brown, and Konstantin Batygin, from the California Institute of Technology, Caltech , in Pasadena, participated that the most reasonable explanation for the orbits of distant objects, beyond Pluto , would be the existence of a large planet, with an approximate mass of 10 earths, and with a gigantic elliptical orbit around the Sun, and with an orbital period of between 10,000 and 20,000 years, although it is believed that it could be closer to about 15,000 years.

This planet does not have an official name yet, since until there is no reliable optical confirmation of its existence, it would not be awarded any nickname, qualifier, Roman or Greek, for its scientific name.

The orbital period of this enormous planet would place it in a more distant position from the sun, or aphelion of approximately 1200 AU, and with a Perihelion , or orbit closer to the sun of 200 AU; that would mean that in its elliptical orbit, and perihelion does not come to surround the Sun, but would come closer to the area of ​​Neptune, Jupiter, or Mars .

As for the composition of the planet, it is very likely that it is an ice giant , or a composition very similar to the planets Uranus and Neptune , which have rock and ice and a gas envelope.


What does NASA say about a giant planet beyond Pluto?

NASA, Jet Porpultión Laboratory , alleges that such a huge planet would affect the measurements of the Cassini space mission, experiencing unexplained deviations on the planet Saturn. NASA denies the existence of a large planet beyond Pluto.

In the field of pseudoscience , the translations of the Sumerian tablets inspired the existence of a Giant Planet beyond Pluto , called Nibiru or Marduk , which orbits every 3,600 years, and which is inhabited by the Annunaki , according to the Sumerian Myth.

But there are many mythical cultures that based their texts, the existence of an ancient planet that exploded because of the proximity of a huge planet that came from beyond Pluto, and that in its perihelion was so close to the planet located between Mars and Jupiter, (currently the Belt Asteroid Belt) that after the explosion its pieces, debris, and satellites, shaped the appearance of the Earth, Belt’s asteroid belt, approximately 4.500 million years ago, and subsequently the Current moon




Is there a great planet beyond Pluto?

After Pluto are there only tiny planets of no importance or relevance that do not influence the orbits of any celestial body?

In case of existing, would this be a planet inhabited by advanced beings or a sterile planet of life?



-The international astronomical measure (AU).

UA-AU, is an astronomical unit of unit of length that measures a distance from the Earth to the Sun. This unit is the point of reference used to measure distances within the Solar System or around other stars.

1 astronomical unit = 149. 597. 870. 700 meters.

≈ 92.955 807 million miles.

≈ 499.004 light seconds.

≈ 4.848 1368 millionths of parsec.

≈ 15,812 507 millionths of a light year.


-To locate the elliptical position of the orbit of the giant planet, it must be located in the zones:

The furthest point of the Sun, Afelio , would be directed towards the Constellations of Orion and Taurus.

The closest point to the Sun, Perihelion , would go towards the southern area of ​​the Snake Capt, Ophiuchus and Libra.

– The pseudoscience or pseudoscience , is considered by the official science as one that affirms, beliefs or practices that are presented on a non-scientific basis, since they do not follow an official scientific method, and therefore not valid for science, since they do not it can be checked reliably, and contrasted, because it lacks acquired scientific status.





Are the Demons Our Ghosts?

Are the Demons Our Ghosts? 


The ghosts, those apparitions of disembodied spirits or souls of the dead that manifest themselves in the dimension of the living in a more or less perceptible or visible way in places where they frequented when they were alive. This concept exists in the different cultures of the Earth.

On the other hand, the bible tells us that Satan , also known as Shaytan , Samael, Azazel, Asmodeus, Iblis or Enki in Mesopotamia, is able to disguise himself as an Angel of Light ( 2 Cor. 11:14 ), of what is it deduces that the demonic hosts that capacity of appearance disguised as ghostly.

What is a ghost?

In fact, in the Holy Scriptures it says that once the person is dead , the body returns to dust , the human spirit returns to God , since we are the breath of God and therefore the soul sleeps until the day of final judgment when it will return with Christ. That is, the ghosts are the demons disguised with an unknown purpose.

In some religions they believe in the existence of evil spirits, benign , or both at the same time. In others, however, they think that they are nothing more than a superstition , a product of the imagination, but these dogmas, at the same time, do believe in ghosts, ghosts and so on.

We know certain ways of how ghosts act , for example, they can go through walls, float in the air, make sounds of objects that are not in place, move physical objects, and so on. Yes they go through walls as if nothing, and that means that they do not interact with matter from this physical plane, but they do it from a plane parallel to ours. That is why they can move things without being seen, so they have the ability to act on matter.

In the book of Job was one of the best descriptions of these spirits, ghosts or demons.

The story begins with Eliphaz a Temanite of the Teman tribe of Edom, descendant of the tribe of Esau, who decided to give his birthright for a plate of food, that is to say that he let himself be carried away by the pleasures of the flesh or the material world . Well, let’s see how Elifaz describes ghosts:

Job 4.13-21.

-The issue was also hidden to me, but my ear has perceived something of it.

-In imaginations of night visions , when the dream falls on men,
I was struck with a fright and a tremor, which shook all my bones;

And as a spirit passed before me, it made the hair on my body stand up.
– A ghost stood before my eyes , whose face I did not know, and I heard him say: Is man more righteous than God? Will he be cleaner than the man who did it?

-Here, in his servants he does not trust, and he noticed foolishness in his angels . How much more in those who live in mud houses, whose foundations are in the dust, and who will be broken by the moth!

– From morning to evening they are destroyed, and they are lost forever, without anybody noticing about it.

-His beauty, is not lost with themselves? And they die without having acquired wisdom.

That is, the “ghost or demon”   he resorts to the egocentricity of the human being to begin and finish the work for which he appeared, without hesitating to destroy the moral and self-esteem of the individual .

How do ghosts – demons?

-Show half truths.

-They work with the imagination, being able to send thoughts or emotions of badness.

-Generan fright and fear.

-They make the hairs on the body feel cold when they occur.

-They are able to show themselves physically.

-They know how to analyze the sentimental reactions of humans.

-When they whisper is to cause doubt.

– They are great accusers of God.

They humiliate men whenever they can.

– They assure that God is not good.

-They try to destroy morale and self-esteem.

– Made by appearances, imaginary friends, voices from beyond the grave.

The Bible, in Matthew 14: 22-33 , also tells us about how they saw a Phantom when the disciples watching Jesus walk towards the boat on the sea, exclaimed with fear: It is a ghost . But Jesus responds quickly, calm down, I am! Do not be afraid. Jesus tried to instill tranquility and dissipate all fear, but showing that he is the ultimate authority, GOD.

In James 2:19 it says: You believe that God is one; you do well. The demons also believe , and tremble.

So, when we see some ghost , let’s think about the demons that tend to appear at night when we are deeply asleep or do all the things they know how to do.

To better understand these paranormal phenomena we will resort to two more known religious bases, one the Arab Islam and its Holy Book of the Koran , and another the Holy Christian Bible .

What does the Bible say?

The demons are fallen angels , (Revelation 12: 9): “And the great dragon was cast out, the old serpent , who is called the devil and Satan , who deceives the whole world . And he was thrown down to earth , (Earth parallel world or Dandain Desert) and his angels were thrown with him. “

On the other hand, the fall of Satan from heaven is symbolically described by the prophets, Isaiah 14: 12-14 , Ezekiel 28: 12-15, and Jude 6, in addition to the Book of Revelation 12: 4 : When he fell, Satan took some of the angels with him, a third of them . He also mentions that these angels who sinned. Then, the demons are fallen angels who, together with Satan , rebelled against God . They disobeyed and made war against the superior hierarchical hosts that work for God All One .

All the demons were provisionally declared by God All One.

For some it was resolved by imposing the penalty of ” confinement” or “prison” in areas of darkness or deserts . These dungeons are located in terrestrial underground physical worlds, and in worlds parallel to the earth or dimensions adjacent to certain predetermined places like eternal prisons created by God , where temporal sentences are fulfilled pending the Last Judgment of the great day “(Jude 1: 6). ).

However, for other demons it was resolved that they should remain at liberty of ambulation as long as (by covenant, covenant, or agreement) they executed the daily service of the designs of God . These are the evil spirits known as “the rulers of darkness” of this humanity.

All of them are spiritual hosts or armies of evil of certain celestial regions , both of the physical Cosmos and of other parallel or dimensional bubbles. (Ephesians 6:12 and Colossians 2:15)

The devils have Satan as their leader , and all work in the service of God , from their dimensional and parallel destinies, together with the holy angels, they continually try to incite, frustrate, harm humans with perverse conditions towards sin so that their approach to God be harder and harder, so that their sins are understood and therefore their consciences ascend.

The demons , as spiritual beings, that is to say that they live and act from other vibrations, have the capacity to take possession of a physical body .

What is demonic possession?

Demonic possession is described when a human body is totally controlled by one or several demons or demonic spirits from another non-physical plane. But, according to 1 John 4: 4, these possessions can not be exercised in a child of God , since the Spirit of God – Christ resides in his heart as there is understanding, knowledge and spiritual love .

Jesus Christ, in his earthly ministry, found many demons along the official path. But none of them was older than him. Jesus with the word cast out the demons that possessed men and women, besides healing the sick, proving that he was the Son of God. In fact, the demons knew Jesus, they knew who he was, and that’s why they feared him so much . Therefore, Jesus came from a certain higher Hierarchy to which they had to obey .

What does the Bible say about demons?

Luke 9: 38-39 . And behold, a man from the crowd cried out, saying: Master, I beseech you to see my son, for he is the only one I have, for it happens that a spirit seizes him , and suddenly he shouts , and (the spirit) makes him fall with convulsions , foaming ; and bruising him, he barely moves away from him.

Mark 9:26 . And after screaming and shaking him with terrible convulsions, he left (the demon that possessed him), and (the boy) was as dead , so much, that people said: He is dead!

Mark 5:15 And they appeared before Jesus, and saw him who had been demon-possessed , sitting, clothed, and in his right mind, and this is the same one that the legion had had inside (armies, legions of demons); and they were afraid.

Luke 4:34 . Leave us (said the spokesman of the demons); What do we have to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God .

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against blood or flesh , but against principalities and powers , against the powers of this world and of darkness , against the spiritual hosts (troops, armies) of evil in the heavenly regions .

1Peter 3:22 Who is at the right hand of God , having ascended to heaven after being subjected to angels, authorities and powers .

Revelation 16:14. For they are spirits of devils who make signs , which go to the kings of the whole world , to gather them for the battle of the great day of Almighty God.

Matthew 12: 43-45. When the unclean spirit comes out of man , it passes through arid places (the Dandain Desert or Parallel World to Earth) seeking rest that it does not find. Then he says: “I will return to my house where I came from” (that is, from the place of the man from whom he left); and when it arrives it finds it unoccupied, swept and fixed. Then he goes, and takes with himself seven other unclean spirits more depraved than he , and entering, they dwell there ; and the final state of that man (who got rid of the evil spirit-demon) is worse than the first (when he was possessed by the first demon). So it will be with this evil generation too.

Revelation 18: 2. And he cried with a loud voice, saying, “Fell, great Babylon fell!” That has become a room of demons , in a den (burrow, nest or cave) of every unclean spirit and in the lair of every foul-demon and abominable bird . (can refer to the transport vehicles that we know today as UFOs, or to some anthropomorphic species or race)

1Timothy 4: 1. But the Spirit clearly says that in the last times some will apostatize (renounce, betray, repudiate) against the faith , paying attention to deceiving spirits and the doctrines of demons .

Deuteronomy 32:17. They offered (men) sacrifices to demons , not to God, but to gods they had not known, new demon-gods that appeared recently , to which your fathers did not fear.

Mark 7:26 . The woman was Gentile, Phoenician Syrian by birth; and begged him to cast his daughter out of the devil.

Mark 1: 23-26. And behold, there was in the synagogue (temple, church) of them a man with an unclean spirit , who began to shout, saying: What have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God. Jesus rebuked him, saying: Shut up, and get out of him!

Romans 8:38 . Because I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels , nor principalities , nor the present (the kingdom of the Earth), nor what is to come, nor powers .

James 2:19 . You believe that God is one . You do good; also the demons believe (in God One), and tremble .

Revelation 9:20. And the rest of humanity, those who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands or stop worshiping demons and idols of gold, silver , bronze , stone and wood , who can not see or hear or walk;

Matthew 10: 1 . Then calling his twelve disciples , (Jesus) gave them power over the unclean spirits (demons) to drive them out and to heal every disease and every ailment.

1 Corinthians 10: 20-21 What the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice for the god-demons , and not for God; I do not want you to be partakers with the demons. You can not drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you can not participate in the table of the Lord and the table of demons.

Psalm 106: 37 They sacrificed their children and daughters to demons (pagan practices).

Matthew 8:16. And in the evening, they brought many demons ; and he expelled the spirits with his word, and healed all who were sick.

Matthew 7:22 . Many will say to me in that day: “Lord, Lord,” did we not prophesy in your name , and cast out demons , and in your name we did many miracles ?

Acts 5:16. Also the people of the cities around Jerusalem came bringing sick and tormented by unclean spirits (demons and ghosts), and all were healed.

Luke 11:19 and Matthew 12: 25-28 . And, if I expel the demons by Beelzebul (by or on behalf of), by whom do your children expel them? Therefore they shall be your judges. And Jesus knowing his thoughts (telepathy?), Said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. And if Satan expels Satan, he is divided against himself; How then can his kingdom stand? But, if I cast out the demons by the Spirit of God , then the kingdom of God has come to you.

Acts 19: 13-16 . But also some of the Jews , itinerant exorcists , tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits , saying: I command you for Jesus, whom Paul preaches. And seven children of one Esceva, one of the main Jewish priests, were the ones who did this. But the evil spirit answered, and said to them: I know Jesus , and I know who Paul is , but you, who are you?

Luke 9: 1 . Gathering the twelve, he gave them power and authority over all demons and to heal diseases.

Acts 8: 7 Because many had unclean spirits (demons) that came out (of them) shouting with a loud voice; and many others who had been paralyzed and lame were healed.

Mark 3:11. And whenever the unclean spirits-demons saw him, they fell before him and shouted, saying: You are the Son of God.

Luke 8: 27-29 . And when He, Jesus, came down to the earth, a man from the city who was possessed by demons (several) met him and for a long time had not put on any clothes, nor lived in a house, but in the tombs. Because He commanded the unclean spirit to come out of man , since many times he had seized him , and being bound (the possessed one) with chains, shackles and under guarded guard, in spite of everything, (Jesus) broke the bonds and the devil was driven out into the deserts .

Acts 16:16. And it happened that while we were going to the place of prayer, we met a slave girl who had a spirit of divination , which gave great profits to their masters, guessing.

Mark 9:17. And one of the crowd answered: Master, I brought you my son who has an unclean spirit, a demon.

Colossians 2:15 {And} having stripped the powers and authorities, made them a public spectacle, triumphing over them through Him.

Who created the demons?

According to 2 Peter 2: 4. For if God did not forgive the angels who sinned, but cast them into hell he delivered them into prisons of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and if he did not spare the ancient world, but kept Noah as a preacher of justice, with seven other people, bringing the flood upon the world of the wicked; and if he condemned for destruction the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, reducing them to ashes and setting them as an example to those who were to live ungodly.

Can you talk to the demons and the dead?

According to Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 6. Because the living are aware that they will die; but as for the dead, they are not aware of anything at all, nor have they any more salary, because the memory of them has been forgotten. Also, their love and their hatred and their jealousy have already perished, and they no longer have any portion until indefinite time in anything that has to be done under the sun.

How to protect yourself from demons?

According to James 4: 1 and 14. Where do the wars and lawsuits between you come from? Is it not from your passions, which fight in your members? You lust, and you do not have; you kill and burn with envy, and you can not reach; you fight and fight, but you do not have what you want, because you do not ask. Because what is your life? It is certainly a mist that appears for a little while, and then fades away.

James 4: 7 says: “Subordinate yourself to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you. ” And in Romans 16:20 it says that the evil spirits and all those who oppose God will cease to exist. “The upright are those who will reside on earth, and those who are without guilt are those who will remain in it,” says Proverbs 2:21 .

In the books of John 4:24 and Hebrews 1:13, 14 , he says that the Creator Himself is a Spirit and that his first creations were the spirits of god or angels, and that there are also evil spirits , or demons according to 1 Corinthians 10:20, 21 and James 2:19 , although it does not say anything about God creating the demons.

Who are they, and where did these demons come from?

These demons have been called angels who sinned or fallen angels, who arose in a moment of great celestial rebellion and before it. When God created spiritual beings , he endowed them with free will, that is, the ability to choose to do good or evil . But it seems that, after the creation of humanity, a certain number of angels decided to rebel against God and therefore do evil. The first spirit that rebelled against God was Satan, as Jesus said according to John 8:44.

Why did Satan decide to rebel against God?

His greed and wanting to be worshiped as a creator , knowing that that title only belonged to the Creator of everything , something bigger hierarchically than himself. Since then Satan became the “opponent”, the rival in the creation of physical creatures in planetary worlds where other divine designs were established.

And it happened that antediluvian times other angels joined Satan and abandoned their place in the heavens. They all came to live physically on Earth. ( Genesis 6: 1-4, James 1: 13-15) Therefore, the Flood occurred because “the angels who sinned.” These sinners or Fallen Angels became known as demons.

In Deuteronomy 32:17, Mark 1:34 and Jude 6 , he states the following: “To the angels who did not keep their original position, but abandoned their own and proper habitation, [God] has reserved them with everlasting chains under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day. ” In effect, God did not allow the demons to have the privileges they once enjoyed in heaven. Rather, he deprived them of all spiritual enlightenment by casting them into symbolic “holes of dense darkness.” “Strangling the entire inhabited earth.”

These demons exerted power and great influence on the thoughts, emotions, ideas, and life of humans .

How does Satan exercise his power?

Mainly through certain false “teachings” and religious doctrines that blind the human mind about the truth of divine. (1 Timothy 4: 1 and 2 Corinthians 4: 4)

For example, among the doctrines taught by demons we find the following:

– Belief that the dead are still alive. They themselves perform ghostly apparitions , voices from beyond the grave, other types of deceptions such as Poltergeist phenomena , whispering to humans, inducing them to believe that the living can communicate with the dead. Then, the lie is established in the hearts of humans.

But it is very significant that the Bible affirms that the dead “are not aware of anything at all” , since they have come down or been taken to the zone of silence , from where they can not even praise God, according to Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 6 and Psalm 115: 17.

– Believe that “anything goes”. When 1John 5:19 says that “The whole world is under the power of the wicked”, it is warning us that Satan and his demons promote ideas about the Deceptive Free Will by which humans can satisfy their lowest desires since it will not be punished no attitude or immoral conduct, since Satan and Co., convince the minds, from other places, so that immorality is moral and allowed, that is, changes the sense of good and evil. (Ephesians 2: 1-3)

– Believe in “spiritualism”. Mentioned above in Acts 16:16. the apostle Paul met a maid possessed by “a demon of divination who provided much gain to his masters, practicing the art of prediction .” In this event Paul refused to listen to him, since he knew where his miraculous abilities of divination came from. Other supernatural abilities that also come from the evil spirits are astrology , and the invocation of the occult powers , that is, dead, saints, demons or any other being.

What does the Koran say about Islam?

The Qur’an of Islam gives a broad explanation about this ghostly, demonic, and occult realm. In these texts the world of the Jinn is explained.

Who or what are the Jinn ?

The origins of the Jinn can be found in both the Qur’an and the Sunnah . The Jinn are certain types of beings with capacity of free will, who live on Earth, and in a world parallel to humanity .

If we observe the Arabic word Yinn, coming from the verb ‘ yanna’ , we see in its meaning ” hide or hide” , then, and, therefore, as the definition itself suggests , they are physical beings but invisible to humanity because they act from another Parallel dimension.

Such invisibility is one of the reasons why certain people have denied its existence. But, the Kingdom of the Jinn has sufficient power over our world and humanity . Also, the Jinn or Jinn are one of God’s many creations. Apparently he has the same needs as men, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.

According to Quran, Sura 15: Alellas 26-27: ” We have created man of clay, of malleable clay. And we created the genius before man, but the fire . ” (Quran 15: 26-27)

What types or how are the Jinn?

As for how the Jinn are, according to the Arabic Koran and the Jewish Kabbalah tell us that the following characters exist :

– Shayteen who are the direct descendants of Shaytan , that is, the latter is better known as: Satan, Iblis, Azazel, Asmodeus, Semyaza, Samael, Satan, the Devil , Enki belonging to the Order of the Archangel Gabriel.

These beings do not die until the Judgment of the Final Day. They are hermaphrodites , and they lay eggs for their offspring. They do not marry each other, but they can procreate.

The attacks from the parallel plane to the human are : Whispering negative thoughts and emotions that alter the human psyche in order to exert behaviors and emotions that distance it from God.

– The Quaren or Quarin. According to the Urantia Book they are Secondary Midwayers of Adam’s time. These are fellow humans. They are benevolent or malignant. And they can be Female or Male. They are known as SÚCUBOS, the sacred, feminine prostitutes . Among them is: Lilith who is Lailah , the offspring of Lilith, Elisabeth , Agrat-bate-Mablat , and Naamah . The angels of the Conception, those in charge of collecting and inserting the souls of human bodies .

-Jinn-Jinn. They appeared in the Pre-Adamic era. According to the Urantia Book are some of the components of the Primary Intermediate Beings . These are known as the GENIOS or Shedim, and defined as the masculine ÍNCUBOS . Although they can be feminine or masculine. His boss and direct King is Iblis or Satan. These are the authors of the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ABDUCTIONS.

These beings are Helpers, Minor Gods, Domestic Spirits, Spirits of the Kitchen or Nature as the Fairies who work for the Order Gabriel, Kubera, Asmodeus, Iblis …

His attacks on humans are: Human or animal possessions , whispers of negative thoughts and emotions, causing psychic, physical-emotional diseases, imitating deceased relatives’ voices or projected images of them, causing movements of furniture etc., the Poltergeist , revealing realities Hidden to fortune-tellers, they cause sleep paralysis , they appear as ghosts or apparitions, they can also be presented as a black dog or black ass, or as anthropomorphic or giant creatures, they are the beings that interact in the ouija, witchcraft, contactees or mediums, Satanism , etc.

Iblis is Samael, Semyaza, Azazel, Shayta, Enki, Ea, Satan, the Devil, the Crafty Serpent of Eden, all of them identify the Draco Constellation and its followers who are commissioned by higher estates or God for the Guardian of the Garden of Eden. Eden , which is in the Astral Dimension, place of the Souls of the Earth , and which works according to Michael in the Court of God.

Satan of the Order GABRIEL was part of the Guardians of Heaven and the Paradises. Today, after rebelling against God, he is considered a Demon, an Unclean Spirit, a Fallen Angel , an archangel descended.

God gave him authority as ruler over the lower heavens and lands under his command, but he and his descendants caused from parallel dimensions and from the physical world corruption on Earth and also through their earthly descendants. God, higher hierarchy, sent an army to Earth to fight the Jinn, leading them to the mountains. They were expelled from heaven with the third of angels that followed the leader of the Jinn.

Since then God allows them by agreement through the ARK OF THE ALLIANCE to test Iblis’s objection concerning humanity, tempting them towards sin because they have inner conditions and perverse inclinations. The goal is to redeem their sins through understanding, knowledge and love, which is transmitted on the planet of sorrow and suffering, like Earth.

The ancient inhabitants of the Earth were corrupt and they made great corruption. Azazel under the sky with his army of angels to defeat them. Dead the ancients of the earth, God created the present humanity.

Gabriel is in charge of the Garden of Eden where there is a Tree of Life or Tree of Souls where it blooms and produces new souls that fall to the Guff or Treasure of the Souls , where he seeks one and gives it to the Lilith or Lailah, the Angels of the Conception who watch the embryo and fetus during pregnancy until birth , and later become the Guardian Angel of the designated Human , and who after his physical death will be in charge of collecting his Soul or Golden Apple and take it to another place.

Who manages human souls?

According to the Jewish myth , the angel, Lailah or Lilith , brings the soul or seed of the future baby to be incorporated into the uterus of the fertilized woman. Lailah serves as the midwife of souls.

When an ovum is fertilized, God orders Lailah or Lilith to search for a soul in the Garden of Eden . And if the soul refuses to enter the fertilized ovum, Lailah forces the soul to obey .

Once introduced into the fertilized ovum, God decrees the destiny of the future physical human life on Earth: To be a man or a woman; strong or weak; rich or poor, etc.

During the gestation period, Lailah puts a light on the fetus’ head so that she can see from one end of the world to the other, and the history of her own soul.

Before being born when he is still a fetus he must by an oath keep his soul pure so that God will bring him back to Him.

During the entire fetal gestation the inclination of evil has no power over the fetus. But, at the moment of his birth, the angel removes the light that was on his head and lets it be born naturally.

Once out of the body of the mother, the angel strikes with his finger on the baby’s lips so that it is silent from oblivion, in this way humans can not remember what they learned in the womb or their previous lives.

When the physical body dies, Lailah or Lilith also comes again and says: “Do you recognize me? The time of your departure has arrived. I come to take you from this world.

Then Lailah is taken to the next life where she renders accounts before God and is judged according to her merits.

Then the demons, angels and other spirits and specters are part of the same Cosmic Game where one of the most important works is the management of the Souls of the humanities that they have in the Physical Worlds like the Earth.







What will be of his life? Information from the past

Boriska interviewed.

Boriska interviewed.

On January 11, 1996, Boriska or also called Boris, was born in the city of Volzhsky, one of the regions of Volgograd belonging to Russia. This child was born with extraordinary qualities, and from his first months of life, it was clear that he was not a normal baby. His mother Nadezhde Kipriyanovich, said that at birth and observed his penetrating gaze of innate wisdom.

When the boy was about three years old, he began to speak to his family and neighbors about issues related to the Universe, naming planets from the Solar System, with all their satellites, as well as names and numbers of galaxies and stories about his previous life on the Planet. Mars, about extraterrestrial civilizations, about the Lemuria and the Lemurians that lived on Planet Earth 800 thousand years ago, about the aspect of the inhabitants of Mars and the Lemurians and about what happened to the Mu Continent or Lemuria and the fall of that civilization and plus.

This child became very famous in his city, in fact the citizens were visiting him to hear his stories about his previous extraterrestrial life on Mars and other information that contributed and indeed interesting for visitors. The case was picked up by the PRAVDA Newspaper and by the research scientist Gennady Belimov.

Boriska interviewed.

Their stories were based on the following content:

  • The old human races had a height of 3 meters.
  • Do not use drugs or mistreat others.
  • The sins or behavioral errors, emotional, negative thoughts and the relationship with the diseases of people, which are caused by not knowing how to carry their emotions correctly and these are hooked to the body and mind making people sick.
  • The future of Planet Earth, climate changes and catastrophes in general.
  • It should not involve or interfere with the fate of other people.
  • Do not tie yourself to the mistakes of the past and keep going.
  • Use compassion and the heart Do not use hate or revenge and apply forgiveness. Love and be humble.
  • The LEMURIANS disappeared because they did not want to apply their spirituality and jumped from the straight path and planetary integrity. They carried magic and not love.
  • They disappeared due to a sinister provocation . A huge continent was consumed by the waters and a large meteorite fell on a part of the earth inhabited by these beings.
  • In the epoch that lived in Mars its inhabitants lived in continuous space and territorial wars . It consumed a great nuclear war .
  • On Mars, its inhabitants do not breathe oxygen, as the body ages and they breathe carbon dioxide, maintaining a body image between 30 and 35 years.
  • With their round and triangular ships they could travel in time and visit places in the universe.
  • The planet Mars lost its atmosphere as a result of planetary calamities.
  • They did not all die , some were saved and went to live in underground areas of the Martian soil.
  • The height of the Martians 7 meters high have very powerful psychic qualities. They are the Martian civilization.
  • Its great cities abroad and now in the subway. They made raids on all the planets of the Solar System, including Planet Earth. They traded with the Lemurians.
  • On Mars lived several races.
  • The appearance of the Lemurians about 9 meters high.
  • In the future you will find knowledge, humans, under the pyramids. “Life will change when the sphinx opens”, this sphinx has an opening mechanism behind one of its ears.


Boriska is currently 18 years old.

Boriska is currently 18 years old.

Why do you remember the past life?

Various theories were raised about the ability to possess remote memory from previous lives. This theory indicates that the human brain can have two types of memory release, namely the following:

1- The Conscious or Voluntary Memory.

2- The Remote or Involuntary Memory.

All the information data of lived experiences are stored in a non-physical dimension of the brain.

The emotions, thoughts and all the experiential learning would remain safeguarded in the Remote or involuntary Memory that is located in a plane or dimension of energy.

Memories or non-emotional mechanical data remain safeguarded in the brain or conscious or voluntary memory.

This Remote or Involuntary memory manifests itself in an innate way , that is, knowledge knows it without any more, they feel it from within themselves in a natural way.

Why did this child have these special qualities?

For just over two decades to this day, so-called “Indigo or Blue children” have emerged, as well as “Cristal children and others “; that according to uneven hypotheses, they assume a great mission on this planet promoting planetary energy changes. According to these same conjectures, the secret lies in their DNA that contributes to the Immunological System with great resistance to viruses and bacteria, also providing remarkable psychic and extrasensory abilities.

What is it about him?

Today he is 18 years old and is considered by many of the new generation who is now known as “indigo children”.

Theoretically endowed with special advantages, and with a high level of intelligence, Boriska enjoys a great knowledge about the Universe, the extraterrestrial races, the mysterious civilizations of planetary antiquity and about the Earth planetary future.

Matias speaks of other past lives plasmándola in drawings and various knowledge.

Studies continue on Boriska’s case.

Professor Vladislav Lugovenko, who is a Doctor in Mathematical Physics at the Institute of Earth Magnetism of the Russian Academy of Sciences or also called (IZMIRAN), is currently continuing.

Professor Vladislav had already studied Boriska before, but he still sees his need to continue with investigations into the case. Vladislav already wrote a book about the boy Boriska, where he included important revelations that he himself made.

Another case “Indigo Child” as Boriska is Matías de Stefano.

Matias de Stefano can “remember” a great amount of knowledge lived in other past lives, including dead languages, the functioning of the universe, more.






Why do humans act as we do? Why are we humans the way we are? Why do we think and feel how we do it? Does the aggressiveness, hatred, love, sadness of these brains arise?

The human being is combined by three brain parts or autonomous formations that interact in the process of individual survival and development of the human. These brain formations, from the most basic to the most complex are the following:

Three brains in constant symbiotic relationship Can they be controlled individually or do they always participate in a group?



  • Reptilian brain training.
  • Limbic brain training.



  • Brain formation of the neocortex.


Each brain manifestation has its own knowledge, individuality or sense of space-time, possessing its own memory system, as well as exclusive functions of this cerebral part.

Neuronally they are inter-connected by relating to each other, and biochemically they control each and every one of the functions of our body.


Neuronal and biochemistry there is combinatorial linkage.

The brain is the computer with the greatest capacity for storing information or data existing in the world, to this day, since it is stocked with about 280 trillion bytes.

The functioning of neurotransmitters and other brain parts, will generate greater understanding of learning, social or individual behavior of the human being, their creative manifestations, changes in thoughts or fixation of ideas or concepts.

The biological biochemistry of the human brain can be maintained in good condition, through a good diet, an emotional balance, projecting on the structure of thought and the development of the individual.

Brain chemicals such as acetylcholine, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, gamma-amino butyric acid, endorphins and other hormones that accompany the development of the individual.

Through the brain, the external world is introduced into the human being, and through it, the individual manifests himself to the world around him, combining pre-existing ideas, sensations and energetic influences.

The brain in complete vision.

The brain, complete vision.


The Reptilian brain.

This arises unconsciously. The reptilian brain, located in the medullar stem, is the instinctive zone that helps the permanence and conservation of the species.

The Instincts are patterns of behaviors that involve reaction to events of greater or lesser relevance. They are innate behaviors, that is, it is not necessary to pre-learn, but it is mainly through genetic inheritance.

The instincts of survival and physical preservation, of reproduction, of feeding, of seeking pleasure, of maternal or nurturing, of struggle and flight, of seeking refuge or warmth of home, social instincts where the individual seeks collective formations that organize the situational range social of the whole clan, of artistic inclination, of investigation, of religious or ethical tendency, etc.

The instincts contribute in the motor of the life of the human being, but they take second place when the Acts or Actions are generated through the use of Conscious and internalized Will.

So the reptilian brain regulates the involuntary part of the being and the one responsible for the most primitive part, the action and the response, before the needs of the body or mind, where it is not thought because it simply registers internally and is realized.

The brains that governs the terrestrial one.

The brains that governs the terrestrial one.

The Limbic Brain.

More complex than the reptilian brain is the Limbic Brain. In this, emotions and memory are determined. This is the “Reactive Brain or emotions” that protects the Ego or inner of each being. This is the brain paleopallium or brain of the lower mammals.

The limbic brain is located in the “brain amygdala”, which is considered to be where the database of affective memory and memories are stored or stored. In these emotional or emotional memories are fear, hatred, anger, family love, envy, the suffering of heartbreak, deception, and other distorted emotions of the Self.

The amygdala of the cerebral limbic system determines that the directive modules of the emotional part of the neocortex establish our health or reptilian survival.


The Neocortex Brain.

The conscious and reasoned. This is the rational brain, where the Consciousness, emotional intelligence and cognitive or sapience capacities are located such as memorization, concentration, self-reflection, self-analysis; resolutive place of everyday emotional problems by which a behavior or other is chosen adapting it to the Consciousness and emotional intelligence, with the minimum biochemical intervention since it would be under a certain mental control of the individual. All this would generate certain attitudes, behavior, thoughts, reactions other than instinctual and more rational behaviors.

How to obtain good brain health?

The internal stress acts on us, hyper activating the amygdala, generating brain alterations that do not allow the brain to function correctly and transport the information that appears before our senses, generating that the individual reacts with impulsivity or nervousness, and this generates a blockage in the Neocortex and, this is how emotional intelligence and the ability to apply consciousness or reasoned self control disappear or diminish.

All of the above concludes in negative consequences on our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This is how we find ourselves lazy with our overall performance.


Recommendations to take care of the Brain.

Exercise and nutrition are beneficial to our brain. Some tips to improve our brain.

A- What to eat:

  • OMEGA 3. You can find them in fish such as salmon, nuts like nuts or exotic fruits such as kiwi, are rich in omega 3, being beneficial for learning and memory.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS. You will find it in red fruit such as blueberries, strawberries or blackberries as they are anti oxidative.
  • FOLLIC ACID . Iron-rich vegetables and legumes such as spinach and fruit with a high level of vitamin C, such as orange juice, are great for finding folic acid that helps with cognitive functions.
  • HILL. This derivative can be found in the yolk of egg, veal, chicken, lettuce, because they contain choline, which is an essential nutrient that helps in cognitive functions.


B- What to do:

  • Eliminate Fat . How? Not eating too many saturated fats like butter, meats, sausages; since they have been shown to be detrimental to memory and disturb neurons in their neuronal synapse process.
  • Monitor the calories , moderating the amount of calories in the meals and controlling the excess.
  • Sleep well or with good quality sleep , since the brain needs rest to be healthy or in full performance. Remember that stress will cause lack of sleep and that will cause us to relapse into diseases.
  • Do some physical and mental exercise. “Physical-mental entertainment”.

– PHYSICAL, it would be walking or moderate maintenance exercise, or any type of exercise.

-MENTALLY , it would be reading, being outside, enjoying with friends or meetings, practicing some creative or playful activity.